Estate, Proprietor, Registered Holder, Survey, Survey Mark, Survey Officer,
Village Headman, Village Officer, Survey of Land, Settlement of Boundary

An Act to amend the law relating to survey
of lands and settlement of boundary disputes.
Pnambte. WHER~A~it is expedient to consolidate and amend the
law relating to survey of lands and settlement of
boundary disputes arid whereas the previous sanction
of the Governor-General has been obtained under
section 80-A (3) of the Government of India Act ;
It is hereby enacted as follows :-

  1. (I) This Act may be called ‘the1Pam;l N;~du]
    Title. Survey and Boundaries Act, 1923. ‘
    (2) It exteiid~to the whole of the 3[Stateof Tamil
  • — —
    LOC~Iextent. Nadul.
    I These words were substituted for the ~ord”Madras” bj rl~c
    T,uni~lNndu Adnptotionof klwsOrder, 1969,:tsanlcndedby tllc T,itn~l
    N,~il~t c\d;cptattonof Lms(Second Anlendn~ct~l)Order, 1969,\ iucll
    c,ilne tnto folcc ontlic 14thJmitnry 1969.
    For St.ttcnlcl~tof Objjrcts and Reasotls, JCC I’,lrt N of (11~fi,, 1
    St. Get~rc Gn:cr/c, d~tedtllc 1jt I’ehru’y1921, page 3il . 1~,1
    1’1occcd1ngs11: Cou11c11,xeI’rocccdlnyr of lhc Madm Lcgl\ldtl\c
    C’ounc~l,Volumc:I,pagm 72-84: Volunlc 11, pages 72-75 ;Volu~ucIX
    j).iges 565-566 ;Volumc X,pnpcb 1076-1096,1108-1149and 1179.1220f
    and Volume XI, pages 1384-1395.
    This Act w,~saxtc-ndcd to the n~crgdStale of Pudukkotr.I)y scctton 3 of. and tlio ktnl Schedulcto. the Tan111N:tdu Mcrycd si.itc\ (L69.i
    1923:T.N. Act VIII] Strrvey n
  1. The Madras Survey and Boundaries Act, 1897,Repeal.
    ishereby repealed.
  2. Inthis Act, unlcss there is somcthiny repuguant :;;::tation
    in the subject or context,-
    (i) ‘Estate’ means-
    (0) any permai~cntly-settled estate whether
    a Zarnir~ctnri,jngltir, mittn orpnlaiyanz ;
    (b) any portion of such permanently-settled
    estate which has been separately registered in the
    offioe of the Collector ; ‘
    (c) any unsettle~pnluiycrmorjaghir ; –
    (d) any inam village of which the grant was
    made or has been confirm-d by the British Govern
    forming an estate or any portion thereof.
    (e) any portion, consisting of one or more
    villages of any of the estates specified above in clauses
    (n), (b) and (c), which is held on a permanent under-
    land.’ %
    (i ii) ‘Prcscri be’ mcans prcscri bctl by rules ‘Prescribe.
    (ii) ‘Government land’ means any land not 6~ernment. II ‘ 1 frnmed undc~.this Act. (iv) ‘Proprietor ‘ rnc;ltls any pcrson in whose ‘ Proprietor. * tlallle any estate is for tiw time being rcgistcrcd in the ojrice of the Collector of the district whcrcin the cstatc is situated, and, in rcsp~ctof an cs~;ltespecified in clause (e) of sub-section (I), the lzoldcr thcrcof. (v) The .registcrcd holder’ of ally Government ‘Registp~d holdcr. ! land means the person in wllose nnmc the land in question is rcgi4tcrcd in tllc Government accounts of the vjlliigc : Provided lhal when any person other than the registered holder is in lawful management of Govern- mnct land otherwise than as agent or servant oregistered holder or as mortgagee orlessee,such person 5h3.11 bc dqemed to be the registered llolder in respect of such Gnvernrnct~tland. (vi) Whcre an estate or Government land is so f registertxl in the names of two or more personsjointly, the’proprictor’or ‘rcgi\tercd holder’,as thc casemay be, sh:ill, for the purposes of this Act, bc the person who is recognized by the other joint holders as the manager of the estateorwho. i 11caseof dispute, is recognized by the Collector as seniorjoint holder. (vii) ‘ Survey ‘ includes all operations iticidental to the determination, measurement and record of a boundary or boundaries, or any part of a boundary and includes a resurvey. (viii) ‘Survey mark’means any mark or object erected, mde,employed or specified by a survey officer to ~ndicateor determine or assist in determining the po’itionor level of any point or points. (ix) ‘Survey officer’ means any persot1 appointed hc a wrvey officer under section 4. ~[(x) gVillilge keadmau’ and ‘village accountant’ ,~,c.ludc,’village olficcr’ and Lvillageassistant’.] — – – — — —.- — titc rcfcrcncctoscctlon 2 ISa mlstakc.) In sofar as thts Act ap lies 1 rllis CIA~;~w.~~nrcrtedby \cction 9 (2) of the Tamil Nadu ( ~’l*.lll\fcrrcdTc~rito~y) Extcnsiorl oC Laws Act, .19? (Tamil Nadu A~I itof of 1957). (c\lthoughsect1o!l9(2)aforesalddlrects thisclause to bc: addcd to W~IOI?2, thc ddd~t~onhas been ~nade!o section 3 .L, I.)i .3ddtentorics. tha cl~~O~be
    in this behalf every person so appointed shall exercise survey officer.
    and perform the powers and duties of a survey officer
    within such local limits, and for such periods of time
    as the ‘[State Government] may direct.
    (3) The ‘[State Government1 may delegate its State Govern;
    ment may
    powers under sub-sections (I) and (2) to such officer or delegate powers
    authority asit thinks fit.

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