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WHERL~Sit is expedicnl to reconstiturc the University known as
Rubindra Bhanli to encourage inconformity with he ideas and rhoughls
orRabindranalh Tagore. the integration of cuItural l~eritagcorlhc nnlion
consis~entwith irs linguisric and socio-economic hislory and lo enable
il ro runcrion more efficien~lyas a Universiry encouraging and providing,
Tor inslrucrion, reaching, training slid rescnrch in various bmnchcs or
learning and courscs of study. promoting advancemenl and disscmination
of knowledge and learnjug, and cxtcnding higher education, 10 mcei the
growing nccds olsociely and LOmakethe cdtlstituiton of various aurhori~ies
or borlics or the Universily more democratic;
11 is hereby enacted in the Thiny-second Ycar or rhe Republic of
India, by [he Legislature of Wcs~Bengal, 3s roIlo~vs:-

  1. (1) This ACLmay be callcd the Rabindn Bharari Act, 1981. Shon ~irlc
    (2) This section and secuon 55 shall comc into force at once; and commence-
    rhe remaining provisions of this Acl shall comc into force on such dale “lCnl-
    or dates as [he Statc Governrt~en~may, by nolificadon in the Oficial
    Gr~zetre,aypoinr, and different dales may bc appointed for di fferent
    provisions of this ACL.
  2. In this Acl, unless thcrc is anything repugnanl in lhc subjec~or Dcfinili~ns.
    (1) “the Academy” means the Academy of Dance, Drama and
    Music, initially csrnblished and sponsored by heGovernment
    oE West Bengnl and subsequently taken over by the
    Universi~y,including iu properiies,movable and immovable,
    and other assets and liabilities, and dccmed ro be ;I p,ul of
    ., .
    [he Unjveaity;[West Bcn. Act
    (2) “nffilialed” ill relakioli ru ;I collegc or An jnslllurion or a
    cenw meansalfiliacd LOIhc Univcsity known as Rabindra
    Bharali as conslilulcd phor ro the appoinicd day and
    conlinuing as such immedinrcly before such day nr nFfili:~red
    to [he Universily undcr tliis ACI;
    (3) “appoinied day” ~r~ennsllte dale rcfirrcd to in sub-
    secrion (5) of seclion 55:
    (4) “college” means a collcgc esnblished or mainlaincd by or
    affiliated 10, il~eUniversi~y;
    (5) “convocadon” means a mecling ofthe Caurl for the purpose
    ul conferring degrees, IiUcs, d~plomas,ccrtikicaies or oiher
    academic disrincrions;
    (6) “employee” in relation lo rhe Universi~ymeans any person
    employed by [lie University;
    (7) “financial year” means the ycnr ending on the 31st day of
    (8) “Govemmeni ~ollt~e’hrneansa callcgc mmaintair~edu~~d
    managed by Ihe Stare Governmenl;
    (7) “Governor” means dw Governor ofthc Stare of West Bengal;
    (10) “hall” nr “hosrel” means a unit of rcsidcncc For srudetlrs,
    ieachers, officers or non-teacl~ingsraff recognised by the
    (1 1) “instilulion” means a. school. ccnrrc of culture, museum.
    library or any olher organjsalion, by whulever name called,
    for [raining, inslruction, research or study in all or any of
    the rotlowing subjecls, namely. dance. drama, music and
    visual arts;
    (12) “Librarian” in relation lo thc Universi~yor a college,
    inslimlion or centre arfiIialed lo [he Universiry means a
    Libnrian or ;1 Dcpuiy T.ihrarian or an Assistant Librarian
    or any othcr person discharging [he functions of a Librarian
    on whole-lime basis, by whalevcr name callcd, appoinled
    or recognired as such by the Universi~y;
    (13) “Minislcr” means the Minister-in-chnrgcof Higher Education
    appoinlcd iis such by [he Govcmor;
    (14) “non-leaching starr’ in relalion ro the Univcrs~ryurncollege,
    insriturion or cenlrc affiljnted lo !he Univcrs~lymeans rhe
    non-leaching slafr, not holding any leaching pas[ (including
    pan-time leaching posl), appoinlcd or rrcugnizcd as such
    by the Universily. and includes ~eci!oicalshff h111does no[
    include a Librarian or an ollicer.

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