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  1. t 2For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Fort Sf. George
    Gazette, Part IV-,i, Extraordinary, dated the 6th November 1957,
    . page 132.
    This Act was extended to the added territories by section 3 of, and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu (Added Territories)
    Extension of Laws (No. 2) Act, 1961 (Tamil Wadu Act 39 of ,l9411 – repealing the corresponding law inforce in thoxt. territsli~~,
    *Y3 1- : 1dT. ncc 61 r J A , .c,.rrv. . vJ – . – .. . –
    National Honour.
  2. Whoever wilfully bums or desxsates or insults Burning
    mc of the Indian National Flag shall be punished with impri- hi;an
    sonment of either description for a term which may~extend to three years or with fine or with both. Flag ar
    offence. Explanation.–In this section,. “Indian ‘ Narional
    Flag” includes any pictorial representation .e . thereof. .
  3. Whoever wilfully burns or desecrates or insults any Burning
    copy or a copy of a part of the, Constitution of “India, etc*9~f the Constitution shall be punishable with imprisonment of either descri- , be act
    ption for a term which may extend to three years ‘ or of offence.
    with fine or with both,
  4. Whoever attempts to commit any offence punish- c::pts
    able .under this Act shall be deemed to have ‘committed ofiencea
    that offence. I
  5. Nothing in this Act shall exempt any person from Savi~~.
    any proceeding which mi,ght, aspart from this Act, be
    brought against him.