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The following Act of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly received the assent
of the President on the 6th August 1997 and is hereby published for general information,
Act No. 43 of 1997.
An Act to provide for the establishment and incorporation of a law University in the
State of Tamil Nadu for the advancement and promotion of learning and knowledge
of law in the educational pattern of the State.
BE it enacted by the Legislative Assc:mbly of the State of Tamil Nadu in the
Forty-seventh Year of the Republic of India as follows

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Dr. Arnbedkar L. .-I IJniversity Short title,
    Act, 1996.
    (2) It extends to the whole cf the State of Tamil Nadu.
    (3) It applies to –
    (a) every Law college specified in the Schedule which are deemed to be
    affiliated to the University under this Act;
    (b) every other law college or institute situate whithin the University
    area which may be &mated, to or approved by, the LTniversity in accordance
    with the provisions of this Act, statutes, ordinance or regulations; and
    (c) every college or institution situate within $.e University area, which
    conducts any course of study or imparts any trarnrng which may qualify
    for the award of any degree, diploma or other academic distinction in law
    by the University. I
    (4) This Section and sectionsc 2,3,~,5,6,7r8,9r10,11c12,13,11,15,16,17,21, 48,49,50,52,61,63,64,65,68,69 a d 71 shall come into force at once and the
    remaining provisions of this Act shall come into force on such date as the
    Govefnment may by notification appoint and different dates may be appoiqted
    for dlfferentprovi9us of this Act.
  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,- DeWom.
    (a) “affiliated college” means a college or institution situate within the
    University area and affiliated to the University, a college deemed to be
    dffiliated to the University and an autonomous college;
    (b) ccautonomous college” means any college disigtated as an autonomous
    college by or under the s’ atu tes;
    ltral aat 25 (c) “Bsr Council of :ndia” means the Bar Council of india constituted
    19611 under the Advocates Act; 1961
    (d) “Bar Council of Tamil Nadu” means the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu
    constituted for the State of Tamil Nadu;
    (e) “college” means a college or institution established or maintained
    by or affiliated, to the University and providing any course of study or train*
    in law for admission to tae examination; for degrees, diplomas or other academic
    distictions of the University;
    (f) “date of comt:ncement of this Act” in relation to any provision of
    this Act means, the date of the coming into force of that provision)
    (& “Faculty” mans a a Faculty of the University;
    (h) “Government” means the State Government;

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