Land-Revenue, Rent, Recovery

BEit enacted by the Legislature of the State of
Orissa in the Fifteenth Year,of the Republic of India,
as follows : –
1.(I)This Act may be called .the Orissa Short iirls
Limitatlon (Recovery of Revenuc) Act, 1964. cxtent co~~~riicnu and
(2) It shal1,exterzdto the whole of the State of “””
(3) Tt shall come into force at once.

  1. In this Act unless the context otherwise efiniiiona
    requires: –
    (a) “land-revenue” means all sums assessed
    as land-revenue by whatever name
    desjgnrrted or locally .known and payable
    to the State Government; . ,.
    (b)”rent” means any sum payable as sent
    to the State Government for the use and
    occuy>ationof lands held for the purposes
    of cultivation and includes rent payable
    to the State Government by a person
    who is a Chandnadar within the meaning
    of the Orissa Tenancy Act, 1913.
    D. and 0.
    AC~2 OE
  2. Notwithstanding anything contained in any kA~22~~~~
    other law for the time being in force or in any order, ofarrcara
    custom or ussge having the form of law the period of land-
    of limitation for the recovery of arrears of Iand- rcnt.
    revenue or rent shall be ten years from the date on
    which such arrears become due:
    Provided that the period of limitation shall be
    five years from the date of the commenwnlent of
  3. da~cd[llc 27lh August 1964 (1330)-
  4. I, F~~~Sl;jlc~r,cnIor Objcc’ts and Rcasons, Scc Orlssu Gazerre, Extraordinar!,78THEORISSALIMITATION(RECOVERY,OFREVENUE) [Or. Act 14 0119641
  5. ACT,1964
  6. ( Secs. 4-5)
  7. due prior to the said date if the pzriod of limitation
  8. applicable thereto before that date was marc than
  9. ten years.
  10. Rornoval of
  11. doubts.
  1. For the removal of doubts it is hereby
    declaredthatnothingcontained inthisAct shall bc
    construed so as to .revive the claim for any such
    dues as aforesaid the recov.ery,of which has becoi-ue
    time-barred prior to ,the coming into force of
    this Act.
    5, For section 12 of the Orissa Cess Act, 1962
    the follo~vingsection shall be substi tuted, namely:-
    arscction 12,
    Orissn AC~
    “12. If any instalmen! of cess 07 part thereof
    payable to Govor,nment or Intermediary is not paid
    within fifteen days from the date on which the same
    .becomes due, the amount of such-instalmentor part
    thereof, together with interest at the rate of six
    percenturn per annum caIcuIated from t be date on
    which such instalment becamedue and the costs of
    recovezing the same, may be recovared at any time
    %(a)three ycars after it becomes due, if the
    same is payable to an Trlterrncdiary ; and
    (b):tenyeas after ,it:becorncsdue, if the saQe
    is payable:to,Government.”

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