Agricultural Labourer, Agricultural Land, Agriculturist, Authorised Officer,
Kudiyiruppu, Person Interested, Plantation, Plantation Labourer, Tenant

An Act to provide for the protection from eviction of
persons occupying kudiyiruppu in tbe S[Stateof I’amil
WHEREASit is necessary to provide for the protection from
eviction of persons occupying kudiyiruppu in the ‘[State of
Tamil ~a&];
Be it enacted in the Twelfth Year of the Republic of Indi

–.– –
and extent 1.

  1. (1) This Act may be called the =[Tamil Nadu]
    ‘[Short tittle Occupants of Kudiyiruppu (Protection from Eviction) Act,
    (2) It extends to the whole of the 3[State of ?’atnil
    1Ti~sewords were substitured for the word “Madras” by he
    Tamil Nadu Adap!a;iol~ c f Laws Order, 1969, as amended by
    il~cTajnll Nadu Adaptation of uws (Second Amendmsn~)
    Order 1969
    “or Statement of Objects a~~d Reasons, see Fort St. George
    Gazette ]Extraordinary, Part 1V- Section 3, dated the 24th August
    1961 pages 279-280.
    Nothing in this Act as re-enacted by.the Tamil Nadu Occupants
    of Kudiyisuppu (Protection from. Evictloo) Re-enacting Act, 1975
    (Tamil Nadu Act 23 of 1975) or ?n the latter Act shall be deemed
    to affect the operation of the Tam11 Nadu C~ccupantsof Kudiyiruppu
    (Conferment of Ownership) Act, 1971(Tamil Nadu Act 40 of 1971)-
    Piease see section 4 of Tamil Nadu Act 23 of 1975,
    a~Gsexpression was substituted for the expression “State of
    Madras” by the Tamil Nadu Adptation of Laws Order, 1969, as’
    amended by the Tamil mdu Adaptation oiLaws (Second Amend-
    ment) Order, 1969.
    4This heading was substituted for the heading “Short title,
    extent and duration” by section 2 (1) (a)of the Tamil Nadu . Om-
    pants of Kudiyiruppu (Protection from Bvlction) Re-enacting &,
    197s (Tamil Nadu Act 23 of 1975), whch was deemed to have
    into f orce on the 29th November 1973.
    -+@1961 f T.N. Act 381 0ccupants of Kudiyiruppu 741
    (Protectionfrom Evict ion)
  • * *** *** I
    2, 111 this Act, unless the context otherwise r~quhes,- Definitipfir
    (1) “agricultural 1:rbourer” mems a person whose
    principal means of livelihood is the income he gets as
    ,,dges for his manual labour on agricultural land ;
    (2) ‘.%griculturallai~d”mems any land used for any
    of the following purposes, namely :-
  • (a) horticulture ;
    (b) the raisihg of crops, grass or garden produce;
    *(c) grazing i ,
    (g) livestock &I breeding ; ‘
    (h) growing of trees ;”and
    (d)the raising of manure crops ;
    (e) dairy farming ;
    (f)poultry hrming ;
    (i) includes my land ugd:.fiir any purpoa

    subseivietlt to the above purposes, an9’forest land, pasture
    land, pla~tstion,orchard and topet but
    (ii) does not include house-siie or land used
    exclusively for non-agricultural purposes ;
    I The original sub-section (3) read as follows :-
    “(3) It shall remain in force for a period of three ~cars”.
    In the said sub-section, the period of “three years” has sub-
    sequently been amended as “six years”, “nine years” and “twelve
    years” respectively by section 2 of the Tamil Nadu Occupants of
    Kudiyiruppu (Protection from Eviction) Amendment Act, 1964
    (Tamil Nadu Act aJ.4 of 1964), by section ? of the Tamil Nadu
    Occupants of Kudiyiruppu (Protection from Eviction) fimendment
    Act, 1967 (Tamil Nadu Act 15 of 1967) and by sectlon 2 of the
    Tamil Nadu Occupants of Kudiyiruppu (Protec~ionfrom Evictioa)
    Amendment Act, 1970 (Tamil Nadu Act 1 of 1971). which was
    deemed to have come into force 013 the 23rd November 1970. Sub-
    section (3) as so amended was finally omitted by section 2 (:) (b)
    ot’ thc Taniil Nad u Occupants of Kudlylruppu (Protcct~on
    I?~ric:tion)Re-enacting Act, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 23 of 1975), which
    wab deemed to have come into f~rceon the 29th November I “2.
    Occuprmts of~udlylrim [I961 :T.N. Act 38
    (3) “agricrdturist” means a person who cultivates
    agricultural land by the contribution of his’ own manual
    labo~izor of the manual labour of any member of his
    fami:y ;
    (4) “authb’dzed officer” means any Gizttted Qfiwf
    authorized by tho Government by notiflation to ~xordw
    the powers confbped 011, mid dischargethe dutlea imposed
    upon, the authorized officer under this Act for such
    area as may be specified in the notification ; \
    (S)”‘Govarnment?’ means the State Government ;
    (6) ”kudi~p~u”means the site of any dwelling
    house or hut occupied, either as tenant or as licensee, by
    any agriculturistoragricultural labourer and includes such
    otfier area adiawnt to-the dwelling house or hut as maybe
    necessary far-the convenient enjoyment of such dwe$ng
    house or hut ; ,
    Explanation.–It shall be presumed that an y
    person occupying the kudiyiruppu is anagriculturallab,
    er or an agriculturist, until tht?contrary is proved:
    (7) tenant” means any persOn who has paid or has
    agreedtopay rent or other cons id era tic^ forhis being allowed
    by another to e~j;; :k ‘and of the latter under a tenancy
    agreembnt, express or implied, and includes his heirs and
    lega! representatives.
    Pawns 3. 1[(1) Save as otherwise provided in this Act, no
    Occupyi person occupying any kudiyi:uppu shall be evicted from
    such kudiyiruppu.

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