The response to this query is a definite “NO.” However, it’s important to note that you will still need to provide a flight ticket for visa application purposes. This article will guide you on how to meet this requirement without actually booking a flight. In fact, based on our experience processing over 30,000 visas per month, more than 30% of our customers have successfully applied for visas without booking flights in advance.

The good news is that many embassies are aware of this practice and tend to be lenient regarding the flight booking requirement, even if their websites or official visa requirements have not been updated. In most cases, having a flight itinerary for visa application purposes or presenting it at the immigration queue is sufficient.

How can you obtain a visa without the need to book a flight ticket in advance? What should you do if your visa is declined after you’ve already booked a flight?

Instead of purchasing a fully paid flight ticket, you have the option to submit a flight itinerary for your visa application. This approach helps safeguard your finances in case your visa application is rejected. Numerous online services offer flight itineraries, and one we frequently recommend to our customers is FlightGen App.

When crafting your cover letter using BlinkDocs App, consider adding the line “A flight itinerary from a visa agent. The same will be ticketed once my visa is approved” to meet the visa application requirements.

We utilize the FlightGen app for creating flight itineraries because it functions similarly to booking a plane ticket. This approach allows us to select the flight we are likely to take if our visa is approved, ensuring a seamless process at immigration. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to choose our preferred currency, not limited to USD.

Alternatively, purchasing a fully refundable flight ticket is an option, but it can be costly and sometimes challenging to obtain a refund. Additionally, you might need multiple flight tickets as proof of your trip. Therefore, services like FlightGen, which allow the creation of unlimited flight itineraries for $15, can be more practical.

The decision largely depends on your unique circumstances. If you are confident in obtaining a visa, booking the flight ticket upfront may be a reasonable choice. However, if there is any uncertainty about visa approval, it’s advisable to initiate the visa application process first and wait for approval before booking the flight ticket. This way, in case of visa rejection after ticket purchase, you won’t have wasted money on an unnecessary plane fare.

I’m unsure about my return date, but the consulate is requesting proof of a return or onward flight ticket. What should I do in this situation?

In such a situation, you can consider utilizing the FlightGen App. You can obtain a temporary flight itinerary from them with a tentative return date (ensuring that this date falls beyond your intended duration of stay), and use it as your visa application proof. After your visa gets approved, you can proceed to make an actual flight booking when you have a clear return date in mind. Here is Anna Emilia’s perspective on this approach.

Is it possible to make a flight ticket reservation without having a visa?

While it is technically possible to book a flight ticket without having a visa, it is generally not recommended by most embassies. They have repeatedly stated that they are not responsible for any financial losses in case a visa application is rejected, even if a valid ticket has been purchased.

Furthermore, many airlines are required to verify that passengers possess a valid visa for their intended destination country before allowing them to board a flight. It is advisable to obtain a visa before making any flight reservations to avoid the risk of being denied entry upon arrival at the destination airport. Here’s what another traveler has to say on this matter.

Is it recommended to purchase a flight ticket while awaiting your visa approval?

Whether to purchase a flight ticket while waiting for your visa depends on several factors, including your identity, the specific country’s visa you’re applying for, and your likelihood of approval. If you’re confident in your visa approval and the visa application process requires proof of travel intent, it may be reasonable to buy the tickets. Visa applications often necessitate evidence of your intention to travel.

However, if there’s uncertainty or the visa application doesn’t mandate ticket proof, it might be prudent to wait, especially if having tickets isn’t a deciding factor for your travel plans.

It’s essential to consider ticket flexibility when making this decision. Non-flex Business Class tickets are usually more expensive but may offer cancellation with a modest administration fee. Alternatively, opt for a ticket class that allows changes with minimal fees. If your visa gets rejected, you can change to a “flexible” class and cancel within a day or two.

Please note that this answer is provided with limited information, and individual circumstances can vary widely.

Is it legal to apply for Schengen visa with dummy tickets ?

No, using a dummy ticket is not advisable when applying for a Schengen visa. However, it is acceptable to utilize a flight itinerary for your Schengen visa application. In fact, many consulates recommend that visa applicants refrain from booking their flight tickets until their visa has been approved, and they explicitly state that they are not responsible for any financial losses incurred in case of visa rejection.

Yes, embassies typically accept flight itineraries as part of the visa application process, and in some cases, they advise applicants to only purchase flight tickets after their visa has been approved. However, for transit visas, a fully paid flight ticket for the onward journey is usually required.

It is advisable to provide an email confirmation or website screenshot printout of your intended flight itinerary directly from the airline. This should clearly show your planned date of departure and route. It is highly recommended not to purchase your flight tickets until your visa has been approved.

For Schengen visa applications, a round trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying the entry and exit from the Schengen state is typically required. While some Schengen authorities may accept the itinerary during the visa application, they may request the original air ticket when the visa is collected.

Vfs Global & Spain Consulate

Is there a way to obtain a flight itinerary for visa application purposes without having to pay for the actual flight?

As of 2023, FlightGen app offers the option to obtain unlimited flight itineraries for 24 hours at the incredible price of $15. Additionally, if you have co-passengers, you can include them for free when booking through the FlightGen app, which is quite a valuable offer.


Should I book tickets before visa UK?

No. You don’t have to buy a flight ticket before you apply for a visa. Instead, you can present a flight itinerary which you can book without paying the full price of the travel ticket and once you obtain your visa you can purchase the real flight ticket.

Can I travel to the UK before my visa starts?

You must not travel to the UK before the date your visa is valid from as you would be entered as a visitor and cannot study a full-time course that is longer than 6 months in duration. If you have a Student visa and have digital immigration status, you will not be issued with a BRP.