Authority, Board, Calcutta Metropolitan District, Chairman, Director,
Garbage, General Manager, Public Authority

An ACI to provide for the estoblisl~xtrenlof as Autlzority for rlre
ttraintenance,developmerlt atid regrrlnrior~of wafer-stdpply,sswcruge atld
hirruge services ar~dfor the collecrior~arid disposal of garbage ill rlre
Calclrtta Metropoli~oxlDistrict wilh a view lo the pror~~otionof prrblic
I~caltharid for ~rraftersconnecred therewi~h.
WHEREASit isexpedienttoprovide fortheeslablishmentofanAuthority
forthemaintenance, development andregulationof water-supply, sewerage
and dninage services and forhccollection and djsposal of garbage in the
CaIcurtn Metropolitan District wilh a view lo the promorion of public
hedlh and for matters connected therewilh;
It is hereby cn~ctedin the Sixteenlh Year of the Republic of India, by
the Legislamre of West Bengal, as follows:-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the CalcuUa Metropolitan Water and Shon tirle.
    cxtcnt and
    Sanitation Aulhorily Acl. 1966.
    .., ,
    (2) It exlends lo he CaIcu~taMcrropolitan District excluding any lncnr.
    cantonmen1or pan of a canlonment within the said Districl.
    (3) It shall come into force ar once.
    , 2. (1) In lhis Act unless (here is anything repugnant in the subject or Dcfinirions.
    (a) “Authority” means the Calcutta Metropolitan Warer and
    Saniiation Authority eslabIished under section 3;
    @) “Board”means the Board oEDjreclors mentioned in secljon
    (c) “CalcutmMc~opolitanDis~ric~”or”Dis~rict”meansIhearea
    described in Schedule I which the Slate Govemrncnt may, in
    consultation with IheAuthority, amend from lime to dmc by
    (d) “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Board appointed
    under sub-seclion (5) of secrion 5;
    ‘For S~atcmcntor Objwk nnd Reasons, set ~hcCalcurra Ga:cnc. Errraordinary,
    PMIIVAoflhe25!hSeprcrnbcr, 1965.pagcs3755-3757:ror pr~cccdingsollhcWcsr Bcngal
    Lagislarive Assembly, see the proceedings of Bc rncclings of that Assembly hcld on 5h.
    61h,7th. loth, and 13th January. 1966,[West Bcn. Act
    77le Calcrr~taMelrol~o/irunWaicr atrd Sarrituriotl Ar~tlzoriy
    Acr, 1966.
    (Clraprer 11.-Esrablislrttrie~~ft~lrrlConsiilutior~of tire Ar1111ority.-
    Sectio~rs3. 4.)
    rI.- :
    (e) “Direcror” mcans n Direclor of the Board appoinred or
    elected under seclion 5;
    (f) “garhuge” includes offensive matter, rubbish and carcasses
    of dead animals;
    (g) “General Manager” means rhc General Manager of the
    Authority appointed under seclion 18;
    (h) “local authorily” means a municipal corporarion or
    municipality orolher aud~orirylegalIy entitled to [heconlrol
    or management of local funds bu~does not include the
    Commissioners for Ihc Port of Calcut~a;
    (i) “member”means a memberoftheGenen1 Council mentioned
    in section 4;
    G) “notification” mcans a nolificalion published in the Oficial
    (k) “prescribed” means prescribed by rules madeunder this Act;
    (1) “public authority” incIudes any staturory aulhorily or
    coi-pontion, not being a Iocal aulhority, exercising public
    (m) “regula~ions”means regularions made under this Act.
    (2) Theexpressions “building”, “drain”, “house-drain”, “house-gully”,
    “occupier”, “offensive mauer”, “owner”, “private street”, “public street’,
    “rubbish”, and “sewage” used in this Act shall, unless there is anything
    repugnanr in the subject or conlekt, have [he same meaning as in the wcslBcn.
    hci XXXIII
    or 1951.

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