Keywords : Director of Ayurveda, Qualifying Examination, Recognized Institution, Unani, System of Medicine

(PUNJAB ACT NO. 38 OF 1963)

  1. Shon litle and commencemenr.
  2. Definitions.
    2-A. Construcrion of ceflain references in the Acl.
  3. Eslablishmen~ of the Faculty.
    3-A. Prvvisinns for Faculties in Punjab and Haryana.
  4. Power of Srale Government to remove mcmbers of Faculty from office in
    certain cases.
  5. Employees orthe Fncul~y.
  6. Vacancies etc. not to invalidarc proceedings of !he Faculty.
  7. Tcrrn of Offifice.
  8. Rcsignation.
  9. Vacancies.
  10. Time and place of meering of Faculty.
  11. Pracedure at meetings of F~cully.
  12. Powers and functions of the Faculty.
  13. Secretary of [he Faculty.
  14. Recognition of insliturions.
    15, QualifyingExamina~ion.
    15-A Temporary provisions in respac t of holding examinations.
    16 Conferring, granting or issuing dcgrees. diplomas or certificates hy
    unauthorised insti~udons.
  15. Byc-Laws.
  16. Rulcs.
  17. Regulations.
  18. Control of State Governmen[.
    2 1. Transitional Provisions.
    PUNJAB Am No. 38 OF 1963
    (Received rllc nssellr of the Govenror of Ptirtjab 011 rl~e 22/11 October, 1963
    ar~djrst published in the Punjub Govemmem Gazette Legislative
    S~cpplenlenf, doted the 28th October, 1963.1
    to establish a Faculty in the State of, punjab in order to impart
    instruction, regulate the conduct of examinations, and confer
    degrees, dipomas and certificates in the Ayurvedic System
    …. and Unani System of Medicine. . – . I.
    .-Be it enactedby the ~e~islature.of the State of Punjab in the
    Fourteenth Year of the Republic of India as follws :-
    Whether repealed or olherwise
    Amcnded by Punjab Act 9 of
    Amended by thc Punjab Slate
    Facully of Ayurvcdic and Unani
    Systems of Medicinc (Recons~itu
    tion and Rmtganisaiion) Order,
  19. (I) ThisActmaybecalledthePunjabStareFacultyofAyurvcdic Short title and
    and Unani Sysrerns of Medicine Act, 1963. , commcncc- .I 1
  20. For Slaternent of Objects and Reasons. see Pirnjab Goyertlnenl Gazette
    (E.rrmordinaty), 1963, page 995.
    38 . .
  21. For Stalemenl of Objects and Rcasons, see Prrnjah ~overrrrr~crrr Goi~tte
    (E.xrmordir~aq~). 1966. pare 20.
    Short Litle
    affectcd by legisl:
    The Punjab State
    Facul~y of Ayurvedic and Unani
    Systems of
  22. See Governmen1 of India, Minis~y of Home Affairs 3.0. 37 1 1. dated the
    10th November, 1970, published in [he Gazelte of India (Extra.) Part 11,
    section 3 (iil of !he 10th November, 1970 page 1797.
    214 STATE FACULTY OF AYURVEDIC AND 11963 : Pb. Act 38
    ‘[(I A) It extends to the States of Punjab and Haryana, as constituted
    under Punjab Reorganisation Act, 1966 (3 1 of 136611.
    (2) It shall come into force on such* date as the Statc Government
    may by notification appoint.
    Dclinirions 2. In this Act, unless the context ohenvise requires,-
    2[(u) b~torofAyiuveda”meanstheDirectorof Ayurveda,
    Punjab or, as the case may be, the Director of Ayurveda,
    . . Haryana and includes aDeputy Director of Ayurveda, an
    . Asistant Director of Ayurveda and such other officer as
    thestate Government of Punjab orHaryanamay appoint
    for.exercising the powers and performing the functions of
    the Director of Ayumeda under this Act and the rules made
    thereunder ;I
    ‘[(b) “Faculty” means the Punjab SlateFaculty ofAyurvedic
    and Unani Systems of Medicine or the Haryana State
    Faculty .. of – Ayurvedic and Unani Systems of Medicine ;] . .
