Existing Law, Transferred Territory

Act to extend certain Iavgs to the traosferreil territory
in the 3[State of Tamil Na,du].
India as follows :-
‘ 1.(1) ThisAct may becalled the 1 Tamil&du] (Trans- Short t
ferred Tqritory) Ex
IThese words were substiiuted for the word “Madrasy’ by
the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as arnendedbk
the Tamil ~aduAdaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
8 his expressionwas substituted for the expression ‘c State of
Madras 9′ by th~Tamil Nadu Adaptation of ~WOrder, S 1969,.as
by the Tamil Nadu Maptation of Laws (Second Amend- ,
ment) Order, 1969.ent
(TrMsftrcd Ttrrftory) [I957 : T.N. Act XXIl
&~ten,rionof Laws

  1. So muchofthe enactmentsspecifiedinthe khedule
    as is infotce oxl the date of the comegcement of this Act
    in the l[Stat e of Tamil Nadu] except in the transferred
    territory and relates to matters dth respect to which the
    State Legistature has power to make laws for the State is
    hereby extended to, and shallbe in force in, the transferred
    tion of 4. (1) Any reference in any enactment specified in the
    Scheduleto 4 law which is not in force in the transferred
    territory shall,in relation tothat t erritory, be construed
    as a reference to the corresponding law, if any, in force
    in that Lerritmy.
    (2) Any referencein anyexis~inglaw which continues
    to be inforceinthetransfeaedterritory aftert he commence-
    ment of this Act to any law repealed by section 6 shall, in
    relationto that territory, be construed as a referencetothe
    enac-t specified in the Schedule corresponding to tke
    law so repealed..
    ructiondf 5. Any reference, by whstever form of words, in any
    nces to existing law to any authority competent at the date ofthe
    authorities passing of tat law t o exercise any powers or dis~hge
    authorities *ere new have a113functionsin thc transferred territory shall, where a
    been constltuted corresponding new authority has been co~stituted by or
    derany enactment now extended t o the transferred
    I erritory, have effec: as is? it were a refer :ricero r hat new
    Repeal of 6. If,immediateTy befarethe commencement of this Act,
    emresponding there is in forcein the triiwfb~2 i!. *::
    r:torl any Act, Ordi-

Savingt .

nance,Proclamation, regulation, order,by-law, rule or other
law correspondirgt anenactmen1specifiedinthe Schedule
wh3ther such Act, 01dimnce, Proclamation, regulation,
order, by-law, rule or other law is in force by virtue of
Section119 of the StatesReorganisation Act, 1956(Central
Act 37 of 1956) cr by virtue of any other legislative power,
such corresponding law shall, upon the commencement cf
this Act, stand repealed to the extent o which the law
relatest0 matterswith respect towhich the State Legisla-
t ure has power to make laws far the Statel.

  1. (1) The repeal by section 6 ofthis Act of any cones-
    ponling existing in^ sllall .not aEect-

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