The answer to this question is “NO”. However, you will still need to provide a flight ticket for visa purposes. This article will explain how you can meet this requirement without actually booking a flight. It’s worth noting that our experience in processing over 30,000 visas per month has shown that more than 30% of our customers have booked their flights before their visa approvals.

The good news is that most embassies are aware of this practice and are lenient regarding this requirement, even though they have not yet updated their websites or visa requirements. In most cases, a flight itinerary for visa purposes or for presentation at the immigration queue is sufficient.

How to get a visa without flying? What if the visa is denied after booking a flight?

You have the option to provide a flight itinerary for your visa application instead of a fully paid flight ticket. This approach safeguards you from financial losses in case your visa application is declined. Several online services offer flight itineraries for this purpose. One service we frequently utilize for our clients is the FlightGen App.

Include the following line in your cover letter: “A flight itinerary from a visa agent. The same will be ticketed once my visa is approved.” You can use tools like the BlinkDocs App to create this cover letter.

We prefer to use the FlightGen app to generate flight itineraries because it mimics the process of booking a plane ticket. This allows us to select the most likely flight option if our visa is approved, facilitating a smooth immigration process. Additionally, we have the flexibility to choose our preferred currency, rather than being limited to USD.

Another alternative is purchasing a fully refundable flight ticket, although this can be expensive and sometimes challenging to obtain a refund. In certain cases, you may also need multiple flight tickets as proof of your trip. Therefore, using services like FlightGen, which offers unlimited flight itineraries for $15, can be a more practical choice.

The decision ultimately depends on your unique circumstances. If you are confident in your ability to obtain a visa, booking the flight ticket first may be reasonable. However, if there is any uncertainty regarding visa approval, it’s advisable to apply for the visa first and wait for approval before booking the flight ticket. This approach prevents unnecessary expenses on plane fares if the visa is rejected after booking.

The consulate wants my return flight ticket, but I don’t know when. What to do?

The FlightGen App can be useful in this situation. You can utilize a provisional flight itinerary for a return date (longer than the number of days you plan to stay) to apply for a visa with them. When you are ready to make a firm reservation after receiving approval for your visa, you can do so. Anna Emilia’s words are as follows:

Is a visa required to purchase air tickets?

While it is possible to make a flight reservation without a visa, it is generally advised against by most embassies. These embassies have repeatedly emphasized that they bear no responsibility for any potential consequences in the event of visa rejection. Even in the event that one possesses a legitimate ticket.
Numerous airlines are obligated to confirm that passengers possess a valid visa to their intended destination prior to granting visa approval. This situation is far preferable to experiencing a denial of entrance upon arrival at the airport. It is imperative to possess a valid visa before to making any flight reservations. Here is the perspective of another individual who has engaged in travel experiences.

Is it Advisable to buy a flight ticket while you are waiting for your visa?

The outcome of obtaining a visa is contingent upon several factors, including the individual’s identity, the specific country for which the visa is sought, and the likelihood of a successful application. In the event that I possess a high degree of confidence in the occurrence of the anticipated event, I shall proceed with the acquisition of the passes. Visas are typically granted contingent upon the submission of supporting evidence demonstrating the individual’s intention to travel. In the event of uncertainty and the absence of a requirement to present tickets, it would be advisable to have patience, unless the possession of tickets has the potential to alter one’s decision.

The response provided is currently lacking in clarity due to the small amount of material available for analysis and consideration.

It is important to highlight that non-flex Business Class typically carries a somewhat higher price tag compared to flex Economy, particularly when purchasing refundable tickets in advance. In the case of reserving a “non-flex” ticket, it is typically possible to cancel the booking by paying a nominal administrative charge. In this manner, in the event that one is unable to go, the only incurred cost would be the administrative fee, but the ability to travel by air remains unhindered.

An alternative approach entails ensuring that one’s ticket is of a class that permits the most cost-effective changes. In the event of visa denial, it is recommended to modify the class status to “flexible” and afterwards proceed with its cancellation within a span of one to two days.

Can I book a mock flight ticket with PNR for visa purposes?

No. In fact, many of our customers had the worst experiences when they tried to do that because the government turned down their visas because they were fake. Being honest is the best thing to do. In your cover letter, you should say that you are sending in a flight itinerary and will buy a ticket for it once your visa is accepted. In the worst case, you might be asked to show a real plane ticket or proof that you have enough money to pay for one.

This is much better than giving a temporary or fake PNR and then getting caught trying to pass it off as the real one.

Is it legal to apply for Schengen visa with dummy tickets ?

No. You cannot use a fake ticket to apply for a Schengen visa, but you can use a confirmed flight itinerary. The consulate strongly recommends that visa applicants wait to purchase airline tickets until after their visa has been approved.

Yes. While travel plans are required in order to apply for a visa, some embassies advise applicants to wait to purchase a flight until after their visa has been approved. However, you must have a confirmed, non-refundable travel reservation in order to apply for a transit visa.

Please send a screenshot or printed copy of your confirmed flight itinerary from the airline’s website indicating the date and location of your planned departure. Until your visa is accepted, you should wait to buy plane tickets.

A confirmed round-trip flight reservation or itinerary detailing when and how you will enter and exit Schengen is required. When applying for a Schengen visa, some embassies and consulates will accept an itinerary in place of an actual plane ticket.

Vfs Global & Spain Consulate

Do I get a travel itinerary to present immigration officials for a visa without paying?

The FlightGen app allows you to plan a flight itinerary for around $10. The FlightGen app allows you to add free additional passengers.
As in the year 2023, you can get 24 hours of limitless flight plans for only $15.


Do I need to buy ticket before applying for Australia Visa?

An airline ticket is not a visa requirement and does not in itself lead to a visa being granted. You should not make unalterable or non-refundable travel arrangements until you have confirmation that you have been granted a visa to travel to Australia.

How long does it take for an Australian visa to be approved?

The Australian migration family stream and visitor visas

Visa subclassVisa name90% of applications processed in
600Visitor visa – TouristFour months
600Visitor visa – Sponsored FamilySix months
801Partner visa – Permanent23 months
100Partner (Migrant) visa27 months