    (c) ‘?nspec~of’ means an Inspector appointed by the Faculty
    under clause Ij) of seclion 12 ;
    (d) “quwng examination” means an examination specified
    in sub-sec tion (2) of secb on 15 ;
    (e) “recognised institution” means a teaching instilution
    reco@sed by the Faculty of Indian Mcdicine, Punjab, as
    notified and constituted with Punjab Government, Heallti
    Depamnent, ~otification No. HBII-24(15)-196113607,
    dated the 27th January, 1961, or a teaching institution
    recognised under stytion 14 ; .
  23. Inserted by G.O.1. S.O. 37 11, daled 10th November, 1970, Schedule.
  24. Substituted ‘by ibid.
  25. Substiluted by ibid.
  • The Act came inro force on the 27th January, 1964, vide Punjab
    Govirnmenl. Health Department Notification No. S.O. 27P.A. 38L631 S.
    1’64, daled rhe 23rd January, 1964.
    1963 : PB. Am 38 ] STATE FACULTY OF AY URVEDIC AND 2 15

“Secretary” means the Secreky of the Faculty appointed

under sub-section (1) of section 13 ;
‘[(g) all other words and expressions used but not defined in
this Act shall, in relarion to the State of Punjab, have the
, -meanings’assigned to them in the Punjab Ayurvedic and
Unai Practitioners Act, 1963 (Punjab Act No. 42 of 1×3)
and in relation to the State of Haryana have the meanings
assigned to them in that Act iis mended by thc Punjab
-Ayurvedic and Unani Practitioners maryana Amendment
and Validation) Act, 1969 (Haryana Act No. 18 of 1%9)]. . .
2[2hInhcapplicatiwof~hisActtotheSrateofHaryan~anyreference Conrtrue~ion
thexi n to any expression mentioned in column (I) of the Table below shall be of certain
construed as a reference to the conesponding expression mentioned in column references in
(2) of the said Table. the Act.
1 2

  • ~titc .&vernment – Government of the State OF Haryana
    Purijab Sta~eFaculiy of Ayurvedic Havana Sue FacultyoFAyurvedic
    and Unani Sysrems of Medicine and Unani Systems oTMedicine
    each House of hc State Legislature thekgislativc Assembly
    both Houscq agree the Legislative Assembly agrees
    Official Gazette Official Gazette of the Government
    of Hary anal
    3; (1) With effect from such date as the State Government may, by EslabIjshment
    noCi fieation, appoint, there shall be established for the purpose of this Act a of the Facul ly.
    Faculty to be known as “the Punjab Stare Faculty of Ayurvcdic and Unani
    Systems of Medicine”. \:
    (2) The Faculty shall k a body corprate with the name aforesaid,
    having perpetual succession and a common seal with power, subject ro the
    provisions ofthis Act, to acquire, hold anddispose of property, and tocqnmct
    and may by that name sue and be uscd.
    I. Substirured by G.O.I. S.O. 37 1 1. dated 10th Novcmber, 1970.
  1. Scction 2-A added by thc Central Govemrnenl S.O. 37 11. dated thc 10th
    November, 1970, Schedule.
    2 16 STATE FACULTY OF AYURVEDIC AND 11963 : Pb. Act 38
    Provisions ’13A. (I) he ~acult~ established under section 3 and functioning
    for and operating in the States of Punjab and Baryana, the Union Territory of
    Facul’icr in Chandigarh and the of the union ~kni tov of ~imac hai Radesh to which
    Punjab and
    Haryan~. that Act extends, immediately before the pointed day as Mined in che Punjab
    State Faculty of Ayurvedic andUnani systems of ~edicjne (Reconslitution
    and Reorganisation) Order, 1.970, issued under secrion 4 of the Inter-State
    Corporations Act, 1957 (Central Act 38 of 1957~ shall, as from that dale,
    stand dissolved and the membcrs~hereof shall, notwithstanding any thing
    contained in section 7, cease to hold office as such members and a new
    Faculty shall be constitured by the State Govcmmenr concerned for each of
    the Stales of Punjab and Haryana in accordance with sub-section (2).
