An invitation letter for visa in one of the most important documents, along with a cover letter when applying for any visa. Usually these letters sit on top of the stack of documents you are submitting to the visa officer as the consulate can read them to get an overview of your whole visa application and can be crucial when they make a decision regarding your visa approval.

This is also the only place where you can talk to the consulate and add any additional information that might help the consulate. So it is important to maintain the right balance of being formal as well as add a personal touch.

FlightGen allows you to not only make a business invitation letter but also other supporting documents such as flight itinerary, hotel bookings, cover letter in under 5 minutes.

This article will show you how you can generate a letter of invitation for any visa that has been tested to work by more than 50,000 customers using the app FlightGen, where all you need to do is answer 10 questions and at the end download a well formatted invitation letter in pdf format.

What is an invitation letter ?

An invitation letter in simple terms is a document written by the host asking the consulate to approve the visa of the invitee . There are 3 parties involved in the drafting of an invitation letter, the host (with whom you will be staying), the consulate (the visa officer who is inspecting the visa documents) & the visa applicant.
So the host would be writing the letter asking the consulate to approve the visa of the applicant (in this case, yourself). So an invitation letter for any visa will be in the host’s perspective.

Note: An invitation letter for travel visa must be written in the perspective of the host, that is as if the host is talking to the consulate on behalf of the visa applicant.

Can I use the invitation letter as sponsorship letter ?

Yes. an invitation letter can also be a sponsorship letter as the format in FlightGen also allows you to enter the expense bearer of the trip.
The expense bearer for your trip can be:

  • The host (or company in case of business invitation letter)
  • The invitee (usually the visa applicant or the visa applicants company)
  • Relative/Spouse of the visa applicant (in case you are travelling with your family to see the host)
  • Others

Whatever the case may be it is necessary to submit proofs of sustenance for visa process to prove the ability to handle the expenses of the trip.

What are the different types of invitation letter for a visa?

The type of invitation letter depends on the purpose of travel . For example the invitation letter for tourist, visitor visa will be less formal and if you are applying for a business visa, then you will need to be more formal and also the invitation letter must be printed on the company letter head of the host company.

There are broadly two types of invitation letters for visa purpose.

Though the format for both travel and invitation letter are significantly different, there are some common details between them. We will the common fields between both them as well what makes them different.

Common fields between travel & business invitation letters

The common details between both the invitation letter are:

  • Name as in passport of the visa applicant
  • Phone number (if consulate wants to contact you for additional information)
  • email & password
  • Passport Number
  • Nationality
  • consulate name you are applying for visa with
  • Address of the consulate (Google the address of the consulate and add them here)
  • Applying for Schengen (Europe) visa ?
  • Company name of the visa applicant
  • Designation of the visa applicant
  • Phone number & email of the host (for business contact person within the host company)
  • Name of the host (contact person for business invitation letter)
  • Relationship between the host & the visa applicant
  • Expense bearer of the trip (company name for business who is taking care of the travel expenses)
  • Travel dates of the trip

What should be included in letter of invitation for travel visa?

For travel visa the additional details needed other than the above mention are:

  • Visa Type
  • Work information of the visa applicant (employed, self-employed, student, retired)
  • Relationship with the visa applicant
  • Travel itinerary (explained below)
  • Visa documents (explained below)

Travel Itinerary

A travel itinerary is a tentative day-wise activity that is planned if your visa is approved. Usually if you are applying for a visa for 10 days, it is recommended that you at least add travel plans for minimum 5 days.

Within FlightGen app, you have the option to add a travel itinerary by selecting the dates and adding one or two lines of details about what you intend to do that day.

Travel Itinerary
Add travel itinerary for each day of your trip

A sample travel itinerary would be as shown below:
Apr 10, 2024 : Day 1: Arrive at Frankfurt and catch the ICE to Würzburg. Overnight at Babelfish
Apr 11, 2024 : Explore Marienburg Fortress and the Vineyards on the way up. While coming
down, enjoy the Japanese Garden. Optional: Guided tour of the fortress
Apr 12, 2024 : Take a day trip to Veitshochheim Castle and Rocco Garden via Ferry from
Apr 13, 2024 : Hike up the Vineyards (Wein am Stein) and do a wine tasting on the way. Watch
sunset at the Steinberg Hotel along with some local food
Apr 14, 2024 : Explore the City Centre and enjoy the various wares from local vendors at the
marketplace in front of the Church. Take an official city tour with a tour of the old town.

Visa documents

For travel visa, it is a good idea to add the documents that will be submitted as part of the invitation letter. FlightGen has already some 100 documents preloaded, all you need to do is select them and they will be automatically included in the invitation letter.

Add the visa documents that you will be done

Ofcourse, there might be some additional documents that you might be submitting to make your visa application more stronger, such as tickets to an event or booking a special train or bus. There is an option to add those documents within FlightGen in the next section.

Add any additional visa documents

Sample Invitation letter for travel visa

If you had followed the steps above, you will be able to download a well formatted invitation letter which can be used for your visa purposes.

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Requirements for drafting a business invitation letter

For business invitation letter you will need to include details such as:

  • Name of the inviting company
  • Contact person name
  • Contact person phone no
  • Contact person email
  • Company name of the visa applicant
  • Designation of visa applicant
  • Any existing relationship between the two companies
  • Travel Agenda (explained below)

Travel Agenda

A travel agenda is a day-wise breakdown of work-related activities planned during your visit to the host country. This must convince the consulate that a travel is really necessary and cannot be done remotely.

  • 12 Jan : Meet the management team and present the powerpoint presentation of growth plan for 2024.
  • 14 Jan : Get training on the new software for manufacturing plant. 
  • 15 Jan : Get training on the new software for manufacturing plant. 
  • 16 Jan : Prepare training material that is to be taken back to India to train peers.
  • 17 Jan : Prepare training material that is to be taken back to India to train peers.
  • 18 Jan : Attend team lunch and be introduced to the team members who are working on the new project.
  • 19 Jan: Visit the Production line of the upcoming products 
  • 20 Jan : Training on production line optimizing tool.
  • 30 Jan : Fly back to India
Add travel agenda or business schedule

Sample invitation letter for business visa

The output of the wizard is an invitation letter in pdf format is as below. You need to get it signed, sealed and must be printed by the inviter company.

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