Keywords : Land and Revenue, Government of Meghalaya, Assam Government

(As passed by the Assembly)
(Received the assent of the Governor on the 27th July, 1972)
[Published in the Gazette of Meghalaya, Extraordinary, dated 28th July, 1972]
to provide for the extension and application of, and to amend the Assam Land and Revenue
Regulation, 1886 (Regulation 1 of 1886) and the Meghalaya Land and Revenue Regulation
and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of Meghalaya in the Twenty-third Year of the
Republic of India as follows:-
Short title extent

  1. (1) T his A ct ma y b e c alled the M eghalaya Land and
    Revenue R egulation (Application a nd A mendment)
    Act, 1972.
    (2) It shall extent to the State of Meghalaya.
    (3) It shall come into force at once.
    Application and
    extent of the
  2. As f rom t he 21 st day o f J anuary, 1972, s uch of t he
    provision s of t he Assam Land and R evenue
    Regulation, 1886 a nd t he Meghalaya a nd Land a nd
    Revenue Regulation, the rules framed thereunder, with
    the a mendments t o w hich t hey h ave be en s ubjected
    before t he s aid day and which are for t he t ime b eing
    applicable to Meghalaya or any part thereof, shall have
    effect, subject t o the a mendments, a daptations or
    modifications hereinafter appearing.
    Amendment of the
    Assame the Assam
    Land and Revenue
  3. The A ssam Land a nd R evenue R egulation,1886
    (Regulation 1 of 188 6) s hall s tand a mended a s
    (1) For t he w ord “Assam” wherever i t oc curs, the
    word “Meghalaya” shall be substituted and for the
    words “State Government”, “Assam Government”
    or “S tate G overnment” or “S tate Government”
    wherever t hey oc cur, t he w ords “ Government o f
    Meghalaya” shall; be substituted.

Amendment of
Section 1 of the

  1. In S ection 1 of t he Assam Land a nd R evenue
    Regulation, 1886 a nd t he M eghalaya Land a nd
    Revenue R egulation , f or s ub-sections ( 1),(2) a nd ( 3)
    the following sub-section shall be substituted, namely:-
    “1. ( 1) T his R egulation m ay be c alled t he M eghalaya
    Land and Revenue Regulation.
    (2) Sections 12( 2),12(3),69,94,144A,147(a),147(b)
    with t he pr oviso ( iii), s ections
    148,149,150,151,154,154A,155 w ith t he
    exceptions of clauses (d) and (f) , sections 156 and
    157 shall apply to, and come into force at once in
    the whole of Meghalaya.
    (3) The State Government may, by notification, direct
    that a ny pr ovision of t he M eghalaya Land a nd
    Revenue R egulation, with t he a mendments t o
    which it has been subjected to immediately, before
    the 21 st day o f J anuary, 1972 s hall e xtend t o a nd
    shall come into force in the State of Meghalaya or
    any p art t hereof on such date as t he S tate
    Government m ay appoint i n t his be half a nd
    different dates may be appointed for different areas
    of the State.”
    Amendment of
    section 154 of the
  2. In the Assam Land and Revenue Regulation, 1886 f or
    section 154 the following section shall be substituted ,
    namely –
    “Matters exempted
    from cognizance of
    Civil Court.
    1. Except when otherwise expressly provided in this
      Regulation, or in rules issued under this Regulation, no
      Civil C ourt shall e xercise jur isdiction in any matter
      regarding e jectment of a ny p erson from l and ove r
      which no person has acquired the right of a proprietor,
      land-holder or s ettlement-holder a nd t he di sposal of
      any crop raised, or any building or other construction
      erected without authority on such land.”