Repealing and Amending Act

AnAct to repeal certaia, enactments and to amend certain
other enactments.
W~REASit is expedient that the enactments specified in
the~irstSchedulewhich have in consequenceof theformation
of tbe State of Andhra and tlie recrganisation of Stiltes,
ceaiedto be i n force inthe 3[St ate of Tamil Nadu],..should be
form;?llydeclared to be no part of,thelaws in force inthe
3[State of Trmil Nadu];
ANDV~IEREASit is further exped.ient t liat ihe enactments
spegified int he Second Schedule which are spent 01 ,’hay&’
otherwise becomepnnecessary, dihave ceased to be in fdice
qther~isethgn by expressed’sPecific %peal, should*'”?e
expressly.t. and sperific%lly repea. ed. ;
AND WHEREAS it is also expedient that cetl ain amend-
ments should be made in the enactmeots specified in the
Third’Schedule ;
BBit enacted in the &gnu Year of the Republic of India
as follows :- 6;,

  1. This Act nlify bercalled tvh~be.lpa @1 Nadu] Repeeling Short tit
    and Amending Act, 1957.

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