Spread of Disease among Cattle, Infected Animals, Contagious or Infectious
Disease, Pound Keeper

An Act for the prevention of the spread of disease
among cattle in the S[Stateof Tamil Nadu].
WHEREASit is expedient totakemeasures toproven*
the spreading of contagious or infeotioue dieeaser
among animalsin the ‘[State of Tamil Nadu], and, with
that object, to presoribe by law in whtway mimsIr
ao infected shall be dealt with ; It is hereby enaoted
as follows :-
I. This Aot shall be put in foroe in suohdietriots, ot
pwts of district and during such periods of time, at3 the

  • — – —
    1 These words were substituted for the word uMadra8″ by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Lawe Order, 1969, es amended by the
    Tend Nadu Adeptation of Laws (budAmendment) OrderlQBD, whioh oame into force on the 14th Jenuary 1969. Short title, “The Madras Cattle-diseeaeAot. 1866” wss &on by the Repetding and Amending Aot, 1901 (Centrd A& XS of 1901). Madras Act I of 1879had to be read with this Aot. Ao) I of 1879has since been repealed by the Temil Nadu Repand Amending Act, 1967 (Tamil Nadu Act XXV of 1957) . This Act waa extended to the Kanpakumeri dietriot and tho Shenoottehteluk of the Tirunelveli distrrot by eaotion 3of, and the Ehhedule to, the Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory) Ex-on of Lam Aot, 1957.(TamilNadu Aot XXII of 1957) mp&q tho correspondinglaw in that tentory. The provkions of this Act have been made inapplioebls to th. disease of rinderpest in any are8 to whioh the provkio~~~ of fb. Tamil Nadu Rinderpest Act, 1940 (TdNedn Aot Xgg of lQM), havebeen applied by notifloation under noofion1(3)of thst dotmd motion 2 of Tsmil T Mlong es duoh notifioetion remaim in fo- Nsdu Aot XIX of 1940. 8 !fhi~e mdon waa mbstituted for the e reasian “lbdraa 4 ‘Shin e remion wea subrtitutod for the axpm&~) “- of Y~KLU? by aid. -I ~&hPP’M&ern& $0hsveaome into fotd rmthe ’14a ,,spvmy lQ70
    wderpag’by.th4 Tarmi Na@u’hbp’th,bibp o?i$tWO189
    1866 : T.N. AB~n] Oattte-ddaeaa~
    i[State &vernment] ‘[or aubjeot to 8[their] oontrol
    tie Board of hvenue] may, from time to time, direct
    by notification in the *[Official Gazette].
  1. The following words and expressions in this Act Inhrpr6tetion . .,
    ahall havethe meaning hereby assigned to them, unless O1euse.
    there be something in the subject or context repug-
    nant to suoh construction :-
    the word $’Magistrate” shall include all persons a@M8gistrab”
    exeroiains all or any of the powers of a Magistrate ;
    words importingthe singula~number shall include Number.
    the plural number, and words importing the plural
    number shallindude the singular number ;
    words importing the masculine gender shall include Cfsader. . *
    the feminine ;
    ‘[the . word “animal” shall mean any camel; ,,Animd~,
    buffalo, horse, pony, ass, bull, bullock, cow, heifer,
    calf, sheep, lamb, goat, kid, swine or dog.]
  2. Whenever this Aot shall have been applied, a8 Establiahmmt
    above provided, to any district, or part of a district, of hoXitel-
    hospital-pounds shall be established in such places asPOun
    the Magistrate of the district, “or, in the City of
    Madras] ‘[the Commissioner of the Corporation] shall
    determine, andkeepers shall be appointed to such
    pounde by thesaid Magistrate Tor Commissioner, ae
    the ammay be.]

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