Part-time Village Officer, Village Administrative Officer

Act to abolish the posts of part-time Village Officers
in the State of Tamil Nadu.
tmtlon ;
Wxastw the State Government are of the opirriant $ha#
the system of part-time Village Officers is out-modeiEdgd
does not fit in wit.. the modern needs of village admink

ANDWHEREAS the State Gover~menthave, after car*
consideration, taba policy decision to abolish pll t@
posts of part-time Village Officers on grounds of a&
ministrative necessity and to introdwe a systetn of we-
time officers to be in charge of village admhIi~tr&~~;
BEit enacted by the Legislature ot’ tb State of Tanril
Nadu in tbe Thirty-second Year of the Republic of hd.h
as follows :
Short title and 1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Abolition
oommsncemente of posts of part-time Village Officers Act, 1981.
(2) It shall be deemed to have come into fmon
the 14th November 1980

  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (a) “appropriate authority” means any officer of
    the Revenue Department not below the rank of District
    Revenue Officerhaving jurisdiction ovei the revenue village
    within his district ;
    (b) “competent authority” means-
    (i) in the Madras district, the Personal Assistant
    (General) to the Collector of Madras; and
  • For Statement ofObjects and Reasons,see Tamil Nadu Govern’
    ,,,.-+ Gazette ~xtraordinary,datedthe 29th January 198J ,Part IV-
    Section 1, pages 55-56$
    3-c ruk Rei;:~.:e t71~i~it7n;fl
    OEcer having jurisdiction over the revenue yillage within
    11is division ;
    (c) ccG~~ernment” means the State Government ;
    (d) “law” includes any rule, by-law, regulstion,
    xl-otifktion,scheme, form or order ;
    (e): “part-time Village Officer” means Village Head-
    man (including .4dditional Village Headman), Village
    Karnam (including Chief Karnam and Additional Village
    Karnam) or Triune Officer appointed under-
    (i) the Madras Proprietory Estates’ Village Service
    Act, 1894 (Madras Act I1 of 18941, or the Madras
    ~leriditaryVillage Offices Pct, 1895′(~adrasAct 111 of
    (ii) the B~ard’sStanding Orders ;
    (iii’) the Tamil Nadu Village Officers Service
    linlecs, 1970 or any other rules made under the proviso
    to ArticIe 309 of the Constitution; or
    (iv) any other law,
    but does not indude Grama Kavalar, Grama Paniyalar
    and Pasana Kavalar ;
    (f)”Village Administrative Officer” mea ns an sfficer
    appointed under sub-section (1) of section 4.
    from the date of the commencement of this Act and every Officers
  1. The posts of part-time Village Officersin the State Abolition of the
    of Tamil Nadu are hereby abolished with effect on and posts of part-
    person who holds the post of part-time Village Officerpersons
    on and from such date, cease to hold such post.
    in any part of the State of Tamil Nadu shall, with effect ding suchposts
    to cease to hold
    the rules made under section 6, the cornpetcnt ~athority
    may appoint a person as Village A.dministrative OfficerOfficers,
  2. (1) Sub-iect to the provisions of sub-section (2) and Appointment
    Village Ad-
    for one or more revenee villages,
    (2) No person shall be eligible for appointment to
    the post of Village Administrative Officer unless he
    possesses the minimum general educationttl qualification
    referred to in rule 12 (a)(i) of Part I1 of the Tamil Nadu
    State and Subordinate Services Rules and prescribed in
    Schedule I to the said Part TI.
    (3) The Village Administrative Officer shall be a
    whole-time Government servant,.

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