Co-operative Societies, Fisheries, Fisherman Societies

[Bihar Act 22, 2010]
Preamble: – WHEREAS there is immense potential of Fishery development in the
State of Bihar,
AND WHEREAS the State Government has launched various schemes to augment
fishery production by introduction of technology and imparting training to the traditional
AND WHEREAS the policy of the State Government is to settle sairats comprised of
water bodies with traditional fisherman Co-operative Society,
AND WHEREAS it is felt necessary to reorganise the structure of Fishermen
Co-operative societies to enable better management for enhanced production which will
ultimately add to GSDP of the State,
BE it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Bihar in the Sixty One year of the
Republic of India as follows: –

  1. Short Title, Extent and Commencement.–(i) This Act may be called The Bihar
    Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act, 2010.
    (ii) It shall extend to the whole of the State of Bihar.
    (iii) It shall come into force on such day as the State Government may appoint by
    publication in official Gazette.
  2. Amendment of Section-8 of the Bihar Act, VI, 1935.– In the said Act after subsection (1a) of Section-8 a new sub-section (1b) shall be inserted as follows, namely –
    “(1b) Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in Bihar Co-operative
    Societies Act, 1935 or any other Bihar Act or rules framed thereunder or
    bye-laws of a Co-operative Society or class of Co-operative Societies or
    any order issued by the State Government or Registrar of Co-operative
    Societies, there shall be only one registered Fishermen Co-operative
    Society in a Block with its area of operation extending over the whole
    Geographical limit of the Block.”
  3. Addition of a new Section 11B after Section 11A of the Bihar Act VI of 1935.–
    In the said Act after Section 11A a new Section 11B shall be added as follows; namely
    “11B Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in any provision of Bihar
    Act VI of 1935 or any other Act, rules made thereunder and bye-laws of a
    registered Co-operative Society or class of Co-operative Societies, any
    order issued by the State Government or Registrar, Co-operative Societies,
    all existing Fishermen Co-operative Societies at block level, area of
    operation being confined to the Geographical limit of the Block shall stand
    merged in one Co-operative Society and shall be deemed to be registered
    as a new Co-operative Society under Bihar Act VI of 1935, and the
    Registrar, Co-operative Societies shall issue registration certificate.
    Provided that on such reorganisation, all members of the existing Cooperative Society or Societies registered under Bihar Act VI of 1935 or
    Bihar Self Supporting Co-operative Societies Act, 1996 shall be deemed
    to have become members of such reorganized society and shall have all
    rights and liabilities as members of the said Society.
    4 बहार गजट (असाधारण)] 30 अूील 2010
    Provided further that on such reorganisation, for managing the affairs of the
    new Society and all such affiliating Societies of which the Fishermen Cooperative Society is a member, the Registrar/Government shall constitute
    an ad hoc managing committee for a period not exceeding one year, within
    which the new managing committee shall be constituted after elections.”