Compulsory Basic Water-Rate, Culturable Commanded Area, Drainage Work,
Irrigation Work, Lands Under Irrigable Command, Minor Irrigation Work,
Occupier, Outlet, Owner, Staple Cereal Crop, Vessel, Water Cess, Water
Course, Water Rate

. ..
. ..
WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and – ,
amend the laws’-relatingto.irrigation,zssess.meni and ‘ . ‘ – :
levy ,of ‘water rate and cess in force in different parts
of the.’State-of Orissa; – .


It is’hereby, enacted by the Legislature of the-
State of Orissa in’the Tenth.Year’uftbe Republic
of India as fol1bivs:-
., . .
1.(I)This Act -may be called the Orissa Irrigation short title
(2).- ‘ It extends to the whole of the State of
Act, 1959. . A

  1. Section 1 shaU come into .force at once. Appljad~a
    The State Government may, by notification in the
    Official Gazette, apply2 the rest of the provisions of
    this Act, or any portion thereof to any Iocaf area or
    I. or Statement ofObjects and Reasons, see Orism Gaze~tc,Extiaordi.
    nary, dated the 4th December 1957 mo. 486) adfor Report of Seled
    Commttee see ibld, dated the 13thDeamber 1958 (No. 614).
  2. Sections 2 to.56 came into forct with effect from 1st June1961 in the
    whole ofthe State of Orisss except the area where water asks and are
    king1- under the provisions of the Bengd Xrrjprion Ad. 1876(Ben.ActUZ
    of 1876 ) and thc Madras Irrigation Cess Act, 1865 ( Mad. Act VIIof
    1863, vi& (a)jflotiiication No.24431, dated 24-51961, published intho
    Orha~arclte,Extraordinary(No. 362), dated 25-5-1961, (b)No. 35904, dated
    30-5-1963, ,(c) No.35096, dated 30-5-1963 and (4No.35098,datcd 30-5-1963,
    pnbluhed In Iht Orisra Gazeffe, Extraordinary, (No. 378) dated 30-5-1963.THBORISSAIRRIGATIONL ICT,:959
    [Or. Act 14
    to any irrigation work or class of irrigation works,
    and may also, by .z like notjficaticn sr;bsequently.
    exclude any portion of such local area or any such
    irrigation work ~r class of irrigation works from the
    operatio11of.this Act, from such date as may.bc specified
    therein. .
  3. On the date of application of this Act- or
    any portion thereof to any local ares or to any irriga-
    Kwal and
    .. tion work or class of irrisation works by a notification.
    under sectjsn 2, sxhof the ‘Acts specified.inthe Sche-
    dule and the riiles and orders made thereunder as
    were in force in the area ?o wllic’ri they spply and a11
    laws, rules 01. orders in force and applicable to
    the aruas other than those mentimed ir: the Schedule
    and now forming part of thz , State-of,Orissa shall
    in rcspeci of that area or arezs or nuy irrigation
    work or class of irrigation ivorks, stni~drcpeded:
    Provided ,that such repeal’shallnot affect-
    ((I) lhe-previous, operati& of the said Acts,
    rules and ordcrs, or anything duly done
    or suffered thereunder ;or.
    (b) any -right, privilege, obligation or liability
    acquircd, accrued or incurred under-the
    said Acts, rulcs, laws or orders; or
    (c) any pcnal~y,fc-rfeiture or gunishment in
    respect of any offence’ committed under
    the said Acts, rules, Iaws or orders; or
    (d) any investigation, legal proceedings or
    reniedy iil rcspct of any such right,
    privilege,obligation, lizbility, forfeiture or
    punishment as aforesaid, and any such
    invesji~ztion, legal proceedings or any
    action far remedy may be continued,
    enforccd or institutcd with respect to any
    ,.act previotisly donc and any such penalty,
    forreiturc or p~~nis!~me!lt may he imposed
    as if this Act or any porli~nthereof b;ld
    not come into force.

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