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Betting, Game of Chance, Head Constable, Inspector-General, Commissioner, Deputy
Inspector- General, Assistant Commissioner, Superintendent, Additional
Superintendent, Instruments of Gaming, Municipality, Place of Public Amusement,
Place of Public Entertainment, Police officer, Public Place, Rules, Street, Subordinate
Police, Superior Police, Vehicle

Act 4 of 1964.- At present in the different Areas of the State there are different laws for
the regulation of police force, the maintenance of public order and allied matters and also for
the prevention of gambling. It is proposed to have one uniform law on these subjects for the
entire State. Hence this Bill.
The following are the important provisions of the Bill, namely:—
(1) provision is made for the appointment of a police officer not below the rank of a
Deputy Inspector-General of Police to be the Commissioner of Police for the City of
Bangalore or any other area specified in a notification;
(2) the administration of the police in a district or part of a district will, under the general
control and direction of the District Magistrate, be vested in the Superintendent of Police;
(3) the Divisional Commissioner is empowered— 7
(a) to issue directions with respect to the police force in any district within his division
which the District Magistrate might issue;
(b) to invite the attention of the Inspector-General to defects in the police
administration of his division; and
(c) to call upon the District Magistrate for reports on the state of crime, the distribution
of the police force therein and the arrangements for suppression of crime and disorder and
to issue orders thereon;
(4) the Commissioner, the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent, the Deputy
Superintendent, or any magistrate of the first class having jurisdiction in the area, have been
empowered to prohibit the continuance of music, sound or noise, for preventing annoyance,
disturbance, discomfort, or injury or risk to the public or any persons who dwell or occupy
property in the vicinity;
(5) the Superintendent or other authorised officer is empower to license the use of
loudspeakers, etc.;
(6) provision is made for the dispersal from an area, of gangs and bodies of persons,
whose movements are likely to cause danger or alarm; for removal from any area of persons
about to commit certain offences; and for removal from any area of persons convicted of
certain offences;
(7) provisions for the prevention of gambling;
(8) provisions regarding village police and provisions for the constitution,
superintendence, direction and control, etc., of the State Reserve Police Force.
(Published in Karnataka Gazette (Extraordinary) Part IV-2A dated 26th July, 1962, at
page. 481-482.
Amending Act 13 of 1965.— [By this Act amendments were made to the Code of
Criminal Procedure to give effect to the separation of judicial and executive functions of the
State. While doing so certain consequential amendments were made to this Act]
Amending Act 7 of 1974.—Government of Karnataka have permitted the Bangalore Turf
Club Limited, to introduce the system of “Off-course Betting” through a reciprocal
arrangement with the Royal Western India Turf Club Limited, Bombay, from 19th May, 1973.
Off-course Betting would help to:
(a) eliminate illegal betting;
(b) increase the revenue of the State Government as well as that of the Bangalore Turf
(c) create employment opportunities and encourage other indirect economic activity; and
(d) develop horse breeding in the State.

  1. Betting Tax will be collected by the Government of the State in which the bets are
    accepted. The Club will earn revenue by way of Book-makers’ stall fees and commission on
    book bets.
  2. It is expected that Government will get an additional revenues of Rupees 5 lakhs a
  3. Introduction of ‘Off-course Betting’ requires amendment of the Mysore Race Courses
    Licensing Act, 1952 and the Mysore Betting Tax Act, 1932.

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