Applying to a visa for business purposes such as meetings, training and other business engagements in a different country ? You may need to submit an invitation letter for business visa containing the details such as travel dates, trip agenda and other facts of your trip.
But what should you add in an invitation letter ? What is the format of a perfect business invitation letter that highlights all the facts of your trip to the visa officer? . This articles will show how you can make one for your own visa purposes in just 5 minutes !!.

FlightGen allows you to not only make a business invitation letter but also other supporting documents such as flight itinerary, hotel bookings, cover letter in under 5 minutes.

All you need to do is answer 10 questions about the trip and at the end you will be given a well formatted invitation letter for your business visa in pdf format.

Download the sample Invitation Letter created using FlightGen app.

What is an Invitation Letter for a Business Visa Application?

A Business Invitation letter (sometimes called as sponsorship or visa invitation letter) is a document that is written by the inviting company on behalf of the invitee (or an employee representing the inviting company) to the visa consulate to grant visa.
A well defined invitation letter should contain travel dates, travel agenda, where the invitee will be hosted as well as the agenda of the trip.

Note: All invitation letter must be written the inviting company’s perspective and not the invited person. it must be as if the host is talking to the consulate on behalf of the applicant.

An invitation letter can also be your sponsorship letter, provided you mention clearly who is responsible for the trip expenses such as flight, hotel, accommodation & other expenses of the trip, whether it is the inviting or the invited company.

FlightGen invitation letters can be used as sponsorship letters on your own.

Who must Write the Invitation Letter for Business Visa? The host or the Invitee?

Assume you need Invitation Letter for a US visa, it must be written by the host as if he/ she is speaking to the consulate on behalf of the invitee asking the visa officer to approve his/her visa application.

The host must meet specific criteria to ensure the validity of the invitation letter. These criteria include:

  • Host must be legally registered in the host’s company where the invitation is being extended.
  • Host must provide legal address of the company.
  • Letter must be written on the company letter head with signature/ seal of approval on behalf of the company.
  • Must provide address of where the invitee will be hosted.

What are the Details to include in Invitation Letter for Business Visa Application ?

A well formatted invitation letter must include the following information:

  1. Host’s Company Information
    • Legal name of the company
    • Registration or business identification number if applicable.
    • Representative of the host company ‘s Name, Contact details, and Designation
    • Signature or seal of approval on the letter
  2. Applicants Information
    • Applicant’s Name , Contact information, Designation, and Relation with host company
    • Legal name of the company
    • Passport
    • Nationality
  3. Duration of stay and Travel Itinerary
    • A Tentative Trip Agenda covering the planned activities.
  4. Financial support and supporting documents
    • Who is bearing the expense of the trip such as flight, hotel insurance &meals the host or the invitee

How to make an Invitation Letter for Business Visa Application ?

There are two ways to create your Invitation Letter

  1. Using FlightGen app – Download the Business Invitation letter sample created using the app.
  2. If you do not want to get your invitation letter in 5 minutes the easiest way, scroll down at the end of Article to see a sample Business Invitation Template and write it yourself.

Follow the steps to use FlightGen App to create your Invitation Letter

Download FlightGen App

The first step is to download the app, you can click the download button below and the app will be download , the button will automatically take you to either PlayStore or AppStore, depending on your mobile OS .

Next step would be to create an account in the app as this allows you to save your progress when making an invitation letter.

Select Create Invitation Letter option

There are several options within the FlightGen App. But to make an invitation letter for business visa purposes select “Create invitation letter” option.

create invitation letter for visa
Select Create invitation letter for tourist visa

Pick Invitation Letter for Business Visa option

You can create two types of invitation letter in FlightGen

  • Invitation letter for business visa
  • Invitation letter for tourist or visitor visa

We will be clicking on “Invitation letter for Business” option since we are making a business invitation letter.

Pick Invitation for tourist/visitor visa option for invitation letter
Select Invitation Letter for Business

Click on “Create Business Invitation Letter”

Normally, if you have created any letters before, you can see them in this list. But since we are going to be creating a new one, click on “create business invitation letter ” option.

