Agricultural Year, Bargadar, Certificate, Collector, Consolidation, Holding, Land,
Personal Cultivation, Raiyat, Revenue, Revenue Officer, Scheduled Tribe
Amendments appended: 31 of 2000, 18 of 2003, 28 of 2010, 6 of 2012

West Bengal Act X of 1956 THE WEST BENGAL LAND REFORMS ACT, 1955. CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. Preliminary. Scc~ions. 1. Shon rille. exlent and commenccmenr. 1 A. Dcclaralion as 10 the policy of rhc Srarc. 2. Dcfinilions. , . 3. Act to override other laws. 3A. Righrs of non-agricul[ural-tcnanls and under-kenan& in non-agricullural land to vcst in he S~arc. Raiyals. Rights of raiyar in rcspccr of land. Cerlain resrrictions on righrs of raiyars in Sadar, Kalirnpong and Kurseong sub-divisions of Darjceling Dislricr. Mainlcnancc and prcscrva~ion of Iand. Permission for changc of ma, characler or use of land. Offcnces and pcndlies. Bar to regislralion. Transferability of holding of a roijat. (Otllirfed). Lirnila~ion on Inortgagz of raiyuti holdings. Right of purchase by co-sharer or conriguous rcnanr. Rcvenue OFficer lo allow the application ,md apporrion lands in ccnain cascs. Consequences of an order for transfer. Diluvjared Iands. Land gained by recess of river or sea. (Omirred). Pa~ri~ion of holding among co-sharer rrriyots. CHAPTER IIA. Restrictions on alienation of Iand by Scheduled Tribes. 14A. Provisions or Chapter nA lo override oker provisions of this ACI. t4B. Restrictions on alienation of land by Schcdulcd Tribes. Tlze West Berrgal Larrd ReJanss Acr, 1955. i I [West Den. Act Sccrions. 14C. Modcs of trawfcr of land by Scheduled Tribcs. 14D. Transfer in conrravenhon or Chapler HA shall not be valid unless rcgistcred. 1 I – I E, Power to Revenuc OFficcr to sel asidc improper transfers by raijar. 14F. Resrriction on ~hc sale of roi!.of’s holding or ;my portion thereof. I1FF. Brrrnrrli wansaction or instmmcnr ro be void. 14G. Powcr to the Revenue Oificcr to se~tle or scll holding lor realization of cerlifica~e ducs. 14ET. Appeal and revision. 14HH. Setting aside of sale of land of a raiya! belonging to a Scheduled Tribe. 141. Bar lo suirs. .. . CHAPTER IIB. Cciling on Holdings. provisions of Chaptcr IIB to have ovcmding effecl. Dcfinirions. No raijat ro hold land in cxccss of the ceiling area. i Ceiling nrca. Detcrminuion of irrigated area. Appeal. Land ~ransferrcd after the 7th day of Augusl, I969 tobc rakcn into account in dclcrmining the cciIing area. Ceilirig area in special ci~cs. t Exernpuon. ! Vesting of land in cxcess of cciljng arca. Powcr lo cnrcc upon and takc possession or vcstcd land. Duty of roijat ro furnish return. Restriction on transfer of land by a miyar. , .. . , – Paymen! of amount. . . -. (On it fed). Bar of jurisdjclian of Civi I Couns. Limita~jon on iu~ure acquisilion of land by a r-aiyut. Application of Chaptcr IIB. CHAPTER 111. 15. Ceriain snfcguards for holdings cultivated by borgadars. 15A. Conrinua[io~~ or righl or cultivation on Bargador’s dealh. 16. S harc or produce payable by a bargrrdttr. 1 6A. Bat4pndar cntilled to recovcr his share in ccrlain cases. 17. Terminationofcultivadonbybrrr~adar. 18. Turisdiclion lo dccide certain disputes. Sccrions. l8A. Conlinuancc in orficc of oficers and aulhoritics appoinred under sections 17 and 18 unlil I. successor commences ro funcrion. 19. Appeal. 19A. Penally. 19B. Restoration of land to bargarlar. 20. Pmccdure and execulion. ?Oh. Scrting aside or order for tenninauon of culdvariun by bargudors. 