    (2) As from the date referred to in sub-section {I)-
    (b) the Haryana Statc Facu tly of Ayurvedic and Unani System7
    of Medicine shall consist of a Chairman who shall be the
    Director, Health Services, Haryana, a Via€ hairman who
    shall be he Deputy Director (Ayurveda), Huyana and
    ihe FoIIowing ohm members to be appoinred by noh fication
    by the SrateGovernment, namely :-
    (i) one principal from the recognised institutions in Ayurvedic
    System and Unani Sysrem ;
    (iiJ one membcr of the Board recommended by it; and
    (iiiJ lwo regislered prac ti timers whosc names are entered or
    ‘ deemed to be entered in Part I, o; (he corresponding Pan,
    of thc Register, of whom one shall be apetson practising
    the Unani System.]
    ‘I .
    I. Sub-sec~ions (3)and (3) of section 3 orni~ted by Ccnaal Govt. S.O. 37 1 1. dated
    lO~h Novcmkr, 1970. Schedule.
  2. Section 3A added by ilrid.
  • Relates 10 State of Punjab.
    1963 : h. Am 38 ] STATE FACUI~TY 01: AYURVEDIC AND 217
    , 4. -The state ~ovemment may remove from offie any member or he Power af State
    Faculty who- govern men^ lo
    remove 1 w {u) has been adjudged as an insolvent, members of
    Faculty from
    (b) has been convictedof such offence involving moral tqil~& office in
    as the Srate Government may, by notification, specify, certain cases-
    (c) has become physically ormentally incapableofactingas
    such memk,
    (d) absents himself without sufficient cause from three
    consecutive ordinary meetings of the Faculty,
    (e) ceases to be principal of the insri tuti on, or member of the
    .Board or ceases to be aregistered practitioner, or
    Cfl toabuse hisposition as torenderhisconlinuanctiitofice
    detrimental to public interest.
    i 5. Subject to the provisions of section 13 arid the rules made by the Employees
    Starc Government in this behalf, theFacuIty may, fbr the purpose of enabling of he
    it to efficiendy its functions under this Act, appoint s&h nurnber,of FaculrY.
    persons as its employees as it may th~ nk fit and determine their remuneration
    and other condi tions of service.
  1. No-ah done, or taken, under this Act by [he ~acully vacancies ‘
    shall k invalid m&ly on the grounds- C~C. not to
    (a) of-any vacancy … or defect in the constitution of the proceedings
    Faculty ; or of the
    ‘ (b) of any &fec~ or irregularity in the appoinlrnent of ti person
    acting as a member thereof ; or ; ..
    (c) ofmy def~ctarke~ularity insuch actorprocecdngnot
    affecting the merits of the case.
  2. (1) The term of office of the members of the Faculty referred Term of office.
    to in ‘[clauses (a} and (b) of sub-section (2) of section 3Aj shall be five
    years to be computed from the date of publication of the
    notification : – ,’
  3. Substiluted for the words, brackels and figures “clauses li),-(ii) and (iii) of
    sub-section (3) of section 3″ by the Central Government S.O. 371 1. dated
    toh November, 1970, Schedule.
    218 STATE FACULTY OF AYURVEDIC AND 11963 : Pb. Act 38
    Timc and
    place of
    meeting of
    Procedure al
    meelings of
    Powers and
    functions of
    the Faculty.
    Provided that a person appointed to fill a casual vacancy shall hold
    office only so long as the memkr in whose place he is appointed would have
    held’office if the vacancy had not wcumd.
    i’ (2) An outgoing member shall continue in office until the
    appoint mcnt of his successor has been notified and shall be eligi ble for reappointment.
  4. Any member of the Faculty may at any time resign his ofice by
    letter addressed to he Chairman and the ksignation shall take effect from the
    date it is accepted by the State Government.
    9 . when the office of a member of he ~acul ty becomes vacant by his
    death, resignation, removalor otherwise, the vacancy shall be filled in the
    same manner as in provided in ‘[section 3A].
  5. TheFaidty shallmeet at suchtimeand placeandevery meeting
    of the Faculty shall k convcned and held in such manner as may be prescribed
    by regulations orrules, as the case may be, made under this Act :
    Provided that until suc h-regulations or rules arc ma, the Chairman
    shall becompetent to conveneand hg~darneerin~of the Faculty ar such time
    and place andin such manner as he may deemexpahent by letteraddressed
    to each member.
    1 1. (1) The Chairman or, in his absence, the Vice-Chairman shall
    preside at every meeting of the Faculty and in the absence of hrh, the members
    psent shall elect one of themselves to preside at he meeting.
    (2). All questions at a meeting of the Faculty shall be decided by
    the votes of the majority of the members present and voting.
