Land, Street Alignment, Building Line, Local Area

AnAct for the Improvement of Certain Areas
WHEREASit is expedient to make provision for the improvement Preamble.
and expansion of towns in Z[Haryana]and whereas the previous
sanction of the Governor-General under section 80-A (3) of the
Government of India Act has been obtained. It is hereby enacted as
follows :-
l.(I)ThisActmaybecalledtbePunjabTownImprovementAct, Title,extentand
(2) It extendsto the whole of3[theState of Hayanal.
(3) This sectionandsection66shallcomeintoforce atonce.The
‘[State] Governmentmaybynotificationproposeto applytherestofthe
Act to the whole or any part of any municipality and to any locality
fheAct shallcomeinto operationafter the lapseofthreemonthsunless
withinthat periodthemunicipalcommitteeconqnedatmeetingconvened
for the purposk of consideringthe applicaiionofthe Act resolve by a
majorityof two-thirds that theAct shouldnot be so applied.

  1. InthisActunlessthereissomefhiDgrepugnmtinthesubject Definitions.
    or context-
    (I) wordsand expressionsnotdehedin thisActhavethe same
    meaning as inthe Punjab Municipal Act, 1911, as from time to time
    amended(hereinafter called the MunicipalAct);
    (2) “land”includeslandasdefinedinclause(a) ofsection3 ofthe
    Land AcquisitionAct, 1894;
    1 Substituted for the word “Prdvincial”bytheAdaptationof Laws 0rdz950.
  2. Substituted for the word “Punjab”by the Adaptation of Laws (State and
    Concurrent Subjtcts) Order, 1968.
  3. Sub-settion (2) substituted by the -HaryanaAdaptation of Laws (State and
    Concurrent Subjects) Order, 1968. ThisAct msextended to the territories
    which immediately kfort: the 1st November, 1956, were culilprised in the
    State of Patiala and East Punjab States Union by Punjab Act 27 of 1965.456
    MWNIMPROVEM~ 11922 :Pb. kct 4
    Crmlion and
    incotporatim of
    (3) “streetalignment”means lines formingthe boundaries ofa
    street dividingthesame6omIands adjoiningoneither side;
    (4) “buildinglme”means aline(inrmofthe street alignment) up
    to which themain wall of abuilding abutting onaprojectedstreet may
    (5) “triid’means atribunal constitutedunder section60;
    (6) “MunicipalCommittee1’meansthe committeeestablishedin
    accordancewiththe povisions oftheMunicipalAct br the municipality
    towhich or toanypart ofwhichorto anylocality adjacentto which the
    provisionsofthisAct havebeen appliedundersubsection (3) of section
    (7) “local area” means the area to which this Act has been
    applied and the area within which a trust has been created for the
    purposes of carrying out the provisions of the Act;
    (8) all references to anythmg done, required, authorised,
    permitted, forbidden orpunishable, or to anypowqvested, under this
    Act shall include anythng done, required, authorised, pemntted,
    forbidden or punishable or any power vested-
    (.) by any provision of this Act, or
    1 I,.
    (bJ by any rule or scheme made under the provisions ofthis
    Act, or
    (c) under any provision of the MunicipalAct which the trust
    has by virtue ofthis Act power to enforce;
    (9) “presmlxd” means prescnid by rules made by the
    ‘[State] Government under this Act;
    (I0) “not8cation1’means anotificationpublishedin the2[0fficial

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