Prevention, Gambling, Worli Matka Gaming

Acts of the Gujarat Legislature and Brdina-nces promulgated

  • and Regulations ., made by the Governor.
    ‘l’lic following Act of the Gujarat Legislature, havhg been anted to by th~..
    President on the :3lst October 1964 is hereby publish4 for general information.
    Secretary to the Government of, Gnjarat,
    Legal ~epahment.
    GUJARAT ACT NO, 32 OF 1954.
    (First published, after having received the assent of the President in the
    “Glijnrnf Governnlent Gqadte” on the 1lth Ndvember 1964).
    An Act further to amend the Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act, 1887
    tollows :-
    It is hereby .enacted in the Fifteenth Year of the Republic of India 0s
  1. This Act may be called the Bombay Prevention of Gambling (Gujarat ghort
    Amendment) Act, 1964.
    IV of
  2. (1) Section 6.of the Bombay Prevention of ~amb!ingAct. 1587 ‘(here- p,”:~
    inafter referred to as “the principal Act”) s611be re-numbered as sub-stc-,f Born. .
    of 1887.
    lR87. tion (1)of that section, and in that sub-section -.208 QUJ. Q?V’T. QAZ., EX.,KOVEMBER11, l684JKARTIKA 20, AS4 , [PART
    . .I
    (a) in clause (if), for the p9rtim .begianiag with the words “a District
    Suptrintendent of Poiice” and ending’with the tvords “in this behalf’ the
    words “a District. Additional, Assistant, or Deputy Superintendent of Pulicc”
    shall be substituted:
    (b)in the proviso, afier the words “the District” the words “or Addi-
    tior$” shall be inserted,
    (2) After sub-mtion4U)as so re-numbered, the following sub-aection &hall
    be added, namely :-
    “(2) Notwithstanding atlythi~rgcontained in any law for he lime beiilg
    in force, no search made under this section shaU be deemed to be iuegal
    by reason only of the fact that the witnesses (if any) of the search were not
    ishabitins of the locality in which the house, room or place searched fi
    of 3. Section 11 of the principal Act shall be deleted.

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