10B. Surrcndcr or abandonment by bargadar. 2 1. Bar of jurisdicdon. 2 1 A. Temporary stay of procccdings for termination of cultivation by borgadars. ‘ 21 8. Person cultivating land of another person lo be presumed lo be a bargadar in cenain cases. 2 IC. Conslitution of Sralc Land Corporalion or Regional Land Corporation. 21 D. Names of borgadars lo be cntcrcd in rhe record-of-rights. 2 1 E. Bar 10 lcgal practitioners. Provisions tu to revenue. 22. Liability 10 pay revenue. 23. Delerminauon of rcvcnuc. 23A. Abalemenl of rcvcnuc in respect of homeslcad. 23B. Re-assessment of revenuc. cxcmplion of revcnuc of small holdings and payment of surcharge. 23C. Partial application of section 23B lo [he hilly portion of thc disuicr of Dajccling. i ! ::’ ] [Ot~~ifrcd). 32. 33. Grounds for nl~erarion of revenue. 34. Bar ro jurisdiclion of Civil Coun. 35. Ins~alment, time and placc far payment of revenue. 36. Kaijat en~itlcd to a receipt for revenuc. 37. Rebare on paymcnt in time and interesr on arccan. 38. Procedure for recovery or arrcars of revenuc. CHAPTER V, Consolidation of lands comprised in holdings, and Co-operative Farming Societis. 39. Acquisirion of holdings Tor consolida~ion. 40. Rcdislriburion of land aflcr acquisition. 4 1. Transference of incurnbranccs on holding. 42. Recnverv of the excess valuc oTallntted lanrl. 582 rile West Bengal hrtd Refortris Acr, 1955. [West Ben. Act Sections. 43. Formadon of Co-operative Fanning Socielies. u. Restriclion on uansrcr of shares in a Co-operarive Farming Sociely. 45, Dissolution of a Co-operarive Farming Socicty. 46. Transfer of lands on dissolution of a Co-opcrative Farming Socicty. 47. Rcvenuc payable by a Co-opcmiive Fming Society. 48. Concession and faciliucs for a Co-opcriltive Farming Socicry. 48A. Formation of Co-operative Common Service Socicry. CHAPTER VI. . . , – Principles of distribution of lands. 49. hinciplcs or disuibution of lands. 49A. Peualry for unauthorised occupalion of vcsrcd lands. CHAPTER VII. i Maintenance of the record-of-rigbts. 50. Mainrcnance of the record-of-righu. CHAPTER VITA. Prcparation or revision of record-of rights. 50A. Sccdon 50 not to apply to cerlain cases. , – . . …-. . 51. Rcvision or preparalion of the record-of-rights. 51A. Drah and final publication of the recard-of-righls. . 5 IB. Revision or correction of enlry in record-of-righa. . . 5 1 ED. Revision or correc~ion of enq in record-of-righls before or afrer final publication. . 5 IC. Bar to jurisdiction of Civil Court in respect or cemin matters. 5 1D. (Olnirred). CHAPTER vm. Management of lands, 52. Managenienr of lands. 52A. Provision for eslablishmcnt of Govcrnmenl Company, crc. 52B. Power to cnlcr upon or rake possession of land. The West Bertgal Lurid Relornu Act, 1955. CHAPTER IX. Scclions. 53. Delegalion of powers by the Stale Governmenl. 53A. Revenue Officer lo be a necessary party in all suits, elc. 54. Appeals. 55. Limitation for appcals. 56. Power to enter upon land, lo make swey, clc. 57. Powers of officers dealing with proceedings under his Acl. 58. Proleclion of aclion laken under rhis Acl. 59. Repeal. 60. Powcr lo make rulcs. 61. Bar ro jurisdicrion of Coun. 62. Power lo Slale Governmcnr lo givc direcuons. 63. Repeal and savings. West Bengal Act X of 1956′ THEWESTBENGALLANDREFORMS ACT, 195S2. . . . . Nil. 1 Wes~ Ben. ACL XXIlI of 1957. West Ben. Acl VI of 1960. Wesl Bcn. Act XVIlI ol 1960. West Bcn. Act XVI of t 962. Wen Ben. Acl XVm of 1965. Wesr Ben. Act XI of 1966. Wcsl Bcn. Act XI of 1969. West Ben. ACI XXIII of I969. 