Registration, Registrar, Certified Copy, Registered Address, Union, Land
Mortgage, Co-operative, Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Power of Registrar
Amendments appended: 26 of 1979, 11 of 1984, 23 of 1994, 8 of 2000

The Uttar Pradesh Socities Registration Rules,1976
1.Short title, extent and commencement (Section 33) .-(1) These Rules may be called the Uttar Pradesh
Societies Registration Rules, 1976.
(2) They extend to the whole of Uttar Pradesh.
They shall come into force with effect from the date of their publication in the 0fficial Gazette.
2.. Definition (section 33)-In these rules unless the context otherwise requires,-
(a)‘Act’ means the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as amended in its application to Uttar
(b) ‘Form’ means a form appended to these rules;
© ‘Section’ mean a society of the Act;
‘Society’ means a society registered under the Act;
words and expressions used in the Act and not defined in these rules shall have the meanings
to them in the Act.

  1. Memorandum of Association (Section 2) .- The memorandum of Association of a society shall
    contain the particulars required by Section 2 and shall bear the name, address and signatures of all
    the seven or more persons referred to in Section 1. It shall also be dated.
  2. Rules and Regulations ( Section 2) The rules and Regulations of a society may provided for the following
    The conditions of eligibility for membership of the society.
    The conditions under which the membership of the society shall cease.
    The consequences of non-payment of the subscriptions, if any.
    The resignation and expulsion from the membership of the society.
    If the society is a trust, the appointment and removal of trustees and their powers and duties.
    Provisions for annual general meeting and other meetings of the society, their time and place.
    The manner in which advance notice of such meetings may be given.
    The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at meetings may be given.
    The manner of making, altering and rescinding of rules and regulations.
    The investment of fund, keeping of accounts, preparation of balance sheet and for an annual or
    periodical audit thereof.
    The procedure for the dissolution of the society.
    Disposal of the property of the dissolved society.
    Manner of framing of bye- laws, if any, and matters to be provided therein.
    Such other matters as may be deemed expedient having regard to the nature and objects of the
  3. Procedure of filing document.- (1) Every document required to be filed under the provisions of the Act or
    these rules shall be sent or delivered to the Registrar personally or shall be sent to him by registered post.
    The documents referred to in sub- rule (1) shall be neatly typed, printed
    or cyclostyled
    on only one side of the paper, and every page thereof shall be initialed by
    the signatories
    to the document. Every cutting in the document shall be initialled by one
    of the
    6.Registers to be maintained by the Registrar.- The Registrar shall maintain the following registers,
    The Register of Societies in Form I.
    The Register of Renewals in Form II.
    The Register of Daily Receipts in Form III.
    Receipt Book in Form IV.
    The Register of Inspections in Form V.
    The Register of Verification of Deposits in FormVI.
    The Register of Verification of Deposits inFormVII.
    Any other Register which the Registrar considers proper or which the
    Government so directs.
    7.Application for Registration .- (1) Every application for the registration of a society shall be immediately
    registered in the Register referred to in Rule 6 (a)
    When the society has been duly registered under the provisions of the
    Act, a
    Certificate of Registration shall be issued in Form VIII, and necessary
    entries shall
    be made in the said Register.
    8.Application for renewal. (1) Every application for renewal of Certificate of Registration received under
    Section 3- A , shall be immediately entered in the register referred to in Rule 6 (b) If the application is in order.
    A Certificate of Renewal shall be issued in From IX and every such renewal shall be recorded in the registers
    referred to in clauses (a) and (b) of Rule 6.
    9.Mode of payment of fee;-(1) All fee payable under the provisions of the Act or these rules shall be paid
    or remitted to the registrar in cash or through Bank Draft or Postal Order: Provided that no fee shall be paid or
    remitted through Postal Money Order.
    (2)Where the fee is paid personally in the office of the Registrar in cash or through Bank Draft or Postal
    Order, a receipt duly signed by the Registrar or any other officer authorised by him shall be issued inform IV
    to the person concerned.
    (3)Where the fee is remitted through a Bank Draft or Postal Order, the sender must ensure that such Bank Draft
    or Postal Order has been duly crossed and is made payble to the Registrar of Societies Utter Pradesh,
    (4)All fees realised under sub-rules (1) to (3) or otherwise shall we immediately entered in the Register referred
    Rule 6(C).
    (5) At the end of each day the amounts recieved by the Registrar shall be totalled up and the total shall be
    in words as well as in figures by the Registrar in his own hand writing in the Register referred to in Rule 6(c)
    shall be signed and dated by him.
