The British Medical Act, Council, Hospitals, Registered Practitioner, Doctor

An Act for the Registration of Medical Practi-
WHEREASitis expedient to provide for tho registra- Preamble.
tion of medical practitioners in the ‘[State of Tamil
Nadu] ;It is hereby enacted as follows :-
Medical Registration Act, 1914.
(2) It extends to the whole of the ‘[State ofExtent0
I. (1) This Act may be called the l[Tamil Ndu] Short~itle.
Tamil Nadu].
1 These words were substitubed for the word “Madras” by
the Tamil Nadu Adeptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by
the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
1969, which came into force on the 14th January 1969.
e For 8tatement of Object and Reasons, see Port St. George
Gazette, 1913, Pt. TV, p. 699; for Report of Select Committee
see iW,p. 931, and for Proceedings in Council, see ibid, pp. 370
) and 786; M,1914, Pt. IV., pp 90. 112, 399 and 404.
This Act was extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai
by section 3 of, and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu Merged
States (Lnws)At, 1949 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXVof 1949).
This Act was extended to the Kanyakumari district and the
Bhencottah taluk of the Tiruneheli district by section 3 of, and
the First Sohedule to, the Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory
/ Extension of Laws Act, 1960 (TamilNadu Act 23 of 1960), which
came intoforce on the 1st April 1961, repealing the correspond-
ing law in that hTit0rY.
1 Thi8 expreaeion was subtituted for theexprfssion “Presl”dericy
of&adme” by the Tamil hadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1970,
whioh was deemed to havo come into foroe on the 14th Jzn,*erv
126-19-47724 Hedicctl Registration [I914 :T.N. Act Ill
Commerlcement 2. The ~~rovisionsof section 4 shall come into
of AC~. force on such date as the 2[State Government] may
notify in this behalf. The rest of this Act shall como
into force at once.
Definitions. 3. In this Act unless there is something repugnant
in the subject or context, –
(1) ” the British Medical Act ” means Statute
21 and 22 Victoria, Chapter 90 (The~lledicalAct), and
any Act amending the same ;
(2) Council “means the Medical Courlcil ests-
blished by this Act ;
(3) ” hosptal~”, “asylums”, ”infirmaries,”
dispensaries”, ” lying-in-b ospitals ” mean institu-
tions the methods of treatment carried on in whioh are
those which are approved by the Medical Council
establish4 by this Act;
(4) ” pre~cribed”means prescribed by rules or
by-laws made under this Act;
(5) “registered practitioner” means any person
reg;stered under the provisions of this Aot.
Privileges of 4. Notwithstanding anything to the oontrv in
Dreocitionetr. any enactment, rule, by-law or any other provision of
(1)No certificate required by law to be given by
a medical practitioner or officer shall be valid unlese
signed by a registered praotitioner.
1 The provisionsofsection 4 came int6 foroe on the 1st June
2 The words “Provincial Cto%ernment”were eubetituted
for the words “Govsmor in Council” by the Adaptation Order of
1937 and the word “State’ wM substitutedfor~’Provinoia1’by the
Adaptstion Order of 1960.1
1914 : T.N. Act IV] Medical Registration 725
l(2) Except with the special sanction of the
2[State Government] no one other than a registered
practitioner shall be competent to hold any appoint-
ment as physician, surgeon or other medical officer in
any hospital, asylum, infirmary, dispensary or lying-
in-hospital not supported entirely by voluntary oontri-
butions or as Medical Officer of health.

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