1 West Ben. Act XI1 of 1972. Wes~ Bcn. Act XXVm of 1972. West Ben. Act XXXm of 1974. – West Ben. Act XXIlI of 1975. Wcs~ Ben. Acr XI1 of 1976. Wes~ Bcn. Aa XXXW of 1977. West Bcn. Act XXXVII of 1978. Wesl Bcn. Act XXXIX of 1978. Wesl Ben. Act XLI of 1980. Wesl Ben. Act L of 198 1. Wesl Bcn. Acl V of 1986. West Ben. Act XIX of 1956. Wcst Ben. Acl XXXV of 1986. West Bcn. Act XXIII of 1989. West Bcn. Act XXIV of 1990. Wcst Ben. Act XXIV of 1996. An Acr ;o rejurnl rile law relarirzg to la~rdtet~rrre cotrseqrrerrr or1 rile vestirtg of all esrures aud of certailr rights t/~ereirr ?[usd also ro cotuolidare rlte larv relali~rg ro Im~d rcfonrrs] in tlre State. il is hereby enac~ed in the Sixth Year of the Republic ofhdia. by the Legislature of West Bengul, ns follows:- CHAPTER I. Preliminary. 1. (1) This Acl may be called [he Wesl Bengal Land Reforms Acl, Shon ~iilc, 1955. clrienr and cornmcncc- (2) 11 cx~ends lo rhc whole of Wcst Benga14[except he area described ,- \~st Ben. in Schedulc I of the Calcutla Municipal Corporalion Act. 1980, but no1 Aft XXX[I excepting the area included in [he said Schedule, which, inlrnediately before thc conling into Force of he Calcu~a Municipal Corporalion \Vea Bm. LIX of (Arnendmcnt) Act. 1983, was comprised in the municipality of Jadavpur, 1980. Soulh Suburban or Garden Rcach:] ‘Provided that Ihe Slate Government may, from lime to rimc by notificalion in the Oficial Gazette, exlend and bring into force ~hc ‘In term< of thc provisions of sub-srction (3) ofscction 3 read wirh Schedule I!! of thc West Bengd T’nnsrerrcd Tcrritorics (Assimilationolhws) ACI, I958 (West Ben. Aci XIX or 1958), his Act shall not cniend to, or corn into force in, the rerri~ories tmnsrerrcd from the SiatcolBiharro he Srafe 01 Wcst Btngd by s. 3 olthc Biharand Wcst Bcngizl (TmTcr or Tcmfories) Acr. 1956 (XL of 1956). +For the Statemcni of Objecrs ad Rcaons. scc Ihz Cnlcurta Goterte, Exrraordinaq: datcd thc IOh Dcccrnkr, 1954, Pnrt IVA. agc 1765. For Repon of he Joint Sclccr Commirlec.scrthzCalcurro Ga:crre. hrroflr&rny, dnlcd the l8th Augwt, 1955. Pnn IYA. page 1215. For proccedings orrhc West Bcngal Legislmivc Assembly. see the pmctxdings of the rnecrings of the WCSI Bengal Legislaiiw Assembly, hcld on ihe 24ih md the 251h Februq, 16th Augus~ 271h, 28th. 29th md 3Dth Seplernbcr, Isr, 3rd. 4h. 5th. 6lh, 7th, 8h, 10th md 11th Oclokr. lab. 13h and 14rhDccember. 1955; and for hc proccedings of hc Wcst Bengd Lcgisluivc Council, ree thc pmeedings of the rnccunp oilhc WCSL Bcngal kgislative Council hcld on the 4th Mmch, 18lh August, 21hh and 2151 Deccmkr. 1955. ‘The words within thc square hnckcr werc inscned by s. ? or ~hc Wcst Bcngaf hd Refom (Amendmcni) Act. 1981 [West Bcn. Aa L 01 198 I) w.c.I.7.8.69. ‘Thc words, figuresand rust bnckels wihinIhcsquare bmckcrs wctt substirutd forthc words md figures “cxccpc rhe – descrikd in Schcdulc 1 of rhe Calcutta Municipal Ac1. 