    (6) All such amounts Drafts and Postal Orders shall be deposited in the State Bank of India without undue delay
    and latest by the next working day through Treasury challans in triplicate under the head, “104-other General
    Economic Services (a) Regulation of other business undertakings-(ii) Receipts from the administration of the
    Societies Registration Acts”. In case of delay in depositing the fee the Registrar shall record,in his own hand
    writing,the reason of delay in Register of Daily Receipts. The depositor’s copy of the challan along with
    departmental copy duly varified with the record of the Treasury concerned shall be placed in file of the
    society concerned as proof of the payment of fee: provided that where more than one amount is deposited
    through one challan extract there from duly attested by the Registrar may be placed in the connected files.
    (7) The Registrar shall maintain a Register of Verification of Deposits in Form VII in which amounts shown in
    departmental copies of the treasury challan shall be entered day to day and at the end of each month,proper
    reconciliation of the deposits of the Register shall be made with the records of the Treasury and Register of
    Receipts in Form III.
    10 Application for Inspection.- (1) Every application under Section 19 for inspection of any document shall
    be entered in the Register referred to in Rule 6(e).
    39[(2) The application shall be accompnied with a fee of Rs. 50/- payable in respect of each society for each
    of inpection or part thereof.]
    11.Applcation of certified copy.-(1) Every application under Section 19 for certified copy or extract of a
    document or
    part thereof shall be entered in the Register referred to in Rule 6(f).
    (2) The application must clearly specify the document or documents of which the copy or extract is required.
    (3) 40[(3) application for copy of a certificate referred to in sub rule (2) of Rule (7) or sub-rule (2) of Rule 8- Rs.
    Application for copy or extract of any other documents or part thereof-Rs.10/- for every 100 words or part
    (4) A self addressed postal envelope bearing requisite postage,should invariably accompany if the copy or
    is desired by registered post.
    (5) If the Registrar finds that the fee paid by the applicants inadequate the Registrar shall inform the applicants
    to make the deficiency good within a time to be specified.The registered envelope referred to above shall be
    used for
    the purpose.
    (6) The applicants shall make the deficiency in the amount of fee good within the time specified by the
    He shall also supply a fresh envelope as required by sub-rule (4).
    (7) Where the applicants fails to make the deficiency good within the time specified by the Registrar the
    shall be rejected.
  4. Change of Name of Society.-(1) Where any society registered under the Act has changed its objects
    Section 12
    or its name under Section 12-A,it shall send the notice of such change under Section 12-B(1) to the Registrar
    within thirty days from the date of the resolution.
    (2) A copy of the resolution changing the object or name of the society shall invaiably be accompanaied with the
    notice,together with a copy of the minutes of such meeting.
    (3) Where the Registrar is satisfied that the provisions of the Act or these rules regarding change in the objects
    name of the society have been complied with,he shall make the necessary entries in the Registrar referred to in
    Rule 6(a).
    (4) Where any change in the name of a society has been registered in accordance with sub-rule(3), a fresh
    Certificate of Registration shall be issued in Form X.
    (5) Before issuing the fresh certificate referred to in sub-rule(4),the Registrar shall send for the original
    of Registration and cancel the same.
    13.Service of notice.- Where the Registrar porposes to take action under Section 3(2) or the proviso to
    Section 3-A(2),
    or Section 12-D ,he shall issue notice to the Secretary(and if there is no Secretary,to the President,Chairman or
    Director) of the society to show cause against the action proposed.
    14.Appeal.- Every appleal under sub-section (2) of Section 12-D shall be sent to the Secretary to the
    of Uttar Pradesh in the Finance Department,Civil Secretariat,Lucknow.It shall be accompanied with a copy of
    appealed against duly attested by a Gazetted Officer.
    15.Return of Defective documents.-Applications and documents which are defective or which are not in
    with the provisions of the Act or these Rules shall be returned to the sender for rectification.
    16-Fee not to be returned.-The amounts of fee paid to the Registrar under the provisions of the Act or these
    shall not be refunded:
    Provided that where any application for registration of a society has been returned for rectification under Rule
    and the same is received back after proper rectification,payment of fresh registration fee shall not be
    17-Procedure regarding documents.-The documents received from a society under the provisions of this Act
    these Rules shall be filed along with the original papers,if any,of that Society and necessary entries shall be
    in the Register in Form I.
    18.Retention of record.-The following Registers,documents and papers shall be retained permanently:
    (a) The registrar referred to in clauses (a),(b) and (g) or Rule 6;
    (b) All the regisered documents of the societies;
    (c) Notes and order sheets;
    (d) All papers connected with cancellation of register and dissolution of a society;
    (e) References to the Government of Uttar Pradesh;
    (f)All Government orders; and
    (g) Any other register,document or paper which in the opinion of the Registrar should be retained permanently.
  5. Weeding of record.-The registers,documents and papers (other than those specified in Rule 18) ,shall be
    weeded after due consultation with the Inspector of Government Offices,Uttar Pradesh.