Delhi, Legislative Assembly

No. F. 14(33)1-1~-21100-03/1~96. Ad orficLagislalivc Asscmbly oihc Na~od
of Dclhi rcccivcd [IIC asscnt oTtIbc Presidcnr bfindia 6i1134-2003 andis hcrcbypubliihcd for a- . .
“ThcDelhi Oficial Languages Act, 2000 @elhi ~i No. 8 oT’2003)
(As paid by thc Lcgisla~ivc ~sscmbl~.ol~l~cNarional CapiIa!Tcrrhory olDtlhi 34-2UOO)
EKlRhORDINARY , I I crnrnent ruics, regulations and Gaztitc Noclorifimtions in Urdu
and Punjabi also. kenls in li~~Nclvs Papers in Urdu and ht~abi aiso.

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