    (4) At every meeting of the Faculty, the Chairman for the time
    being shall, in addition to his vote as a rnembcrof the Faculty, have a second
    or casting vote in case of quality of votes. #
  6. Subject to the provisions d this Act, the powers and functions of
    the Faculty shall k-
    (a) to prescribe the course of training and the standard and
    subjects of qualifying examinations including the
    examination prior to such qualifying examinations ;
  7. Substituted For [he word and figure “section 3” by the central Governrnen~ S.O..
    371 1, dated 10th November, 1970, Schedule.
    1963 : h. Am 38 ] STATE FACCR.TY OF AYURWIC AND 2,19
    (b) [to hold qualifying examinations and other examinations,
    to levy-fees in relation thereto] to appoint examiners, to fix
    their fees and allowances and to declare the results of
    examinations] ;
    (c) to g~t degrees, d plomas or certificates ;
    (d) to awird stipend, scholarships, medals, prizes and other
    rewards ;
    (e) torecommcndrecognition to teachinginstitutionsforhe
    purpose of gi ving instnrction in t hc Ayurvedic S ys tern or
    Unani System, or to recommend the cancellation of thcir
    recognibon ;
    fl to prepare, publish and prescribe text-hks and to publish
    statements of prescribed courses of study ;
    (g) to found and maintain a library ;
    (h) LO recommend schemes for post-graduate training and
    research in the Ayurvedic System or Unani
    System ; ,
    (i) to provide for the inspection of insti~utions giving
    instructiomin Ayupedic System or Unani System and
    to require such institutions to furnish such information
    as the Faculty may direct ;
    (j) to appoint such Inspectors from amongst the
    practilioners entared in Part I of the Registcr as may
    be necessary for carrying out the provisions of this
    Act or the rules, regulations or bye-laws made
    thereunder ; ,
    (k) to appoint any committee or board of studies as may
    be necessary and to lay down lheir constitution, duties
    and functions ; , ,
    (I) to exercise such other powers and perfo’rrn such other , ,
    functions as may be specified in this Act, or in the
    rules, regulations or bye-laws made thcreunder, or as
    the State Government may by nori fication direct for
    carrying out the purposes ofthis Act.
    I. Substituted by Punjab ACI 9 of 1960 and shall be deemed always ro have
    been substi~uted.
    ~I?~/-OR- The Committees or boards of studies referred to in clause
    (kJ, may have such persons as their-membersas are not members of the . . Faculty. I
    Secretary of 13. (1) The Faculty shall, with the previous approval of the State
    lhe Government, appoint ‘a Secretary who shall receive such salary and
    allowances and be subject to. such con& tions of service as may be pmcri bed
    by the rules ma& under this Act.
    (2) Subjece to the provisions of this Act and any geneml or special
    order of the Facul ty , it shaU be the duty of the Secretary to arrange for, and to
    maintain,,and to be responsible to the Faculty for, the eficient running of its
    Recognition 14.(J) Anyteachinginstitution~hg~ognidmun&rthisActshall
    of institutions- send an application to the Secretary and shall give full information in respect
    of the following matters, namely :-
    -(a) the cons ti tu tion and personnel of the managing body ;
    (b) subjects and courses in which it gives or proposes to give
    instruction ;
    (c) accornmdabm, equipment and the number of students for whom
    provisions has been or is proposed to be made ;
    (d) the strength of the staff, their salaries, qualifications and the
    research work done by them ;
    ‘ (e) fees levied or to be levied and the financial provision
    made for cib*tal expenditure on buildings and equipment and for
    he continued mainlenance and efficient working of he institution.
    . .
    (2) The Secretary shall place,the application before the Faculty
    and the Faculty may direct the Secretary to call for any further information
    which it may deem neccsq and may also direct an inquiry to lx made by a
    competent person or persons authorized by it in this khalf.
    (3) Afterreording the report of such inquiry and after making
    such further inquiry as may be necessary, the Faculty shall forward the
    application together with its report-to the State Government stating its opinion
    whether the recognition kkkd for should or should not be granted. , ..; …
    (4) The State Government may thereupon grant or refuse the
    ‘ recognitionormay grant~tsubject tosuchconditionsasitdeemsfitandthe
    v decision of the State Government shall be final.
