Undoubtedly Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world worth visiting at least once. While it is a treat to the eye, it is also one of the Schengen countries. And, amazingly, this enables one to visit the other Schengen countries using their Switzerland Schengen Visa. As Bangalore nestles one of the VFS Global Offices, apply or a Switzerland visa from Bangalore becomes easier. And, with the added 100% cashback advantage only at Blinkvisa, you will get value for your money!

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A Brief on Switzerland Visa from Bangalore

Typically, a Switzerland visa is a Switzerland Schengen Visa. Meaning, using this visa, you can also visit any of the other Schengen countries. While a Schengen Visa cost may go up to INR 7690, at Blinkvisa you will receive a 100% cashback on your Switzerland visa from Bangalore.

Switzerland Visa Cashback

Switzerland Schengen Visa Bangalore

Earlier, we stated that the visa to Switzerland is a Switzerland Schengen visa, which is also a sticker visa. Thus, you need to submit your passport along with the other documents to get the visa. Also, the visa interview is mandatory, which would take place at the Bangalore branch of VFS.

The Blinkvisa advantage

At Blinkvisa, we make necessary arrangements for the pick-up and scrutiny of your documents leaving no stone unturned to increase the chances of your visa approval.

Switzerland Schengen Visa at a Glance

Switzerland visa Bangalore

Visit: Switzerland Schengen Tourist Visa

Switzerland Business Visa

Visit: Switzerland Schengen Business Visa

Switzerland visa fee

Switzerland visa price breakup

  • For individuals aged 12-years and above – INR. 7680
  • For individuals in between the ages of 7 to 12-years – INR 4430
  • For children under 6-years – No visa fee applies

Note: An added advantage is the 100% cashback on all your visas. Needless to say, you will get a 100% cashback on your Switzerland visa too!

Switzerland visa Bangalore fees

How does cashback work?

The cashback is credited in your Blinkwallet account as the Blinkcash. And, using this Blinkcash, you get attractive discounts on travel-related expenses right from flight tickets to travel activities through the Blinkvisa portal.

Here is one such example

Switzerland flight tickets with Blinkvisa

While the difference in the flight ticket price, when bought with Blinkcash, is unbelievably low, it also applies to hotel reservations and activities.

Note: The actual price may vary based on present rates.

5 Simple Steps to Get Switzerland Visa from Bangalore

Getting a Switzerland Schengen visa is not very easy as the visa application is quite a lengthy one. Moreover, the list of documents needs careful scrutiny. As a result, the number of rejected Schengen visa is pretty high.

Needless to say, at Blinkvisa, we aim to increase the chances of your visa approval. Thus, we have a few simple steps outlined to provide you with a better understanding of the application process.

Step 1- Registration and booking appointment

The first step getting your Switzerland visa Bangalore involves registration.

  1. Visit www.blinkvisa.com
  2. Book appointment on your preferred date, time and location.
  3. Mention your contact details, travel plan
  4. Make a payment of INR 1000 to complete registration and immediately receive a cashback of INR 7680.
  5. Get the appointment booking confirmation in email.

Step 2: Complete Your Application

The next step of your visa application is completing the visa application form. Here is where you will get 100% assistance from our visa experts. Visa assistants will collect your passport and other necessary documents. They will fill the form on your behalf.

A Schengen visa application form is nearly 10 pages long and requires a vast quantity of data. We will download the filled form once you confirm the data to be correct in the form. If you are applying for a Schengen visa for the first time, you will have to apply in person. But in case you are a returning visitor, we will submit the application form on your behalf.

So, what are the Schengen visa required documents?

List of mandatory documents

  • Original Passport with at least six months validity a minimum of two empty pages
  • Duly filled and signed Switzerland visa application form
  • Two latest passport-sized colour photographs with a matte or semi-matte finish, 80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm).
  • Personal covering letter with entire travel plan
  • Original updated Bank Statements for the last 3 months with bank attestation (Printout is not acceptable without the bank seal on it.)
  • Income Tax Returns / Form 16 for last three years
  • Confirmed Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel itinerary (crucial for visa approval)

Additional requirements for Switzerland business visa

  • A cover letter issued by the company you are representing sealed and signed by the authoritative personnel
  • An invitation letter from the host company stating the purpose and duration of your visit.

