Land, Acquisition, Accommodation, Injunction

GUJARAT ACT. NO.,20 OF 1966.
, (WLpubhhed,after having reoeived1th;aasent of the Preaidont in the “Guorot
&& ~a&”l bri’ the 9th July 1965).
An A& to provide for uniform application .of the Land Acquisition
Act, 1894 in the whole of the Stab of Guj~atand to amend
th~tAct for that purpoae and c&& other purposes
It is hereby qachd in the Foukepth Year of the Republic of India aa
< 8: l , i;,.(1). This Aot -y,be dedthg Land Acquisition (Qujsrat ~e&tionandshmt tiab (8) It shall corn@into force on moh dab as the Btate Government may, by ‘ I Bmendment) Act, 1983. c ;..~(2).It exten& to,the whole of the State of Cfujarat. .>,
extent and

oa ‘ 8. (i)-ThA Land Acquisition AD# 1894 aa amended in its sppliostion.tothe
$b,dapsath~~t.t,te: ~+dt-ivthe waotmenta’ ~ps6i8edinrthe &he.
“&dF; $ f(@& h;ttendM to’ hd’LBllfbeid forbein, the Baurahtra aW)d the?
state- of Ctugwt:”

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,~Wm$i?p,~ ip,,F49, Q!,GypIq~y~inb.
1 il,64,f: , ,,,>,
w-fExka-21 &o) 66- :,
. ..
zc :.
GUJ. GOVT. GAL, EX., JULY 9, 1901iJASADHA 18, 1887 .

  • v&+.”h
    (2) The ammdrnenta made to the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 in ita appli- 1 of
    oation to the Bombay area of the State of Gujarat by the enactments sp~iiied~~~.
    in the Schedule are hereby extended to, and shall be in force in, the Hutch
    area of the State of Gujarat and the Land_AcqnisitionAct, 1894 shall, from I
    the commencement of this Act be deemed to be amended accordingly also in lap&-
    that area.
  1. In the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 in ib application in accordance with I of
    of reation1
    of llot 1 of the pmvisiona of section 2 ta the State of Gujarat (hereinafter”mfemd to aa l89k-
  2. “the principal Act”), in aection 1, after sub-section (3) the following sub-mation
    ebll be hrted, namely:-
    “(4) On and fr& the commencement of the Land Acquisition (Gujarat
    UnifIBation and Amendment) Act, 1963, thia Act shall a1~o exbnd to, and
    be in force in, the Sauraahtm area of the State of Gujarat.”.
    henbent 4. (1) In olause (f)of mction 3 of the principal Aot,
    (3) a homing soheme wbioh the State Government may from time to
    time underiake for the purpose ofinoreasing mmniodation for homing
    persons and shall iaolude any such scheme undertaken from time to time
    with the previous sanction of the State Government by a local authority
    (a) the word “and” occurring aftm eub-dame’ (1)ahall be deletad;
    (6) after sib-olausei,(2), the foUowing shall be added, namely:-
    or company; “.
    of section 38
    ,,f do*I
    (2) Nothing in sub-section (I)shall affect the proviaions of the hnd Acquisi-
    tion @ombay Amendment) Act, 1948.
  3. In aection 3A of the principal Act,
    (1) for olause (ii),the following shall be substituted, namely;-
    “(ii)to dig or bore into the subsoil,”;
    (2) for the word “andn at the end of clime (iii)and for clause (iu), the
    following shall be substituted, namely:-
    “(du) to set out the boundaries of tha land likely to .be needed and the
    intended line of the wark (if any) likely to be done thereon;
    (u) to mark auoh leveb, boundaries and line by placing marks and cutting
    (ti) t~ messurn the land so likely to be needed; and
    , (hi) where otherwige the 8Wycannot be completed and the levels’taken
    , or the boundaries or lines- marked, to out down and dear away any part
    of any standing crop, fence or jungle;”.
  4. after emtion 3B of the principal Ad, the following new don’.sball
    , “3C. In the case of the whole of a smey number or mb-diMon of a *
    to be the meamanent of the land oornprkhg such survey number or mb- -.
    survey number, aa defined in the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879 as in BOP,
    force in,the Bombay mas, the Sadtraarea or, aa the oase may be, th.y8g.
    &itch area of the 8bte of Gtujarat, the area of mhmeynumber or, as
    1of 1894.
    4nmberber ar
    mbmdimiOn* the memay be, mb-division as enWin the land records &dl be demmd
    of land Oom-
    flp;e 1.i-.t.d,we1y:-PA~F~ n’]
    GUJ. GOVT. GAL, EX.,JULY 9, 1065jMADHA 18, 1887
    ‘ 7. In mction 4 of the principal A&,–
    of~ection4 of
    (1)in ~ub-seckion(I), rpfter the worda “for any public purpose” the wor& dot~of1894.
    . .,
    ! “or for a Company” shall be inserted;
    (2) in aubgeotion (21,for the words beginning with worb ”to mark auch
    levels” and ending with WO&
    tuted, namely:-
    trench^; and” the following shall be mbati-
    “to mark such levels, boundarias and line by plao’mg marka and cutting
    trenches; to mwure the land likely to hneeded, and”.
  5. In mtion 8 of the principal Aat for the wor& “cause it to be meamred” Amanhsnt
    the wordrr, brackeh, @ma and lettera “cause the land (unlesa ib bas already of of Aot wctionI of8
    hen memud under mtion 3A or 4 or deemed to be meaad under aection 1894.
    W)to be mearmred” shall be mbatitutd.
  6. In mtion 9 of the prinoipal Act, in wb-mtion (2), for the words and bendmen*
    @re “m~mmtamade under seotion 8” the words, 6guea and letters “mea- of section
    of that motion and
    ,menb-ding to don30or made under amtion SA, 4 or 8″ shall be :g”,,Aat

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