    15.(iJ The Faculty shall by bye-laws prescrik thecourse of training Qualifying
    and qualifying examination including the examinations prior to qualifying Ex”inationexaminations and may also provide by such bye-laws that instruction and
    examinations shall, as far as possible, be given or held in such languages as
    may be specj fied therein.
    2 A qualifying examination shall be -an examination in the
    Ayurvedic System or Unani System held by the Faculty for the purpose
    of granting a degree, diploma, or certificate in Ihe Ayurvedic sysrcrn
    or Unmi System and such othcr exainination for that purpose as thc State
    Government may by notification direct :
    Provided that the students of thereiognised institutions only shall
    be competent to appear in the,examination.
    [ISA. Until the Faculty established for the State of Haryana under Temporary I, section 3A intimates to the Faculty established for the State of Punjab P~~~~~ in
    respect of under that section hat the former has made arrangements for holding hold
    the equalifying examinallons which, immediate1 y before the appointed
    day as defined in rhe punjab State Faculty of Ayurvedic and Unani
    S ysterns of Medicine mecondtitu~ion and ~eof~anisation) Order, 1970,
    issued under secrion 4 of he Interatate Corporations Act, 1957 (Central
    Act 38 of 1957), were being held by the Punjab State Facu~ly of
    Ayurvedic and Un@ Systems of Medicines, the Faculty established
    for ihe Stare of Punjab shall allow the students from recognised
    institutions situated in the State of Haryana to appear for the qualifying
    examinations hcld by thc Faculty established for the State of Punjab
    and the fees received from such students shall be paid to the Punjab
    ; State Faculty of Ayurvedic and Unani Systems of Medicine.]
  8. (I) No person or institurion, other than the Faculty, shall Conferring,
    confer, grant or issue or hold himself or itself out as entitled to confer, granting Or
    issuing grant or issue any degree, diploma or certificate referred to in subsection (2) of section 15 or which is idenlical with or is a colourable or
    imitation of any such degree, diploma or certificate. certificates by
  9. Scc~ion 15-A added by the Cenlral Governmen1 5.0. 37 1 1, dated the
    10th November, 1970, Schedule.
    (2) Whaevercontravenes the provisions of sub section (1) shall,
    on conviction, be punishable wilh fine which may extend to one thousand .
    rupees. ., .
    (3) Where an offence under this seclion has been committed by a
    company, the company as well as every person incharge of, and responsible
    to , the company for theconduct of its business at the time of the commission
    of the offence shall be deemed to be guiIty of the offence and st la11 be liable to
    be proceeded against and punished accordingly :
    Provided that, nothing contained in this sub-section shall render
    any such person liable to any punishment, if he proves that the offence was
    committed without his knowledge or that he exercised all due diligence to
    prevent the commission of such offence.
    (4) Notwithstanding anything con!aincd in sub-section (31, where
    an offence under this section has been comrni tted by a company and it is
    proved that the offence has been cornmi tted with the consent & connivance
    of, or that the commission of the offence is attributable 10 any neglect on the
    part of, any director, manager, smt ary or other oficcr of thecompany, such
    director, manager, secretary or other officer shall also be deemed to be guilty
    of that offence and-shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished
    Qplanarior~.-For the purposes of lhis section,-
    In) ” company” means any body corporate and includes a
    firm or other assmiation of individuals, and
    (h) “director” in relation to a firm is a partner in the firm.
    ye-laws. 17. (1) The Faculty may, with the previous approval of the State
    Government, make bye-laws notinconsistcnt with this Act or the rules made
    thereunder for the following matters, narnel y ‘:-
    (a) the course of study for u&ning md qualifying and other
    exaninations ;
    (b) the lagpage in which the examination shall be conducted
    and instructions given ;
    Ic) the admission ofstudenls 10 recognised insti tutions ;
    (d) the conditions under which students shall be admitted to
    dew, diploma, or certificate’s course and to the qualifying
    examinations ;
    (el the conditions of appointment of examiners and the conduc t
    of examinations ;
    If) the conditions for the recognition of teachers in recognised
    institutions ;
    (g) the requirements for the mgni;on of teaching insti tutionn;
    (11) such other matters as may be necessary for the exercise of
    powers and performance of functions to be exercised or
    performed by the Faculty under this Act.
    , ,
    . . (2) All bye-laws shall be published in thc Official Gazette.
