Dangerous Drugs, Concurrent List, Void

An Act to supplement th; ‘[Tamil Naduj
Prohibition Act, 1937.
WHEREASin Criminal Revision Cases Numbers 1052,
1053 and 1054of 1940 on its file, the Hlgh Ccurt of
Judicature at Madras has decided that section 4 (])(a)
11) Abkari Act, 1886,-
and is ~onsequeKt7-y
y sub-section (2)
AND WHEREAS it is necessary to rectify the defect
disclosed by the judgment of the High Court in the
cases referred to above ;
AND WHEREAS it is also necessary to protect the 2rStatr:
Government], officers of theSICentralor State Govern-
ment], and authorities and persons acting under the
orders of the ‘[State Government] or of such officers,
1 These words were substituted for the word “Madras” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Or r, 1969, as amended by the
TBrnil Nadu Adapetlon of Laws second Amendment) Order,
1969, which came intoforce on the 14thJanuary 1969.
9 These words were substituted for tho words “Provincial Oovrrn-
mentwby theAdaptation(Am0ndment) Order of 1950.
‘Theso words were substituted for the word “Crown” by ibicl.
words were substituted for tho words “said Government”
I*from 1iaFlit-y is fespyt !of.anytQag, in,g$~d,failh
ordered or done or purporting &-have been’ drtlered
or done under the provisions of the said,Prohiption
Act ;
i[It is hereby enacted as follows :-I
shott title. 1. This Act may be called the YTamil Nada]
Prohibition (Supplementary) Act, 1941.
atTamil NaJul
Act toapply

  1. The provisions ofthe “Tamil Nadul Prohibition 2(Tanri]
    Act, 1937 (hereinafrer referred to as the said Act), in Nadul
    to main reglrd to intovicaiing drugs shall appIy to every1937.
    intoxicating drug astherein defined although such drug
    may a,lio be a dangerous drug. ,
    Indemnity. 3. No suit or other legal proceeding whatsoever,
    whether civil or Criminal, shall lie in any Court of law
    ag’inst the 3[Statej Government, any officer of the
    ‘[Central or Srnte Crovernment] or any authority or
    pmon acting under the orders ofthe “State Govern-
    lnent] or of any such officer, for or in respect of any act,
    rnstter or thing in good faith ordered or dont or
    purporting to have been ordered or done under the
    provisions of the said Act before thc commencement
    of thi5 Act. on the gro~~~ld that such act, matter or
    thing \va5 inexcess of the powers confB~.redbv the law
    :I, then in forcc, if the sailze could lawfully be ordered
    or done under the iaid Act after the conlnlencemcnt of
    this Act.

1 These words were substituted for the paragraph containing tile
enacting formula and the paragraph preceding that paragraph by
swtion 5 of the Tamil Nadu Re-enacting and Repealing (No. I) Act,
1948(Tamil Nadu Act VIL of 1948).
a Thew words wore substituted for the word “Madras9+ by th3
Tanti1 Nadv Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amertdad by t11J
TmnilNadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
9 This wo d was substituted for the word “Provincial” by tbe
Adaptation drder of 1950,
.a ,, ,?These,\ysrds wem substituted,fy the words “Crown” by tbid.
words were sabstitutdfor the words :’sitid Government”.

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