Click invitation letter

We are now in the invitation letter wizard, where you will be adding your information and click on next at the end of which your invitation letter is generated for you.

Add your personal information

We need to include the visa applicant’s information in this section, If the consulate wants to get in touch with you for additional information, this is how they will be able to find you.

For an invitation letter for business visa, we need to add personal information such as:

  • Name as in passport
  • Passport number of the visa applicant
  • email Id of the visa applicant (or of the guardian)
  • phone number
  • Nationality of the visa applicant
Add personal Information

Add consulate information in your Invitation Letter

Remember an invitation letter is written to the consulate with whom you are applying for your visa, therefore we need to formally address them. For example, if you are applying for a Germany business visa, the details to add in your letter is:

  • The name of the consulate (Consulate of Germany)
  • The address of the consulate (can be found on Google)

Also, if you are applying for Europe visa, then the type of visa you will need is called the Schengen visa, so select that option as well if you are doing so.

Add consulate address

Add Inviter company information

Next, we will be providing the information of the inviter company that resides in the host country. The consulate may contact them to verify the authenticity of the invitation letter so it is necessary to provide the contact person in the company, typically the HR or the travel coordinator.

The details to include would be:

  • Invitee company business name
  • contact person in the host company
  • contact number
  • email of the host company (must be in the domain of the invitee)
Inviter company information

Add Invitee company information

Provide the information of your company, that has been invited to visit. If you are an individual then leave this field empty. Your visa process would be easier if you have a long working relationship between the inviter and the invitee company.

Details to include in this would be:

  • Enter invitee company name
  • Designation of the representing invitee
  • Previous working relationship between the companies (if any)
  • Trip start date and end dates.
  • Total duration of the trip.
Invtee company information

Add travel Agenda in the Invitation Letter for Business Visa

The most important part of an invitation is “Why is this travel mandatory ?”, can’t this be done remotely ?. The consulate needs a concrete reason why a personal visit is needed in the age of Zoom calls. So you need to provide a full travel agenda for this meeting.

Travel agenda is a tentative plan that describes the purpose of your visit. It is recommended that you add an agenda for atleast 60% of the days of the trip. Here is a sample agenda that can be used to write your own. 

  • 12 Jan : Meet the management team and present the powerpoint presentation of growth plan for 2024.
  • 14 Jan : Get training on the new software for manufacturing plant. 
  • 15 Jan : Get training on the new software for manufacturing plant. 
  • 16 Jan : Prepare training material that is to be taken back to India to train peers.
  • 17 Jan : Prepare training material that is to be taken back to India to train peers.
  • 18 Jan : Attend team lunch and be introduced to the team members who are working on the new project.
  • 19 Jan: Visit the Production line of the upcoming products 
  • 20 Jan : Training on production line optimizing tool.
  • 30 Jan : Fly back to India
Add travel agenda or business schedule

Add expense bearer of the trip

Who is bearing the expenses of the trip ? Is it the host company or the invited company. Or is the visa applicant going to bear the expenses himself/herself and apply for the reimbursement ? . This must be part of every invitation letter .
For some visas, you will be asked to submit a sponsor letter, but in our case invitation letter itself is a sponsor letter, since are providing the acknowledgement of sponsorship for the trip within the letter.

Trip Expense Bearer

Create Invitation Letter

Now all that is left to do is select the terms and conditions and click on “create letter” and in a few seconds your invitation letter is created.
Please note : An invitation letter is only valid if it is sealed and signed and printed on the letterhead of the inviter company.

Download invitation letter

Sample Invitation letter for Business Visa

The output of the wizard is an invitation letter in pdf format is as below. You need to get it signed, sealed and must be printed by the inviter company.

Here is the sample business letter of invitation for visa

How to get a Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa?

Writing an invitation letter for a Schengen visa follows same principles as explained above , however you can get a detailed explanation here Invitation letter for Schengen visa.