Tax, Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment

to peul tlze Put!iab Prqfessios, Trades, Ccrliingsand Empluy~r~et~ rs
T~*ation.–~cI.1956. in iis app!icofiurrrv rhr S!a!e ufH~~?buni>.
BEit enacted bythe Legislatureofthe StateofHaryana in theTfienq–
eighth Year ofthe Republic ofhdiaas follows:-
I: ThisAct may be calledthePunjab Professions, Trades,Callings Short t~tle.
and EmploymentsTaxation(H-a Repealing)Act, 1977.
-4c5 196,is hereby repeaied : Ac17 of 1956.
Providedthat suchrepeal shall nor-
fa) affectthe prcviuus operationof thcAct so repealed or aythjng
dulydone or sufferedthereunder ;or

  1. TficPurijab Pmfcssiuns,Tmh,Cdhlgsmd Employ~~ents Taxation Repca1 ofPunjab
  2. For Staterncnt ofObjccts and Rcasons,see Haryana GovernmentGazettc (Extra.).
    datcd hc2 1st March, 1977,page 366.PROFESSIONS,TRADES,c~1.i.t~~~ [ 1977:Haryana Act 12
    (3) affectany right,privilege,obligation or IiabiIityacquired,accrued
    or incurred under the -4ctso repealed ;or
    @) aEect anypenalty, forfeitureor pwoishrncnt incurred in respect
    of any offencecommitted against theAct sorepcaled ;or
    (d) affect any investigation, legal procecdng or remedy in respect
    of any suchright,privilege,obligation, liability,penalty, forfi=iture
    or punishment as aforesaid;
    and any such investigation,!egal proceeding or remedy maybe instituted,
    continuedorenforcedand any such penalty, forfeitureor punishment maybc
    imposed as ifthat Act had

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