Court, Ward, Minor, Proprietor

An Act to consolidate and amend the law
relating to the Court of Wards in the 8CState
of Tamil Nadu].
WHEREASit is expedient to oomolidate and amend
the law relating to the Court of Wards in the ‘[State of
Tamil Nadu] ; It is hereby enaoted as follows :-

  1. This Aot may be oalled the lvamil Nadu] Court

of Wards Act, 1902.

1These words were substituted for the word “Madrk “by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order. 1969, as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (boond Amendment) Order,
1969, whioh,oame into foroa on the 14th January 1969,
2 For Statement of Objects and Reasons, ase Fort St. Cfsorge
Gazette, 1901, Extraordinary, p. 16 ; for Report of the Seleot
Committee, 8ca ibid, 1902, Extreo-ry, p. 1;and for Prooeedinge
in Oounoil, see ibicl, 1901, Pt. W,pp. 44, 74, and ibid, 1902, Pt.
V, pp. 46, 89, 123.
This Aot wes extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai by
seotion 3 of, and the First Sohedule to, the Tamil Nadu Merged
States (Laws) Act, 1949 (TdlNadu Aot XXXV of 1949).
This Aot was extended to the Kenyakumsri distriot and the
Shenoottah taluk of the Tirunelwli district by esotion 4 of! and
Nadu (Traasferred Terntorg)
Extension of Laws Act, 1960 (Tam11Nadu Aot 23 of 1960) repealing
the oorresponding law in that territory.
3 This expression was substituted for the expreaaion “Mad?@
Preaidenoy” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1Q70,
which was deemed to have aome into fom on the 14th Jm-
4 Thisexpwionwas substituted for the erpmfssion “Presidency
of Madres “by iW.
the Seoond Sohedule to, the T+I-
1902 : T.N. Act I] Court of War&
It extends to the 1 [State of Tamil Nadu] a[ *
‘ 476

  1. Seotion 26 of the ‘[Tamil Nadu] Collectors Regu- J,~WS repealed.
    . lation, 1803, the Madras Court of Wards Regulation,
    ‘V 1804, the Madras Minorrr Aot, 1866 and the Madras
    Court of Wards (Amendment) Aot, 1899 are hereby
  2. Nothing in this Act,shell be construed to affect Jurisdiction of
    ‘or in any way to derogate tom any power possessed z;:d.Court
    by the High Court of Madras over the persons and
    estates of infants, idiots and lunatics.
  3. In this Aot, unless there is something repugnant Definitions.
    in the subjeob or oontext :
    ward of the Court under section 19. .
    “TheCourt ”means the Court of Wards. a‘~~~rt.”
    “Ward “meGns a person who has been made a ,.Ward.m
    “Minor “means a person who, under the provi-! minor.”
    z:t-siom of the Indian Majority Act, 1876,as amended by
    kt VIII~mtion 62of the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890,has
  4. not attained majority.
    “Proprietor “means a person who owns or has 6PrOPri~tOr.’9
    a life interest in land either solely or as a co-sharer.
    CHAPTER 11.
  5. The Board of Revenue shell be the Court of Warde courtof Wards.
    for the territories to which this Act extends, and for the
    purposes of this Act, Collectors shall be subject to the
    oontrol of the Caurt.
  6. The Court of Wards shall be subject to the control Control of State
    of the ‘[State Government], and the “State Govern- Government.
    ment] may, if it thinks fit, revise, modify or reverse any

  • 1This cxpreaaion was substituted for the expression “Presidcncy
    of Madras” by the Tamil Rtldu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1970,
    which was deemed tohave come into force on the 14th January
    9 The words “exolueive of ths scheduled districts ” were
    omitted by theXtdr88 Adaptation of LawsOrder 10.57.
    a Them word8 wen, subetituted for the word “Msdrss “by the
    Temil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
    TaspiI NaduAdeptation of Lawa (Seo~)ndAmoudmont) Ordor, 1969,
    whah aeme into form on the 14th Jenuay 1969.
    4 Thewords “Provincinl Cl~vernrnent were substituted for
    en4the word “State was substituted for “Prwinoial “by the
    Adaptatin Order of 1DMf.
    by the Adaptation Order of 1937
    Court of War88 [I902 :

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