Registration, Proprietors of Estate, Payment of Revenue, Landed Property

An Act to make better provision for the registration
of proprietors of estate subject to the payment
of revenue direct to Government S[in certain
areas in the Nilgiri district.]
WIXEREASRegulation XXVI of 1802* provides
that landed property paying revenue to Government
shall be registered by the Collector ; and whereas such
landed property 3[incertain areas inthe Nilgiri district]
has in many cases not been registered in the names of
the proprietors thereof; and whereas it is desirable
for tho security of the public revenue to provide a
summary means whereby the Collector may ascertain
suoh proprietors ; It is hereby enacted as follows :-


Short title. I. (1) TlGs Act may be called the Malabrtr Land
Registration Act, 1895.
1These words were substituted for the word “Madras” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Ordcr, 1969, as amonded by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969,
which came into force on the 14thJanuary 1969.
2 For Statoment of Objoets and Reasons, see Fort. St. Gewge
aclzettc Supplement, dated tl~e16th October 1896,p. 3; for Report of
the Select Committee, see ibid, dated the 19th November 1896, p. 1;
for Proceedings in Council see &id, dated the 3rd December 1896,
p. 7 and ibid, dated th. 7th January 1896. p.9.
3 The words ”and certain neighbouring areasin the Stabof Mad-
ras moro substitt;tcd for the words “and the Wynaad” bysection 46
of tho Mslabnr J?onallcy(Amendment) Act, 1961 (Tamil Nadu Aot
XXXIJI of 1951) and the words “in certain areas in the Nilgiri
district” were substituted for the words “in Malabar and certain 2
neighbouring areas in the Stato of Rfadr&s” by theMadras Adapt&-
tion of Laws Order, 1057. The above Act came into foroe on the
16th March 1962.

  • The Tamil Nsdu Land Rsgistration Regulation, 1802.
    B1806 :T.N. Aet IQ &ahbar $and ~egbtration
    ‘[(2) It extends tothat portion of the Nilgiri distriob Extent.
    which is known as South-East Wynaad and to the
    Gudtrlur taluk of that district (excluding South-East
    Wynaad) :
    Provided that it shall come into force in the Gudalur
    taluk aforesaid (excluding South-East Wynd) only
    on the date on which the Malabar Tenancy Act, 1929,
    comes into force in that taluk.]
  1. In this Act, unlm there is something repugnant Inter pretation
    in the subject or context,-
    ‘eotively to separate assessment to
    land-revenue payable direct to Government:
    “regisVn’d” means registered in the public
    registers n~:O~hedby the Collector in accordance with the pr&&m of Regulation XXVI of 1802.
  2. Wibhin such time asthe District Collector may fixProprietor or
    88 hereinafter provided, any person who is or claimsyt_prop;:2:
    to be the proprietor or joint proprietor of an estate and may apply for
    whose name is not already registered, or any other regis?ration
    person having authority to act
  3. TheDistrict Collector shall fix for each taluk or Colkector to
    such other low1 area as he may deem fit the date fix the date
    before whloh
    proprietor may
    make application to the District Collector or to an
    officer empowered by him to receive such application
    for registration as proprietor or joint proprietor of the
    on his behalf, may ~i~h’ns~pOei-


therein may under the last preceding sectionapply to apply for1
before which the proprietors of the estates situated
have their names registemd,and may at any time dterr:gistration. .
any date so fixed :
Provided that such date or altered date shall not be p,,i,,
iessthan two months or more than four months from
the date of the publication of the same in the
Distrid Gazette.
1This sub-section waa substituted by the Madras Adaptation of
Laws Order, 1967 for the original sub-section as amended by the
Malabsr Tenanoy (Amendment) Act, 1961 (Tamil Nadu Act
XXXIII of 196l)whioh came into force on the 16th March 1962.
*The TamilNaduLand Registration Regulation, 1802.Publication
of date
the Collector.
in publioation
not to &eat
validity of
Collector to-j
ascertain by
inquiry tho
person to be
Registration iq
to cause
survey and
of estate.
the oese of
estates bdong-
ing to joint
or to a
religious or .
Malabar Land Registration [1896: T.N. Act III

  1. Every date fbed as provided in the last preceding
    section shall be notified in. the Fort St. George and
    District Gazettes, and by notices tobe posted up atthe
    office of the District Collector, at the offices of the
    Revenue Divisional Officer, District Munsif, Tahsildar,
    Deputy Tshsildar and Sub-Registrar of Assurances
    within whose local jurisdiction the local area to which
    the date applies is situated, and at all police-stations
    and amshom kachahriswithin such local area; and shall
    also be proclaimed by beat of drum within the local
    area to which the date applies :

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