Consumer, Energy, Licensee, Maximum Demand, Rate Charged

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of ‘
Orissa in the Twelfth Year of thc Republic of India
as foll~ws:-
I. (I) This Act may be called the Orissa EIectrj- sbttit]~,
mat and
Commenw –

city (Duty)Act, 1961,

(2) It shall extend to the whole of the State of
(3) Tt shall come into force’ onsuch date as the
State Government may, by notific3tion, appoint.

  1. In-this Act, unless there is anything repugnant hflnitrons
    in the subject or context,-
    (a) “appointed’ authority” means-
  • li) in thecase of electricityundertaking engaged
    in the busi*ie~.<of supplying energy owned.
    or managed by the Central Government
    or a Baard, ‘such of2icer or aizthbrity as the
    State -Governme~t’may; ,with the. con-
    . currence of the Central Government’ or
    the Board, as the case may be, appoint in
    this behalf; and
    [ii) in any oI11er case such officer or authority

‘ ‘ as the State Government may appoint in

.– –.- – – —
,’this behalf;.
I. For Statement ofbL>jccts aid.R~SOIU,see rimGazetre,Extraordi-
nary,dakd hl9hSg(cnlb+; 1961 (No.64R PffO1uc~wttd the:
SoItct Comm&e see ibid.,dated the 4th ~etober.1961 (No. 683).
2.Came into tlrcc with eKxt from thr 16th day of octobtr, 19I;I-vid$
wotification No.30671-FL-nS/6I3 dated’the 14th Oclober,l961, publishEd ~p

  • QrisSo Garetre, Extraordinary, dzted the 14th October, 1961(No. 727)-(b) “Board” means a Board constituted under
    Chapter I11 of the Electricity (Supply) 540fIw8
    Act, 1948;
    : (c)’ !’&nsumern means a person, other than a
    Iicensee, who is supplied. with energy-
    (i) by a ijcensee;
    @)by al3oard;o.r .
    (iii) by..the -‘.State Government or .Central
    Government, and ‘ includes a consumer

belonging to any ofthe classes specsed in .

. -.

sub-section (2) of section 3;

(6)”energy” means;
(e) “licensee” means any person licensed under
Part 11 of the Indian Electricitv Act, 19i0, 9
Hof lie :
‘[(e-1) “maximnm demand” shall have thi same
meaning as assigned under the Electricity
tosupplyenergy ‘I* “1 ;

(Supply) Act, 1948;j .

(I)”prescribed”‘ means prescribed by iules
made under this. Act: -.
(g) “rate charged” does not include hire for
.meter-or service line, ‘but includes-
(i) where any .rebate is allowed on account of
,payment being made within any specified
period, the rebate so allowedj
(id the minimum charges, if any; payable by
the consumer;
(iii) in the case of a two-part tariff the fixed
charge and also the unit chdrge;

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