No is the correct response to this inquiry. However, a plane ticket is required to obtain a visa. This post will explain how to do so without having to pay for a plane ticket. More than 30% of our customers had already booked their ticket before their visa was approved, based on our experience processing over 30,000 visas every month.

Fortunately, most embassies are already aware of this and are tolerant on this condition, but most have not changed their websites or visa procedures to reflect this change. A flight itinerary is usually sufficient when applying for a visa or standing in line at immigration.

How can I obtain a visa without first purchasing a ticket? What happens if the visa is denied once the flight is scheduled?

Instead of presenting a fully paid travel ticket, it is possible to provide a flight itinerary as part of the visa application process. By doing so, individuals can safeguard themselves against financial losses in the event of visa rejection. There exist numerous internet platforms that offer flight itinerary services. The application that has frequently been utilized for our clientele is FlightGen App.

Please include a flight itinerary from a visa agent. When composing your cover letter, it is advisable to include the statement “The same will be ticketed once my visa is approved.” This can be easily accomplished using the BlinkDocs App, a tool we utilize for cover letter creation.

The FlightGen application is utilized for the generation of flight itineraries. As it emulates the process of booking a plane ticket. In this manner, we can select the flight that is most probable to be chosen in the event that our visa application is granted, so facilitating a seamless process at immigration. Additionally, we have the flexibility to choose our preferred currency, rather than exclusively relying on the United States Dollar.

An alternative approach entails purchasing an airline ticket that offers a complete refund, albeit at a potentially high cost and with the potential inconvenience of obtaining a refund. In certain instances, it may be necessary to possess multiple flight tickets as substantiation of one’s journey. It is advisable to utilize services such as FlightGen, which enables users to generate an unlimited number of flight itineraries for a fee of $15.

The outcome is contingent upon the unique circumstances of each individual.

In the event that one possesses a high level of assurance regarding the acquisition of a visa, it may be deemed logical to proceed with the reservation of the airline ticket in advance.

Nevertheless, in cases where there is ambiguity regarding the likelihood of obtaining a visa, it is advisable to prioritize the visa application process and refrain from reserving a flight ticket until the visa has been officially granted.

In this manner, in the event that the visa application is denied subsequent to purchasing the airline ticket, one can avoid incurring extra expenses on airfare.

The consulate wants my return flight ticket, but I don’t know when. What to do?

In situations like this, you can make use of the FlightGen App. You can obtain a temporary flight itinerary from them, indicating a tentative return date (ensure that this date falls beyond your intended duration of stay), and use this itinerary for your visa application. Once your visa is approved, you can proceed to make an actual flight booking when you have a clear return date in mind. Here’s what Anna Emilia has to say about this approach.

Is a visa required to purchase airline tickets?

While it’s technically possible to book a flight ticket without having a visa in hand, it is generally not recommended by most embassies. They have explicitly stated on multiple occasions that they are not responsible for any losses incurred if your visa application is rejected, even if you have a valid ticket.

Moreover, many airlines are obligated to confirm that passengers possess a valid visa for their intended destination country before allowing them to board the flight. It is far more preferable to secure your visa before making any flight bookings to avoid the risk of being denied entry upon arrival in the destination country. One traveler has shared their perspective on this matter, emphasizing the importance of obtaining a visa prior to booking any flights.

Should I purchase a flight ticket before I receive my visa?

The decision to book flight tickets while waiting for your visa approval depends on several factors, including your individual circumstances, the specific country’s visa requirements, and your level of confidence in obtaining the visa.

Confidence in Visa Approval:

If you are highly confident that your visa application will be approved, it may make sense to book your flight tickets in advance. Some countries require proof of travel as part of the visa application process, and having tickets can strengthen your application.

Visa Application Requirements:

Visa requirements vary by country. In some cases, you are required to show proof of travel plans when applying for a visa. In such situations, booking tickets in advance may be necessary.


If there are doubts about your visa application or you are not required to show flight tickets during the application process, it might be prudent to wait until your visa is approved before booking the flight. This approach avoids the risk of losing money on non-refundable tickets in case your visa application is rejected.

Ticket Flexibility:

Consider the type of ticket you book. Non-flex Business Class tickets are typically more expensive but may allow you to cancel your booking with only a small administration fee. This minimizes your financial risk if your travel plans change.

Booking a Flexible Ticket Class:

Another option is to book a ticket in a class that offers flexibility. Initially, you can book a ticket in a class that permits easy changes. If your visa application is denied, you can switch to a “flexible” class and then cancel the booking within a day or two without incurring significant costs.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your level of confidence in obtaining the visa, the specific visa requirements, and your financial considerations. It’s important to weigh the potential loss of ticket costs against the advantages of having pre-booked flights when applying for a visa.

For visa purposes, may I book a dummy flight ticket with PNR?

No, it is not advisable to book a dummy flight ticket with a PNR (Passenger Name Record) to show for visa purposes. Many embassies and visa authorities strongly discourage or reject such practices. It is important to be honest and transparent in your visa application to avoid potential legal consequences or the rejection of your visa application.

The best approach is to declare in your cover letter that you are providing a flight itinerary for visa application purposes and that you will book the actual ticket once your visa is approved. In some cases, you may also be asked to provide proof of funds to demonstrate your ability to cover the cost of the flight. This approach is more likely to be accepted and avoids the risks associated with using fake or temporary documents.

Honesty and transparency in the visa application process are generally recommended, as submitting false or forged documents can lead to serious consequences and may affect your chances of obtaining a visa in the future.

Do you need real tickets to apply for a Schengen visa?

No, it is not advisable to apply for a Schengen visa with dummy tickets. While using a flight itinerary is generally acceptable for Schengen visa applications, it is important to be transparent and follow the specific guidelines provided by the consulate and the visa application process.

The consulate encourages visa applicants not to book their flight tickets before their visa is approved, as they are not liable for any losses incurred if the visa is rejected. Instead, you can provide an email confirmation or website screenshot of your intended flight itinerary, directly from the airline, clearly showing your planned date of departure and route.

In some cases, the consulate may recommend that you purchase a flight ticket only after your visa has been approved. However, this may not apply when applying for transit visas, as fully paid flight tickets for the onward journey may be required.

It’s essential to follow the consulate’s specific requirements and guidelines when applying for a Schengen visa to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Using dummy tickets or providing false information can lead to visa rejection or other legal consequences.

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Do I get a travel itinerary to present immigration officials for a visa without paying?

You have the option to book a flight itinerary for approximately $10 using the FlightGen app. Additionally, if you have co-passengers, you can add them to the itinerary for free using the app. As of 2023, FlightGen is offering an attractive deal, providing unlimited flight itineraries for 24 hours at a cost of $15. This can be a cost-effective and convenient way to obtain the necessary documentation for your visa application.


Can we book air tickets before getting visa?

YES, flight tickets can be booked without visa. You need to show your return flight tickets and accommodation proof while applying for visa, so obviously you will have to book your tickets first.

What is the use of dummy ticket for visa?

What does a dummy ticket for visa Application mean? A dummy ticket for a visa is where you submit a flight ticket that is not verifiable or have not completed full payment. It could be anything from a photoshopped flight ticket to a fake flight reservation for visa purposes.

Can I make a collective payment for the visa fees and logistic fees?

Yes, the France Visa Application Centre will accept collective fees at the Centre at the time of submission.