Marriages, Registration

4- of &e Gnjarat LegIslatnre aad Ordioancw promulgated aad
Regulatio~made by the Governor.
The following Act of the Gujarat Legislature, having been assented to by the
President on the 23rd May 1963, is hereby published for general information.
Secretary ,to – Governs.:nt.
Legal Department.
[First published, after having received the qssent of the President In the
Gujarat Government Gazette on 24th May 1963.1.
An Act to extend the Bombay Registration of Marriages Act, 1953,

to the rest of the State of Gujarat.
It is hereby enacted in the Fourteenth Year of the Republic of India as
foIlow5 :-

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Bombay Registration of Marriages (Gujarat 8horC title
    and oommo-
    Extension and Amendment) Act, 1963.
    (2) It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by
    notification in the OfJicinl Gaaite, appoint.
  2. In section 1 of the Bombay’ Registration of Marriages Act, 1953 (herein- Amendment
    of ~reotion
    I ,of Born.
    v of 1964.
    V of after referred to, as “the principal Act”),-
    ., ;:qld. VVT. .M.,EX.,MAY 2-4,196SIJY~ 3, 1886 .,.i .. ‘?l$&T~v .: -, 3 A \ .. – — 1 (0 fur lub-section (2), the fdmg shall bsubstituted. namely :- !’aIt extends to the hole of the State of Gujmt.”. {ii) to sub-section (3,the following proviso sball be inserted, namely :- “PmidM,$at in that pan of tbe -State to which thjs Act isxxtqnded by tEe*80jB&y Registration of Marriages (~uiaratExtkrision a&d Amendment) AC~1963; this section shall come into force at once and the remaining provi- G
    sions of this Act shall come into force. in such areas aCd on such date asxxvl’l
    the State Government may, by like notification, appoint. “.
    Amendment 3, In section 7 of the principal Act, for the words “the Bombay area of the
    of section

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