    (3.) In submiitin.. bye-laws for the approval of the State
    Govemment under this section [he Faculty shall send a copy of its procdings
    relating to the passing of such bye-laws and shall state the number of its
    members representing the Ayurvedic System and Unani System, who votcd
    .( for or against such bye-laws or did not vote in respect of such bye-laws.
    (4) Inapproving the said bye-laws, theStaleGovemmentshal1
    give due consideralion to the opinion of the members of Ayurvedic System
    and Unani System as expressed in the proceedings.
    (5) The State Government may by notification and in consuttation
    with thefacultycmcel any bye-law ma& under this section.
  10. (l) The stare ~overnment may, by notification and after previour Rules.
    publication, make rules to carry out the purposes of this Act.
    (2) In particular, and withouc prejudice to the generality of the
    forgoing power, such rules -may provide for all or any of the Following
    matters :-
    (a) the manner in which the meetings of the Faculty shall bc
    convened and held ;
    (b) the salary, allowances and other conditions of service of
    thc Secretary ; .- . .
    (c), the application of fees levied by theFaculty ; I
    Id) travelling and-other allowances payable to members of the
    Faculty and theirconditions of service :
    (e) the execution of instruments and mode of entering into
    contracts by or on behalf of the Facul ty, and the proof of
    documents purporting to be executed, issued or signed by
    oron behalfof the~acult~;
    Ifl thefudheranceof anyof theobjectsofthis Act
    (3) Every rule made under this section shall be laid as soon as
    may ix after it is made before each House of the Stare hgislature whilc it is
    in session for a total period of ten days which may be comprised in one
    session or in two successive sessions, and if before the expiry of the session in
    which it js laid or the session immediately following both Houses agrec in
    making my modification in the rule or both Houses agree that the rule shod d
    not be made, the rule shall thereafter have ,effec t only in such m&ed form
    or be of no effect, as the case may be, so however. that any such mudification
    or annulment shall be without prejudice to he validty of any thing previously
    done under that rule.
    Regulations. 19. (I) The Faculty may, with the previ’ous approval of the State
    Government make regulations not inconsistent with this Act or the rules made
    thereunder for any of he fal~owi’n~m~tters, namely :-
    (a) the time and place ar which the FacuILy shall hold its
    meetings ;
    (b) the’salary, allowances and other conditions of service of
    officers and servants of the Faculty other thar; the
    Secretary . ; . . ‘ ,
    (c) all other matters which may be necessary for the purpose
    of carrying wt the objects of this Act.
    (2) All regulations shall be published in the OffIcial Gazette..
    Conlrol of
  11. If at any time it appears to the Slate Government that the Faculty
    has neglected to exercise, or has exceeded or abused, any powers conferred
    upon it under this A& or has neglected to perform any duty imposed upon ir
    by this Act, the State Government may, cornmunicate’the pmiculars of such
    neglect, excess or abusc to the Faculty ; and if the Faculty fails LO rcmedy
    such neglecr, excess or abuse, within such time as may be fixed by the State
    Governmen1 in this behalf, the State Government may for the purpose of
    remedying such neglecr, excess or abuse, cause any of the powers and duties
    of the Faculty to be exercised and performed by such agency and for such
    period as the State ~ovemmen t may think fit.
    i, 21. (1) The Faculty of Indian Medicine, Punjab, notified and l’ransiriona1
    consti~t&underPurtjabGovemment,HealthDepartment,NotificationNo. ProvisionsHBII-24 (15) 196 113607, dated 27th January, 1961, shall. until the Faculty
    is established and constituted under andin accordance with the provisions of
    this Act, be deemed to be the Faculty established and constituted under this
    Act for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act.
    (2) Anythingdoneormy action takenby theFaculty oflndian
    Medicine, hjab, so notilied and conshtuted (includ ng any appointment made,
    notification, order. instnrction or direction issued, bye-law or form framed,
    qualifying or other examinations held, training orcomes of sludies prascri&d,
    degrccs, diplomas or certificates conferred, grantcd or issued, institutions
    recongnised or affiliated, fees fixed or levied or stipends, scholarships, medals,
    prizes or rewards awarded) shall be deemed to have been done or taken
    under the provisions of this Act and shall continue to be in force accordingly
    unless and until superseded or amended by m@ng done or any action taken
    under this ACL