Did you know?

Blinkvisa is not only for your Switzerland visa, we also deliver a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you have an amazing trip.

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Additional Documents

  • If you are employed
  1. Original leave sanction certificate
  2. Salary slip of the last 3 months.
  • For self-employed applicants
  1. Business Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed/GST certificate/IT returns
  2. Company’s updated bank statement of last 3 months
  3. IT returns of the company for the last 3 years
  • If retired
  1. Original pension pay order certificate
  2. bank statement for the last 6 months if you are retired from a private company
  • For students
  1. Copy of student ID card issued from the respective institution
  2. Bonafide certificates
  • For minors
  1. Birth certificate copy
  2. NOC on 100/- stamp parent from parents or the non-accompanying parent, as applicable
  3. Copy of any ID proof of parent(s)
  • If visiting a friend or relative
  1. Invitation letter
  2. Inviter’s ID passport or PR
  3. Address proof in the form of an Electricity bill, Utility bill, etc.
  • Visiting under sponsorship

Sponsorship will be required if the applicant is not having enough funds for the trip. In such cases, they can take a sponsor who is ready to take up the expenses. The applicant needs to show proof of sponsorship as follows;

  1. Sponsorship letter
  2. Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit
  3. Updated bank statement of last 3 months
  4. Income tax returns for the last 3 years.


Kindly note that you are to submit the filled application form, necessary documents along with the visa fee while applying for the visa. 

Step 4: Attend the interview

The next step of getting your Switzerland visa is attending the interview. On the d-day, ensure to reach the VFS office at least 20 minutes before your allotted time.

Note: On the same day you can give the biometrics. And, in the case of multiple applicants, all are required to attend in person.


If you are a returning visitor, you can skip the biometrics, interview, and submission of the application in person (we will apply on your behalf). However, this applies only to those applicants who have already visited any of the Schengen countries on any date after the 2nd November 2015. you don’t need to give biometrics.

Some of the common Switzerland visa interview questions

  • Who will pay for your visit?
  • Are you married? If yes, what does your spouse do? For how long have you been married?
  • Do you have any children? If yes, how old are they, what do they do and where are they?
  • Do you have any close family or friends in the Schengen area.? If yes, when did you meet the last time?
  • Where do you stay?
  • What is your educational qualification?
  • How will you travel from one place to another?
  • How do you guarantee me that you will come back?
  • Which company do you work for?
  • What does your company do?
  • What is your profession?
  • For how long are you employed with your current employer?
  • Could you please show me your company profile?

Step 5: Receive your Switzerland Visa in Bangalore

After the interview, it typically takes 10-15 working days to process your visa. You will receive your passport with the Switzerland visa sticker pasted on the blank page. It is either couriered or delivered to you if you are in Bangalore.


The bottom line is when you seek assistance for any of your Schengen visa with qualified visa agents like Blinkvisa. The process is seamless while the chances of your visa approval also increase.

Switzerland Visa FAQs

1. Where should I submit my Switzerland visa application?

The first-time travellers to any of the Schengen countries must submit the application at the VFS branch at Bangalore in person.

VFS Bangalore Address

Unit No. 302 & 303, Second Floor, Level 3, Prestige Atrium No 1, behind Palmgroove Military Canteen and opposite to Empire Hotel, Central Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore – 560001

2. How to write a cover letter for a visa application?

Typically, the cover letter for any Schengen visa must cover the following;

  • The purpose of your trip
  • When and where you intend to travel
  • How are you going to fund your trip?
  • Day-to-Day itinerary for your trip
  • Duration of the trip

3. Is biometric data is mandatory for all applicants?

It is mandatory for first-time travellers to any of the Schengen visa countries. However, when visiting for the second time, one need not provide biometrics.

Note: Applicants below 12-years of age are exempt from the biometrics.

4. What are the documents required at the immigration?

You need to present the following documents at the immigration;

  • Original passport
  • Return flight ticket Hotel bookings / Invitation letter from invitee as proof of your accommodation
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Additionally, you may be asked to provide proof of funds and other details about your travel.