Local Area, Local Authority, Market Area, Market Committee, Registered
Wholesale Trader, Sale, Specified Commodity

‘Refollowing Act of tlie Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly receivd Wm11t ofthe
I’wiw’daatoa the 23rd ‘August 1996 and ib hereby published f& generirl-hf-& :-
;& – .. An rddrr(ol~igIfl~e’~’~h~~locatloh .of markst areas and wholesa&’ $brk&k ‘-in’ r&ecl,
of specified comnrudities in the Madras Merropolit~n ~lanni& ‘ c3d ‘
olikw; loen1 areas and to establislz ntarht ccrnmittee~ to manage andjconrrd
diqct~nttnarkcts cslablished in! clifferenr1 .mark~r areps for,different’, specifid
ebmhr6’diti~saria to provide for matters connected therewith or incidcnral bhe~:Iro.
..i ,:,
AND WHEREAS i~ view of such congestion and consequent, traffic, it is
necessary in the public interest-to de”co&ii cert&ri of kuch:dfe$s an& to shift
paving way for, planned development of such areas and better public health ;
” .J .
as many commercial activities as possible to placei outside ku6h’ parts:
.& ,,., 11,. .. ..
,. ,-‘
B~itenacted by the Legislative Asseinbly of the State of Tamil Nadu id the Fortv-
seventh Year of the Republic of India as Pollows :-


, * -. . ” . – , d . 1 . < .commoaOe.r .i .. ,. (3) It shall come into force in the Madras Metrcpolitan Planning Area at once and in any other local area, on such date as the Governmentnay, by notifi- cption, appoint and different dates may be appointed for different IocaI areas. ,. ‘, .* 1 CHAPTER-11. ‘ I 2U.l (2) “ChleY Adbiriiitrative OWcer” means the Chief ~dminirtrativeOfiacr L- I,. . t I .’. of 3. market cominitiee appointed by the Government under section 29 ; (3) “Government”, .a,. , . -,I .means . a=the- ‘st& .Goyepgent g”,, , #I ‘ t,.I .1– , ‘ . ‘ .,1, .;. *A. .,’ ..> I-
(g) any otbcr ,Municipal Corpsratien that may be constituted under ally
law for the time b&hgin force, or
(5) Uloorrl Qufhorily” mapa+ : ,;.
(b)the Municipal Corporations of Maduni, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli,
‘Iirunelveli, Salem or aay other Municipal Cerporation constitutedundct any law

fer the time being in
(10) regis-. wb~k99ki&2;t9.’ m~a.6a wh~ltsdetrader whose name
isjor the time being. registemd, in .the sscgistcp,un&rstction 20; ,,.

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