Conduct of Business, Board of Revenue, Collective Board

An Act to provide further for the conduct of
business by the Board of Revenue.
WHEREASit is expedient to provide further for the
conduct of business by the Board of Revenue ; It is
hereby enacted as follows :-

  1. [Re~l.]Rep. by th Repling and Amen&~

Act, 1901 (CentralAct XI of 1901).

1Them words were eubetituted for the word “Madrmw by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Lews Order, 1969, aa amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (SecondAmendment) Omler, 1069,
which oame into force on the 14thJanuary 1969.
‘short title, “The Madrtle Boerd of Revenue Aot, 1894,- wm
givenby the Repealing rind AmendingAct, 1901(CentralAot XIof
Tor Statement of Objects and Reeeons, see Fort St. George
Bupplement, dated the 24th J~uary1893,p. 1; for Report of tb
Select Committee, eee ibid, dated tho 16thMay 1893, p. 1; for
Proceedinge in Council, 8W ibid, datcd the 2nd May 1893, p. 18;
and iMd, dated the 2186 Wovember 1893, p. 17.
See Tamil Nadu Act Iof 1902, s. 7 (1).
Thie Act was extended to the merged Btats of Pudukkottsi by
eeotion 3 of, and the First Sohedde to, the Tamil Nadu Meged
States (Laws) Act, 1949 (TamilNadu Aot XXXVof 1949).
This Aot wes extended to the Kanyakumari district snd the
Shenoottah taluk of the Tirunelveli district by section 3 of, snd the
Sohedule to, the Tamil Nadu (TransferredTerritory) Extensionof
Laws Act, 1957 (Tamil N~duAct XXII of 1967), repoaling the
oorresponding law in fmrce in that territory.1894 :T.N. Act I] Board of Revenue
tion I of 1803*, in Regulation V of 18042, or in c$z:te

  1. Notwithstandinganything oonfained in Reguh- Bps+ may
    any other enactment in force in the 2[ State of subject to
    Tamil Nadu], it shall be lawful for the Board of approval of
    Revenue, subject tothe approval of 3[the Government Qovenwient.
    concerned], to deolare what portion of the business
    of the Board may be disposed of by a single member
    or by two members, and what portion shall be resew-
    ed for the decision of a Collective Board. Every such
    declaration shall,after approval by a[the Government
    concerned], be notified in the 4[Official &mtte]:
    Provided thaf, in the oase of any subject reserved Proviso.
    for disposal by a single member or by two members,
    the said member or members may refer it, after aonsi-
    deration, for the opinion of another member or for the
    decision of a Collective Board, as the case may be,
    and thaC, where the opinions of two members differ,
    they shall refer the subject for the decision of a
    Collective Board.
  2. All orders made and deoisions passed by one or oraer, ,,f
    more members of the Board in accordance with a one or more
    membere to be
    orders of
    with its proviso shall be held to be the ordem and BO~~.
    declaration made under the last preceding section or
    — –
    ,, ,
    decisions of the Board of Revenue, and the same shall
    not be deemed invalid by reason that subsequent
    thereto the said declaration was disapproved by
    a[the Government concerned].
  3. Not less than three members of the Board shall A Cobtive
    1 Repeated except aa regards the Scheduled Districte-Set.
    section 2 of Tamil Nadu Aot I of 1902.
    be held to constitute a Collective Board.

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