Block Sports Council, Corporation Sports Council, Municipal Sports Council,
Recognised Sports Organization, Sports, Sports Club, Sports Man, Sports
Council, Chairman of the State Sports Council, Town Sports Council, Village
Sports Council

to provide for the promotion of sports and games and to augment the athletic efficiency in
the State of Kerala and for the constitution of Sports Councils at the State level, District
level and Local level and for matters ancillary or incidental thereto.
Preamble.—WHEREAS it is necessary and expedient to make provisions for the
promotion of sports and games and to augment the athletic efficiency in the State and to
extend and promote the concept of ‘Sports for all’;
AND WHEREAS it is expedient to constitute sports councils at State level,
District level and Local level for securing greater measure of participation of the people
in sports and games and to confer on such sports councils, special powers for carrying out
the objects aforesaid:
BE it enacted in the fifty first year of the Republic of India as follows:–

  1. Short title, extent and commencement.—(1) This Act may be called the Kerala
    Sports Act, 2000.
    (2) It extends to the whole State of Kerala.
    (3) It shall come into force on such date as the Government may by notification,
    appoint, and different dates may be appointed for different areas and for different
    provisions of this Act and any reference to the commencement of this Act in relation to any areas, shall be construed as a reference to the commencement of that provisions in
    that area.[2]
  2. Definitions.—In this Act, unless the context otherwise require,–
    (i) “Appellate Tribunal” means the Appellate Tribunal constituted under
    section 41;
    (ii) “Block Sports Council” means a Block Sports Council constituted under
    section 15 for a Block Panchayat area;
    (iii) “Corporation Sports Council” means a Corporation Sports Council
    constituted under section 15 for a Municipal corporation area;
    (iv) “District” means a Revenue District;
    (v) “District Sports Council” means the District Sports Council constituted
    under section 9 for a district;
    (vi) “Educational Institution” means University, College, School,
    Polytechnic or such other institution where instruction is imparted in any
    scientific—technical or arts subjects or any other institution notified by
    Government as an educational institution;
    (vii) “Existing Sports Council” means the existing sports council functioning
    in the State;
    (viii) “Member” means a member of State Sports Council or District Sports
    Council or Corporation Sports Council or Municipal Sports Council or
    Town Sports Council or Block Sports Council or Village Sports Council
    whichever is relevant to the context.
    (ix) “Municipal Sports Council” means a Municipal Sports Council
    constituted under section 15 for a Municipal Council area;
    (x) “Notification” means notification published in the Gazette;
    (xi) “Prescribed” means prescribed under this Act.
    (xii) “Recognised Sports Organization” means a sports organization registered
    with the State Sports Council, in accordance with the provisions of
    this Act.
    (xiii) “Regulation” means regulation made by the State Sports Council under
    this Act;
    (xiv) “Sports” shall include such activities organized as out-door games,
    athletics, games conducted in open place or country sports, indoor games
    and aquatic sports and popular games such as equestrian, show jumping,
    cycling, motor racing, mountaineering, boat racing, rifle shooting,
    kalaripayattu, fencing, yoga and such other outdoor and indoor sports and
    games, chess, gymnastics, wrestling, weightlifting, cycle polo and other
    olympic disciplines and include other physical activities which the State
    Government may by notification in the gazette specify as sports or games
    on the recommendation of the State Sports Council;
    (xv) “Sports Organisation” means an organization constituted in accordance
    with law having a written constitution for the promotion of sports and

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