There are many scenarios during your travels that you do not want to submit a dummy hotel bookings for visa. Maybe you are unsure of your visa approval and do not want to risk so much money or your trip may be tentatively planned and you need a temporary hotel booking just for your visa. This article show you how you can make one using the easiest way, FlightGen App

Generally, the visa consulate will need you need to submit a proof of accommodation. This can be either a hotel or hostel booking, rental agreement, an invitation letter from your friend or relative who is hosting you. But in this article we are only going to focus on making dummy hotel bookings

With FlightGen App, you can make not only hotel but also temporary flight bookings (Hence the name).

  • Instant generation of flight itinerary & hotel bookings
  • Choose your own flight and hotel and get pricing in your own currency (very important !!)
  • The cheapest option, when compared to other sites where they charge close to $20 per booking (just $10 for unlimited flight & hotel itineraries).
  • No extra payment to add co-applicants

How do I make dummy hotel bookings for visa?

All you will need to do is download the FlightGen app, and the process is very easy. Simply create an account (you can sign in using Apple or Google SiginIn) and after that you will have two options (at the time of this writing) choose Create Hotel booking and after that enter your travel dates and location.

You can also select the currency for your bookings, this adds more trust in your bookings when you make it in your native currency.

Now, wait for 30 seconds, your hotel list will load. Choose the hotel that you will probably stay at once your visa is approved. (Try to match your future bookings with your current dummy booking.)

Next enter all the guest names in the itinerary make sure the name is the same as in passport. Click on Book Itinerary

Within 10 seconds, your dummy hotel booking for visa will be generated, now you can complete payment and download your booking.

There are 3 payment options in the app

  • Single hotel booking : If you want just 1 hotel booking, then use this option
  • Monthly Subscription : This allows you to make unlimited flight & hotel bookings for as long as you are subscribed.
  • 24Hours : This plan allows you to make unlimited flight & hotel bookings for the next 2 days (as existing customers have asked for a longer duration, the 24-hour plan has been extended to 48 hours).

Choose the package that makes most sense for you and download your dummy hotel booking.

5 Reasons to make dummy hotel bookings for visa purposes

Potential financial loss in the event of visa denial

There is no assurance that your visa will be guaranteed, and it is possible for your visa to be rejected or invalidated entirely as a result of the pandemic. Engaging in a substantial commitment without assurances of visa approval is unwise. If an emergency arises, it is advisable to reserve a return flight and return to your home country. Therefore, it is unwise to make a hotel booking for the entire duration of your trip just for the purpose of obtaining a proof of accommodation certificate.

There is a lack of flexibility in altering your travel itinerary.

IBooking all the accommodations for your journey in advance might limit your ability to travel with flexibility. Suppose you desire to extend your stay in Berlin by one more day? Unfortunately, it is not possible as you have already made a reservation for a stay in Amsterdam and other locations. From the viewpoint of a traveler, it is highly logical to make reservations for the initial three days of your journey and arrange further accommodations as you proceed.

Diminishes the amount of money in your bank account

When traveling to Europe, it is necessary to demonstrate that you possess a minimum of EUR 80 (ideally EUR 100) per day of your stay. Failure to present evidence of pre-booked flights and accommodations may result in visa rejection. It is prudent to finalize your bookings only when your visa has been issued.

Follow the path dictated by your heart

Tt is important to note that making all your travel bookings without careful planning is not advisable. What if you desire to prolong your journey by an additional 5 days? Regrettably, it is not possible to deviate from the specified duration stated in the cover letter as the Schengen visa is exclusively granted for the mentioned period.

The visa is only valid for the days shown in your travel schedule.

A prevalent fallacy is that the Schengen visa is granted for a duration of 90 days, which is factually incorrect. The visa will contain an expiration date and specify the maximum duration of your stay as indicated in your itinerary. Therefore, it is prudent to allocate an additional period of 5 days before and after your vacation to provide you with the necessary flexibility while devising your travel itinerary. Our hotel reservations will assist you in attaining the same outcome.

Are there any additional details I should be aware of regarding the evidence of accommodation for a Schengen Visa?

Additionally, you must provide documentation to verify your financial resources for the duration of your visit. Your proof of accommodation is crucial and can impact the necessary cash for a successful visa application. Hence, it is crucial to securely save and have readily available reservation documents when attending the interview.