Fasli Year, Free-Hold Land, Owner of Free-hold Land, Ryotwari Assessment

An Act to provide for the levy of ryotwari assessment on
free-hold lands in the State of Tamil Nadu.
BE it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Tamil
Nadu in the Twenty-third Year of the Republic of India
as follows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Levy of Short titla
    Ryotwari Assessment on Free-hold Lands Act, 1972. extent and
    (2) Itextends to the whole of the Stateof TamilNadu. ment.
    (3) It shall come into force on such date as the State
    Government may, by notification, appoint.
  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires- Defi&ionr.
    (a) “Assistant Settlement Officer” means an Assistant

Settlement Officer appointed under section 5 and having

jurisdiction ;
(b) “Director” means the Director of Settlements
appointed under section 3 ;
(c) “fasli year “means the year commencing on the
1st day of July;
(d) “free-hold land “means any land held-
(i) free from demand of land revenue, or
(ii) subject to the payment of concessional land
revenue, and specified in Part I of the Schedule to this Act,
and includes any land,-
(i) in respect of which land revenue or other tax
in respect of such land has been assigned in favour of any
religious institution or charitable endowment in lieu of

  • For Statementof Objects and Reasons, see Tamil Nadu
    Government Gazette Extraordinary dated the 4th December 1972,
    Part IV- Section 3, Page 520.
    cash allowance known as mohini allowance, andAppointment
    of the Direct(
    of Settle-
    and functions
    of SettIe-
    ment Officers.
    and functions
    ~f,fiatlrn t
    292 Levy of Ryotwari Assessment [I973 :T.N. Act 3i
    on Free-hold Lands
    (ii) which is specified in Part I1 of the Schedule
    to this Act ;
    (e) ”Government “means the State Government ;
    (f) ” owner of free-hold land ” includes his heirs,
    assignees, legal representatives or persons deriving rights
    through him ;
    (g) “publicationof this Act “meansthepublicationof
    this Act in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette ;
    (h) “ryotwari assessment ” means the assessment
    payable to the Government under sub-section (1) of section.

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