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Act 14 of 1990.- Articles 309, 187 (2) and 229(2) of the Constitution of India
provide for the recruitment and conditions of service of civil servants being regulated by
law of the State Legislature. It is therefore considered desirable to make a law for this
Since rules regulating the recruitment and conditions of service made under the Act
relate to civil servants, the secretarial staff of the Karnataka State Legislature and
conditions of service of the members of the establishment of the High Court, provision
has been made in clause 3(2) for the previous publication of the rules and for
ascertaining the views of the Presiding Officers of the Legislature and of the High Court
before the rules are made.
Provision has been made in clause 3 for continuance of the rules made before the
commencement of the Act. The Vigilance Commissioner, the officers of the Vigilance
Commission and other officers who may be required to conduct inquires into the conduct
of civil servants will have to be invested with necessary powers to enable them to
conduct the inquires properly. For this purpose, it is proposed to take power to invest
such officers with certain powers of a civil court while trying a suit under the Code of Civil
Procedure, 1908. In order to deal with corrupt civil servants in possession of assets
disproportionate to their known sources of income for which they cannot satisfactorily
account, it is considered necessary to have provision for presuming misconduct when it
is proved that a civil servant is in possession of disproportionate assets. Provisions for
said matters have been made in clause 5 of the Bill.
( Published in Karnataka Gezette (Ex-ordinary) Part !V-2A dated 10.8.1978 as No
1135 at page 10.) 2
Amending Act 37 of 1991.- Keeping in view, the Independent Status of the
Legislature and the High Court, it is considered necessary to amend the Karnataka State
Civil Services Act, 1978. (Karnataka Act No.14 of 1990) suitably to confer on the
Legislature and the High Court, the power of controlling their Staff as well as to enforce
the compulsory reservation policy in the said services.
Opportunity is also utilised to make certain consequential amendments.
Hence the Bill.
(Published in Karnataka Gazettee (Extraordinary) Part IV-2A dated 30.9.1991 as

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