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Supply, Price of Energy

Domestic Bulk Supply” incans energy sr~pplied
for lightinn, fans, rcfrigcmators, COO kers 311d
dolllestic applianc.;~011.a combined circuit, u;l.,~*.i.the
connr;cted snd utilized load in electricaf eq
tji:in lights, rrdios and fatnr) is not less than 1,
1ncans electridehergy ;
(2) “eilt.rgy
(3) “encryy ii~te~lsivt:industrivs” meails ir:d?rstrie
in which tilt; ~ricdof enljrgy used in the process of mdnu
fac-uring0: poducing~ht.principzl prodi~
conzor nGdexcee$s 15 per centurn of the tota
manufa:turz or production of thet product and includes
the iadilstrivs manufacturing or producil~gthe foliowing, na~nely:- (i) al~minium; (ii)bleacl~ingpowder ; (iii) calcium carbide ; (iv) caustic sods, ; (v) syt~tl~cticgern ; (4) “Govwnmen?” mca.ns the Sratr Goveri!;-::: : (5) “High Tcnsion Supply” mcans energy scpplicd at more than 400 volts in respdcl of altvrnating cuirea!tarid at
~110s~tlurtz 440 volts iiz rcspcct of di~i CLII.I.~XI?;
(6) “!iccnseeW m;ans–
(i) thc State Electricity Bo~I-cf;aiid
(ii) s,ny 1icensi~iundf:r Part l.1
Elecryicity ACE,1910 (C~iuialAct iX of 191
mcrgy or :!ny porson w11o hiis ob:ainc L’ the s
Covi;rnlllc.~?t21ldersecri~li28 ofti1r1Act to supplycnc;,g
(7) .’Low Tmsion Supply” III~;;;I;S energy jupp{lq;d
400 valts ci;. less in rosptct of :.tiit.~.~~il ti11g ctrrl-.;.z~t:nd
440 vorxs ( .i- I – in re>;plctcf dirtct c~ir-j-ent;.

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