Admission to a Entertainment, Entertainment , Payment For Admission,

to provide for the levy of an entertainment duty in respect of
admission to public entertainments.
fit enactcd by the Legislature of the State of Punjab in the
Sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-
Short title, 1. (I) This Act may be called the Punjab Entertainments Duty
extent and Act, 1955.
“(2) It extends to the whole of the State of l2maryana]
(3) It shall come into forceat once [in Iheprincipal territories
and onthe 24th July, 1957,in the transferred territories]

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  11. Substituted by Punjab Act No:32 of 1957, section 2.
  12. Substiluted forlhe word “Punjab” byHaryanaAdap~ationof Laws Order, 1968.
  13. Inserled by ibirl.
    31955 :Pb. Act 16 ] ENTERTAIYMENTS~um
  14. In this Acl unless this contexr otherwiserequires-
    (u) ‘admission to an eorertainment’ includes admission to any
    pIace in which the enrerainment is being held or is to be
    held ;
    (b) ‘Commissioner’ means the Excise and Taxalion
    Commissioner, l[Haryana], for the time being ;
    [(c)”Entertainment Tax Officer” means rhe Deputy Excise and
    Taxation Commissioner, the Excise and Taxation Officer
    and the Assistant Excise and Taxation Officer in a district
    and any othcr person appointed as – such by the
    Government ;3
    (4 ‘entertainrnent’ includes any exhibition, performance,
    amusement, game, sport or race to which persons are
    ordinarily admittedonpayment ;
    (e) ‘payment For admission’ indudes-
    (i) any payment made by a person admitted to any part of a
    place of entertainment and in acase where such person is
    subsequent1 y admitted to another part thereof for
    admission to which an additiunal payment is required,
    such additional payment, whether actually made or
    not ;
    =[(ii)in cases of free, surreptitious, unauthoriscd or
    concessional entry, whether with or without the
    knowledge of the proprietor’ the payment which would
    havc been madc if the person concerned had been
    admined on payment of the full charges-ordinarily
    chargeable for such admission]
    (iiij any payment for any purpose whatsoeverconnccted with
    an entertainment which a person is required to make as
    a condition of attending or continuing to attend the
    entertainment in addition to the payment, if any, for
    admission to the entertainment ;
  15. Substilured for the word ‘Tunjab” by the llaryana Adaplation ofLaws Order,
    . 1968,
    -2: ~ubstituiedfor old sub-clause (ii) by Punjab Act 10 af 1965.

3. Substitutedby Haryma Act 7 of 1987.

fl ‘prescribed’ means prescribedby rules madeunder this Acl
(g) ‘proprietor’ in relation to any entertainment includes the
owner, partner or a person responsible for the management
thereof ;
(11) ‘Government’ mean the Government of the State of the
‘maryana]; and
(i) ‘ticket’ means pass or token for the purpose of securing
admission to an entertainment.

  1. (1) A person admitted to an entertainment shaIl be liable to
    Dury on
    PaPcnb for pay an entertainments duty at a rate, 2[not exceeding one hundred and
    twenty five percent of the amount of payment for admission] which
    the Government may specify, by a notification in this behalf, and the
    said duty shalt be collected by the proprietor and rendered to the
    Government in the manner prescribed..

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