1851. a hmcd to have bccn mcndrd undcr section 594 of that Aci.” by s. 2 ofhc West Bcngd land Rerorms (Amcndmenr) Aci. 1986 (Wat Bcn. Act V or 1986) w e F 4 1 R4 The Wesr Betigal Lat~d Refonns Act, 1955. West Ben. Act provisians of this Act, in whole or in part, to such pm or par& of the area described in Schedule I to !he Calcutla Municipal Act, 195 1, wih wesr Bcn. effect from such dare or dales u may be specified in the notificalion. $!Gy”‘ (3) This section shall come into forcc a1 once and the rcmining provisions of this ACI, in wholc or in pan, shall come into ‘forcc on such dale or dales and in such districr or part of a district as thc Srate Government may from time to rime by no~ification in Ihc Oficial Gazerre specify. IlecImlion ?]A. Ir is hereby declxcd thal his Act is for giving cffcci to the as to ~hr policy of lhc policy of ~hc Stale lowards securing the principles specified in clauses Sratc. (h) and (c) of article 39 of the Constiru~ion of India. ‘Thc pmvisions orclausc (2). clausc (7) inctuding ~hc~lnrrorinr~ thcrcto. clausc (8) and clausc (9) of section 2, scclion 3. sfction 16, scclion 17 [except sub-scclion (3) kreoi], stclion I#. scction 19. sarion 20. section 21. *lion 59 [so Tar as it relnles ro clause (7) rhercol] and scction 60 came inlo fom in all the dirtricls of Wcst Bengd with erfcct rmm the 31s1 March, 1956, ride notificdon No. 63461. Rcl.. dated Ihc 30th March, 1956. published in thr Culcrrrrfl Gnzme. Errraordinav. ddptcd the 31sl Mmh, 1956, PM I, pagc 679. The provisions of scc~ion 57 umc into force on rhe 1st SeptcmLr, 1957, in all he disrricrr, or W-1 Bcnpd cxccp~ in ihc disuict of Pumlia md exccpt in hc police-stniions of Chopa Kmndighi, Is1mpur and Goalpoh or the Raigmj subdivision in lhe disrricl of Wesr Dinajpur. ~.idrnotifirnion No. 19990.-L. Ref., darcd the 13th August. 1957, published in the Culculfu Guzcltc, Er:ranrdinar)-. dated hc 17th August, 1957. Pan 1, pqc 3239. The provisions olclaust (12) ol~clion 2 cane into forcc on thc 15th Jnnuuy. 1958, in all thc distric~ of War Bengal cxccpt in Ihc disuicr oiPurulia and excepl in the policc-stalions of Chopm hdighi, Islnmpur and Goalpokharorthc Raiganj subdivision in the district of Wcsl Din~jpur, vide norificnrion No. 624L. Ref., daied ~hc 14h Jmuy, 195%. publirhcd in ~ht CalEirt~~ Garcfle, firroordi~ray. ddarcd he I41h January. 1958. Pu I, pqc 79. Thc provisions of sec~ions 19A and 19B came inlo ~OKC on Lhc 16th February. 1958, in dl rhc disuicls of WML Bengal except in the disuict of Purulin and cxccpr in rhc police-slations of Chopn, Kmdighi. lslampur and Godpnkhu orlhc Raigmj subdivision in lhc disvicr 01 Wuj~ Dinajpur, vide noufiurion No. 2730L. Ref., darcd l3~h Fcbruw, 1958. published in ~hc Culcrrrrn Gazerrc. Errraordir~u~, datcd Lhc 131h Fcbruuy. 1958, Pun I, pnge489. Clausc (lo) ofsec. 2 aod sets. 43). 6,8.9, 10,54 and 55 cm inlo Tow on rhc 22.10.63, in a11 he districts of West Bengalexcepr in thew ttandcrred from Biharm Wesi Bengd under Aer 40 of 1956, vide norificntion No. 17998L. Ref.. dad 12.10.63. publishcd in thc &lcurm ~merre. &rmorditray. oi 1963, Pat I. page 3522~ Scclion 17(3) cmc into Iorce on 12.12.63, in dl ~hcdisvicrsorWcsr Sengdexcep~inthe~lmsfemd from Bihro Wcsr Bcngd under Act 40 or 1956, vide norilicalion No. 208 ISL. Ref,, darcd 9.12.63, published in thc Calcutrn Garre. Errraordinaq, of 1963. Pan 1, pgc 409 1. Clause (6) oFscc. Z, xcs. 4(1), (11, (4) md (5). 4, 14. 15.49 and 58 came into lorce on the 7.6.65, in dl hcdisvicu af Wesl Bcngal cxccplinrhcw imrcrrcd fromBihwto Wcs~Bcngal undcrAcr40011956. iide nolificalion No. S 144L. Rci.. dnicd ~hc 4.6,65. publjshcd in rhc Cnlrurru Gozcrre, filraordit~nry, of 1965. Pm I, page 1 195. Subsections (I), (3), (4) and (6A) ofsetion 2, subsection (?A), (28) md I2C) of=. 