Land, Landlord, Occupancy Tenant

An Act tovest proprietary rights in occupancy tenants and to
provide for payment of compensation to the IandIords whose
rights are extinguished and for certain consequential
and incidentai matters.

1. (I) This Act may be called the Punjab Occupancy Tenants short ti~le,

extent and
(Vesting of Proprietary Rights) Act, 1952.
Whether repealed or otherwise
affected by Icgislation
Amendedby Punjab Act 13 of 1955′
Amended by Punjab Act 31 of 1958′
Amended by Punjab Act 29 of 1959″
Amended by beHaryana Adaptation of
Laws Order. i96a5
(2) It extends to the whole of the “rincipal territories] ment.
(3)It shall be deemed to have come into force on the 15th
day of June, 1952.
I. For Stalemen1 of Objects and Reasons, see P14njab Guvernmenf Gazefre
(Exrraordinary), dated 1st Octobcr, 1952,pages 1061-62;For proceedings in
the Asscmbly see Punjab LegislaliveAssembly Dcbatcs, 1953.

  1. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Punjab Covcrtlsrenr Gnratte
    (Extraordinary), 1955, pagc 2 1.
  2. For Statementof Objects and Reaons,see Aurjab Coven~llletlrGazene (Exlrd.),
    1958, page 10.
  3. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Plu~jnbCovertu~~etrtGnrerre
    Fxua.), 1959. pagc 10.
  4. See Haryarta Goven~rrrentGnzcne (Extra). datcd 29th Ocrober, 1968, pages
    53 1-567.
  5. Subslituted for rhc words “SlateoFPurijab”by the Haryana Adapta~ionof Laws
    Order, 1968.


Short title
Occupancy Tenanrs
(Vesling of Pro-
prielary Rights)
Act, 1952Definitinns.
In this Act, unless the context othenvise requires,-
(a)”Apppointed day” means-,
(i) in relation to any tenant who, immediately before
the Commencement of this Act, is recorded as an ,
occupancy tenant of any land in the revenue records,
the 15th day ofJune,1952 ;
(iiJ in relation to any tenant who obtains a right of
occupancy in any land after the commencement of
this Act, the date on which he obtains such night of
occupancy ;
(b) “ColIector” means the Collector of the district in which
the land, inrespect of which proprietary rights are vested
in an occupancy tenant under this Act, is situate, and
includes any officer not below the rank of an Assistant
Collector of the First Grade specially empowered by the
State Government to perform the duties of a Collector
under this Act :
(c) “Commissioner” and “Financial Commissioner” have
the meanings respectively assigned to them under the
PunjabLand Revenue Act, 1887 (PunjabAct 17 of 1887)
(d) “land”, “land revenue” and “rent” have the meanings
resepectively assigned to them in the Punjab Tenancy
Act, 1887 (Punjab Act 16 of 1887);
(e)”landlord” means a person under whom an occupancy
tenant holds Iand and to whom the occupancy tenant is,
or but for a special~contractwould be, liable to pay rent
for that land, and includes the predecessors and
successors in interest of a landlord and shall for the
purposes of section 4 include the mortgagee ;
(fl r4~~cupancy tenant” means a tenant who, immediately
before the commencement of this Act, is recorded as an ‘r
occupancy tenant in the revenue records and includes n
tenant who, after such commencement obtains a right
of occupancy in respect of the land held by him whether
by agreement with the landlord or through a court of
competent jurisdiction or otherwise, and includes also
the predecessors and successors in interest of an
occupancy tenant.

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