Germany welcomes a huge number of tourists visit every year including Indians. According to a study, 31366 Germany visa from Bangalore were issued in the year 2018.

In fact, Germany is also one of the Schengen countries. Meaning, you can visit any of the Schengen countries with your Germany Schengen visa. So what are you waiting for? Get your Germany visa from Bangalore with a 100% cashback on your visa fee only at Blinkvisa!

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Germany Schengen Visa from Bangalore

German visa for tourism is also known as a German Schengen visa. As Germany is a part of the Schengen zone, you can visit any of the other 25 Schengen countries along with Germany.

Applying for a German visa from Bangalore is very easy as one of the German consulate offices is nestled in the garden city. The Germany visa application process involves furnishing your original passport at the consulate. Once, the visa is processed, the passport is either couriered to the address provided by the applicant or the applicant may collect it from the consulate.

Germany Visa Cashback

Schengen Visa countries

Schengen visa countries

The countries in the Schengen zone signed a treaty enabling them to travel visa-free to the other Schengen countries. Moreover, the Schengen visa eligible countries may travel to any of the Schengen countries for tourism using a single Schengen visa.

That being said, as Germany falls in the Schengen Area, the visa is referred to as a Germany Schengen visa. Thus, when you apply for a Germany visa, you can visit the other Schengen countries too. Provided, these countries are stated in your travel itinerary.

How to Apply for Germany Visa from Bangalore?

Typically, it takes 10 to 15 days to process the visa post the interview date. Moreover, the German Consulate is very stringent where the German visa requirements are concerned. Thus, applying for a Germany visa for Tourism or for Business with expert assistance eases the strenuous steps involved.

Germany visa Bangalore

Visit: Germany Schengen Tourist Visa

Germany Business Visa

Visit: Germany Schengen Business Visa

Steps involved in applying for a Germany Schengen visa

  1. Choose the Schengen visa type (Germany Schengen Visa – tourist or business)
  2. Fill the application form
  3. Sort the documents in order
  4. Visit the VFS office to submit the application and documents
  5. Provide biometric data and face the visa interview
  6. Receive your Germany visa by courier

Making a mistake in any of these steps may lead to visa rejection. Considering this fact, at Blinkvisa, we offer you expert assistance at every step of the application process. In addition to the assistance, we also do offer 100% cashback on your visa fee.

Germany visa fees in Bangalore

Germany visa fees Bangalore

Germany visa price for different age groups

  • For individuals aged 12-years and above – INR. 7680
  • For individuals in between the ages of 7 to 12-years – INR 4430
  • For children under 6-years – No visa fee applies

Note: You will get a 100% cashback on your Germany tourist and business visa.

To understand the cashback or how it works, you must first learn about the steps involved in the application.

  1. Click on the ‘Book Appointment’ button
  2. Provide us with your basic information (name, email, number of applicants, etc.)
  3. Make the initial payment of INR 500 and get a cashback of INR 7680 as Blinkcash
  4. Use the Blinkcash for flight tickets, hotel stay, activities, etc on our portal
  5. Submit the application, attend the interview
  6. Receive your Germany visa pasted on your passport after 10 to 15 working days

How does cashback work?

As soon as you make the initial payment of INR 500, you will receive the complete cashback on your visa fee. Using this cashback, you can unlock attractive discounts on flight tickets, hotel bookings, activities in Germany on our Blinkvisa portal.

What are the Germany Visa Requirements?

schengen visa requirements

Additional requirements for Germany business visa

  • A cover letter issued by the company you are representing sealed and signed by the authoritative personnel
  • An invitation letter from the host company stating the purpose and duration of your visit.

For more information, visit Germany Schengen Business Visa

Importance of a travel itinerary for German visa

The validity of the visa and the status of approval is determined by the Germany travel plan, which you submit along with your visa application. Thus, a travel plan or itinerary plays an important role or rather a deciding role in visa approval.

At Blinkvisa, we also provide you with a handpicked travel plan to match your requirements and travel preferences. And the best part, you get at no additional cost.

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Pro Tips on How to Face Schengen Visa Interview

  • Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time.
  • Only applicants, caregivers and those accompanying children under 18 years of age may enter the Visa Application Centre.
  • You are to carry a printed copy of your visa application.
  • An applicant has to submit all the other supporting documents (originals and copies) along with the passport
  • Pay the visa fee at the Visa Application Centre (VFS)
  • Provide biometric data (fingerprints and photograph).
  • In case you miss your appointment on the scheduled day, you will need to book a new appointment after 24 hours from your original appointment date.
  • If the applicant is below 18 years, he/she must be accompanied by an adult.

Common German visa interview questions

  1. Who will pay for your visit?
  2. Are you married? If yes, what does your spouse do? For how long have been married?
  3. Do you have any children? If yes, how old are they, what do they do and where are they?
  4. Do you have any close family or friends in the Schengen area? If yes, when did you meet the last time?
  5. Where do you stay?
  6. What is your educational qualification?
  7. How will you travel from one place to another?
  8. How do you guarantee me that you will come back?
  9. Which company do you work for?
  10. What does your company do?
  11. What is your profession?
  12. For how long are you employed with your current employer?
  13. Could you please show me your company profile?

Biometrics for Germany Visa

The first-time Schengen visa applicants must provide biometrics. In the case where you have already been to a Schengen visa country at any date after the 2nd of November 2015, you may not provide biometrics. Also, in the case of multiple applicants, all the individuals must provide except for children under 12-years of age.

Note: Once given, your biometrics is valid for 59 days. 

Germany Visa FAQs

1. I am travelling to multiple Schengen countries. Which country Schengen visa must I choose?

It depends on the country you arrive to or the one where you will spend the maximum number of days.

2. What is the maximum stay period with my Germany visa?

For every entry you make, you can stay for a maximum of 89 days. However, it is imperative to remember that the validity of the Schengen visa is up to 6 months, which is determined by your travel plan.

3. We are a family of three applying for Germany visa. Can I represent my family during the visa interview?

Every applicant in the family must make an appointment for the interview and attend the same in person.

4. Is my Germany visa fee refundable?

Any fee paid to the Embassy or VFS is non-refundable. However, only at Blinkvisa, we provide a 100% cashback on your visa, which is akin to a refund. Nevertheless, you cannot encash this cashback, but you can use 10% of the Blinkcash to buy air tickets, hotel reservations, activities, etc.