The Collector, Person Interested, Public Purpose, Waste Land

Atr Act m provide for the requkitionitlg atzd tirili~~iort of rvutebt~rls.
WHEREASi t isexpedient lo providc for rhcrcquisitioningofwaste lands
for certainpublicpurposes wirh a vicw to bct tcr utilization[hereofand also
lo provide for certain orher rnalrcrs connected therewilh;
11 is hereby enacled as follows:-

  1. (1) This ACLmay becalIed the Westc Lands (Requisilioning and Shon rirlc.
    Udlization) Act, 1952.
    (2) 11 cxtends to the whole of West Bengal.
    (3) It shall come inro Ibrcc on such date? as the Srare Govcrnrncnr
    may. by nolificalion in hcOflcial Gazette, appoinl.
    cxtcnt and
  2. ln this Acl, unless Ihcrc is anyfiing repugnant in the subjecr or Iklinilions.
    (1) “thc Collec~or”used in rcladon ro any waste land means [he
    Collector of the diskicl wilhin which ~hcwatc land is
    situatcd and includes any officer, nor below lhc rank oi a
    SubdivisiondMagismle,-‘appointedby hcSratcGovcrnmenl
    tocarry out all or any ofthe Funclionsof a Colleclor undcr this
    (2) “person inlcrcsted” used in reladon lo any wasle land means
    any person having any intcrcst in the waleland measurable
    inmoney, which is prejudiciallyalkctedby therequisitioning
    or heutilization of the waste land undcrthis Acr;
    (3) “prescribcd” mcans prescribed by rules madc undcr this Act;
    (4) “publicpurpose”meansa purposehaving,orbcingconnected
    wirh, any orthe followjng objects. namely:-
    (a) the production ot food crops (including Iruils and
    vegetables), fish, poultry, milk and milk-praducu;
    ‘Legislarive Papers.-For S~rcmcntof Objec~md Rcxons. Jetthc Cal~~tl~ Cuzcrre.
    Er~raorJhuv,dacd [he lWFcbruary, 1951. PI.IV,page 186:for pmcccdinps ofhcWcst
    Bcngal Lcgisla~iveAssembly, we rhc pmceedin~sDIhemmtings of the Wcst Bcngal
    LcgislltliveAssembly hcld on [he 22nd February. 1951 and hr:13th md 191hMarch, 1952.
    ‘This Acl cmeinlolorcconthc Is1 June, 1952.vidcN01ifiu~ionNo.8776L,.RcT..datcd
    the tJrhMny, 1951,publishcd intheCnlcvrfaGa:crle, dnrcd the74rhMily. 1952. Pw
    ]For notificationrelating to appoinunenl ofthe Subdivisiond Olficer, Sadar, Birbhem,
    rocmy wi all the funnionsof aCollcc~orunderlheAct,~eenolificalionNo. 11298L, Rcf.,
    dated blh Junc. 1959,published in thc Calculw Gazerre of 1959, Pan I, page 2312.The Wasre Lorrds (Reqrrisirio~zi~zgarld Urilizariot~)Act, 1952.
    [West Den. Act
    (6) excavaring, enlarging, deepening or damming any
    beel, buur, tank or ohcr walcr area or consmucling,
    srrenglhening, enlarging or improving any blr~idor
    embankrncnt for purposcs of inigarion or drainagc or
    fish produclion;
    (c) the composring of refuse or the prcparalion ofany form
    of manure;
    (d) theeslablishmentofseed ~amsorplantnrfish n~rscrics;
    (e) any olher objec~which [he Slate Government may, by
    noliiication in thc OflcialGazette,declarc csscntial for
    thc improvcmcnt of agnculturc or piscicuIture;
    (5) “waste land” means any land classifjed in Ihe record-or-
    righls published under the Bengal Tenancy Ac!, 1885, as vrlr or
    tlrrrarl pafir, prrmrarr patif, hyek parit, gor Iuyek parir or lsg5,
    layek jrrrrgal and includes any land or water area which,
    in he opinion of he Slale Government, has no1 been
    adequately used For the production of crops or Fish for a
    conlinuous pcriod exceeding two years bul does noL include
    land, Forming par1 of ” * * * any homestead,
    fmhousc,burning orburial ground orany placc of worship.
    E.rp1urrariorr.-ReCcrences to any wasle land shall be
    conslrued 10 mcan [hat land cvcn if il ccascs to bc wasre land
    as a resul~of requisihoning and utilization under tlis Acl.

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