4, scc. 4A. s~. I I, sec. 12. all the provisions of Chprer IIA, proviso to sub-sccrion ( I) and sub-scc~ion (2A). (2B). and (6)of sn. IS, subseclion (3) md (4) of sec. 19, dl thcprovisions of Chnprcn IV, VII and VI11,section 56, and claum ( I), [Z), (3, (4). (5) and (6) of se~, 59 cam into force in all thcdisvjcr of Wcsr Bengalcxccpr in thc rnnsfcrrcd fro~n Biharto We51 Bengal under Act 400f 1965. vide notilicauon No. 14810L. Rei., dnted rhr 25.9.65, published ink Cnlcurro Gazcrte, Erfruordinuq, of 1965, Pan .I pages 3769-3770. .. . . . . . The Wesr Beltgal Larid Refomts Act, 1955. 587 , 2. In his Acl, unless there is anylhjng repugnanl in [hc subject or Dclinitions. context,– (1) “agriculrural year” means thc Bengali year commencing on rhc first day of Raisakfl; (2) “bargodor” means a pcrson who under the syslcrn gcnenlly known as i~rilri, barga or bkug culuvates the land of ano~hcr person on condition of delivering a share of the producc of such land ID that person ‘[and includes a person who under thc system generally known m kisatfi =(or by any other descriplion) culuva~es hc land of anolher person on condition of receiving a share of Ihc product of such land from that pcrson;] Bcn. Act Ill of 1913. ‘Explarratioa.-A. bargadnr shall coniinue to bc a bargodor hi1 cultivation by him is lawfully lern~jnaled under this Act; (3) “cerlificare” means a cenificare signed under the Bcngal Public Demands Recovery Acl 19 13; (4) “Colleclor” means the Collector of a districl or any orher officer appoinrcd by he Slate Govcmment ro discharge any of thc funclions of a Collcclor under [his Acr; (5) “consolidation” includes re-arrangemen! of parcels of land comprised in a holding or in differcnr hoIdings for Ihe purposc of rendering such holding or holdings morc compact; (6) “holding” means he Imd or lands held by a raiyat and ~realed as a unit for assessrncnt of revenue; ‘(6A) “incumbnnce” means any lien, easemcnl or other right or interest created by a raijar on his holding or in limitation of his own intercst therein, but docs not include the right of the bargadar lo cultivale the land of the holding; – ‘TIE words wirhin rhe squm bnckeu were inscncd by s. 2(i) ofthe West Bcngd Land Reforms (Arncndrnent) Act, 1972 west Ben. Act X11 of 1972). ‘The words wilhin hc fin1 bnckcts wcrt insened by s. S(a)(i) of thc WCSL Bcngnl hnd Rclonns (Amendment) Acr. 1981 (Wcst Ben. ACI Lof 1981). w.c.i. 7.8.69. ‘Thc ‘Erglnr~ntiorl’ was added by s. 5[21)(ii), ilrid. ‘Clause (6A) was inscned with lemspcctive erfecl by s. 2[l) orthl: Wcsl Bengal Land Rclorrns (Amendment) Act. 1965 (Wmt Ren. Act XVIII of 1965) The West Betrgal hrrd Refortns Acr, 1955. [Wwl Ben. Act ‘(7) “land” means land of cvcry description and includes tank, tank-fishery, fishcry, homes~ead, or land used for thc purpose of livc-srock breeding, pouly farming. dairy or land comprlscd in rea garden, mill. factory, workshop, orchard, hot. bu:ar. ferries. tolls or land having any olher sairati interesls, and any olher Iand rogclher wilh all intercsrs, and benefits arising out of land and things allachcd lo the eanh or pcrmanenlly fa~ened lo any rhing auachcd to cmh; hpianatio~r.-“Hornesiead” shall have he same mcaning WCSL Bcn. . . ., . 1954. as in thc West Bengal Estat~s Acquisidon Act, 1953. ACtlOr – : (8) “Pcrsonal cultivation” means cultivarion by a person of his own land on his own account- (a) by his own labour, or (b) by he labour of any membcr of his family. or (c) by scrvanrs or labourers on wages payablc in cash or in kind =[(not being as a share of the product)] or bo1h: ‘Provided [hat such person or memhr of his family resides for he grcaler pan of thc ycar in the localily whcrc he land is si~uated and [he principal sourcc of his income is “[produce of] such land. 3Explattario~t.