Oman is one of the brightest and happening places. If you’re in the mood for some adventure of water activities, Oman is the place to be. During the last decade, the travellers from India as well have taken interest in this beautiful country. So, the request and internet searches for Oman visa on arrival has increased. But sorry to say that Oman has no Visa-On-Arrival in the country as of Feb 2019. However, there are still some kiosks available at the Oman International Airport, but we cannot say if they still provide the visa on arrival or not.
Oman eVisa is a convenient alternative to visa on arrival (earlier process). The eVisa is a completely online process. Visa process can be cumbersome sometimes, particularly when you’re not aware of where to go and what to do. Thankfully, Blinkvisa makes it easy for you.
Blinkvisa helps you to get your Tourist visa without much effort from your side. You won’t have to spend time with documentations, scrutiny, waiting, etc. In addition to that, you get 100% cashback on your full visa fee which you can use to book flights, hotels, and sightseeing activities.
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Blinkvisa offers you personalized itineraries as well. Our visa experts can develop perfect plans for you to enjoy your holiday with family or friends.

What is the difference between Visa-On-Arrival & eVisa?

Before Feb 2019, Oman had the provision of getting Visa-On-Arrival. It’s basically that you booked the flight tickets, picked your travel documents and left to Oman. There on the Airport, you get a stamp on your passport called Visa On Arrival.
eVisa is a process which is wholly done online. You visit an official site of Oman and apply for a visa. You’ll have to fill your and travel details, upload documents after you thoroughly check if everything is correct, pay the fees and wait. If your visa gets rejected, the entire fee is non-refundable.
For more information, read Oman eVisa

Please note: Make sure you apply for eVisa from a trusted source like Oman Government site or Blinkvisa. 

The Convenience of Oman Visa Online

At Blinkvisa, you don’t have to pay the entire visa fees at the start. You just pay INR 500 at the beginning and rest of the amount after your visa gets approved. And as already stated, you get this entire amount back in you Blinkwallet. Click below to apply and get the entire amount as cashback, even before you pay the amount.

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Types of Oman eVisa for Indians

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Oman visa fees

Visa Type Initial Charges Visa Fees Tax Total  Avail Cashback
Tourist (10 Days) INR 500 INR 5399 18% INR 5989 INR 5989
Tourist (30 Days) INR 500 INR 9399 18% INR 9989 INR 9989

Note: At Blinkvisa, we provide a 100% cashback on your Oman visa fees. Using this cashback (Blinkcash) you can seek discounts on flight tickets, hotel reservations, travel activities, etc. on the Blinkvisa portal

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Process of Applying for eVisa

Since there’s no Visa on Arrival anymore, you have to opt for eVisa which is much preferred. Because if you went to Oman and forget to take any document or fulfil any requirement, then you can’t enter the country. But when you apply online, it will tell you the entire process of how it’s done, documents, requirements, fees, visa types, etc.
Please read Oman Visa to find the detailed information.
The process is simple. You register on our site, pay the initial amount of INR 500 and get the entire visa fees as cashback which is INR 5989  & INR 9989 for 30-Day Tourist Visa. Yes, you will get this amount back in your Blinkwallet immediately, even before you pay the entire amount. Once your visa gets approved, you can download the visa from Blinkvisa portal after clearing the remaining dues.
It’s that easy. To know the detailed process, which is not that difficult, you can visit Oman Visa Application.

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Documents Required for eVisa (Visa On Arrival not Available Anymore)

Since visa on arrival is not available anymore, for the Tourist eVisa, you require the following basic documents:

  • Passport
  • Passport-Size Photos
  • Accommodation Proof (Usually hotel booking)
  • Return Flight (if any)

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Get the detailed information on documents required on Oman Visa Requirements.

I need to make a plan for Oman. What do I do?

Get in contact with our experts who will guide you create a perfect plan or entire itinerary for you to enjoy with friends or family. Click the button below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Blinkwallet and how do I use the cashback?

Blinkwallet is your online wallet on Blinkvisa portal in which you received the cashback. Cashback is automatically applied as extremely attractive and huge discounts when you book hotels or flights from our portal on Blinkvisa Bookings.

2. Do Indians need a visa to visit Oman?

Yes, Indians need a visa to visit Oman for tourism.

For more information, read Oman Visa for Indians 

3. What happened to Oman Visa on Arrival?

As of Feb 2019, Oman stopped providing Visa on Arrival and started the process of online visa also known as eVisa. There are still few temporary kiosks on Oman Airport but they are not reliable or guaranteed.

4. How do I provide documents for my Visa?

Colour scanned copies of passport and photos are required. Find more details on Oman Visa Requirements.

5. What happens if my visa gets rejected?

Usually, if any visa gets rejected, the amount is not refunded back. But on Blinkvisa, since you don’t have to pay the entire amount at the beginning; if visa gets rejected, you won’t lose the entire visa fees. Also, you’ll get the entire amount credited back to your Blinkwallet as cashback. Not just the initial amount, the entire fees, which you haven’t even paid. Isn’t that great?

6. What are the other types of Oman visas?

Some of the other types of Oman visa are;