-The lerrn “family” shall have the same meaning as in clause (c) of scciion 14K. (9) “prescribed” mcans prescribed by rulcs made by he Sta[c Governmcnr under his Acl; 5(9A) “prescribed auhoriry” means an aulhorily appointed by the Slate Government, by no~ificnljon in he OfJiciai Gazelre, for all or any of Ihc purposcs of [his Act; ‘Clnuse (7) wit? subslilutcd Tor rhc original ckuse by 3. S(b) of the West Bengal Land Rclom (Amendment) Acl, 1981 (Wcsr Bcn. ACI L 01 1481). w.e.L 7.8.69. Prior ro thk subs~i~u~ion, rhe words “bul does no1 includc~~li”. wcrc inscnedattheendof originalclause (7), by s. 2(ii)of the WeslBengd Lmd Rclarna (Amcndmenr) Act, 1972 (W~~rBen.Acr XI1 or 1972), ‘Thc list bnckcls nod words wilhin rhc square bnckcls wcrc inserted by s. Z[iii). ibid. ‘The ‘Proviso’ and rht ‘Erplu~mlian’ wcrcdded focl~use (8) by s. 2of the Wcst Bengal Lad ReTom (Amnd~ncnl) Act, 1977 (WESI Bcn. Act XXX~V of 1977). ‘Thc words wihin the square bnckeE were subsfitutcd for he words “pmduccd fron~” by s. 2 oirhr: West Bengal Land Rcrorms (A~ncndwnr) Act, 1978 (West Bcn, Acr XXXlX of 1978). w.e.L 3.2.78. ‘Clause (9A) was inscncd by s. 2 olhc Wcsr Bend Land Reforms (Amendment) Act, The Wesr BerrgaI Larrd Rejon~rs Acr, 1955. ‘(10) “raiyar” means a person or an institution holding land for any purposes whakoever; (1 1) “revcnuc” means whalevcr is lawfully payblc or deliverable in money or kind or both by a raiyar under d~e provisions OF this Act in rcspcct of [IIZ land held by him; (12) “Revenuc OIIicer” rncans any officer whom lhc State Govcmmcnt may ?appoint by name or by viituc of his officc to discharge any orhc funclions of a Rcvcnuc Officer in any arca; !(13) “Scheduled Tribe” shall have the samc meaning as in clause (25) of article 366 of the Constitution of India. ‘3. The provisions of this Act shall havc cffcct no~withstanding Aato anylhing inconsis~enl therewith in any olher law for the time being in ~~~~Vsforcc or in any custom OF usage or conriact, express or implied, or agreement or dccree OF order or decision or award or a courl, ~ribunal or other aulhoriry. ‘3A. (1 ) The righb and intcrests of a11 non-agricul~ural lenanls and Wcrt Ben. under- tenants under !he Wcst Bengal Non-Agricul tural Tenancy Act, 1\c1 XX of 1949. 1949 shall vesr in Ihc State free from all cncumbrances. and fit provisions west Bcn, uFsccBons 5 and 5A of hc Wesr Bengal Esrates Acquisition An, 1953 5h11 apply, wirh such modihcalions as may be necessary, ~srr~aris ~t~llumrrdis 1953. IO all such non-agricultural tcnants and under-rcnants as if such nonagricultural renanls and undcr-tenants were intermediaries and the land held by rhcm wcre estates and a pcson holding undcr a non-agricultural tenant or under-tenan1 wcre a raiyat. Expla?ratiotr.-No~hing in scctions 5 and 5A of the Wesl Bengal Esralcs Acquisi~ion Act, 1953 shall be construed lo affect in any way the vesting of the rjghls and intcrcsu of a non-agricuIlur~1 tenant or undcr-ten an^ under rhc West BengaI NonmAgricuI~ural Tenancy Act, 1949 in the Stale undcr sub-secuon (I) OF [his seclion. I Kighrs of ! non- I agricullunl i rcnmts and undertcnmrs in nonagncultunl I imd to vcsr in ihc Smtc. ‘Clausc (10) ws subsrirurcd lor lheorigind by s, 5(c) of tht: \Vat Bcngd Lmd Reforms (Amendment) Acr, 1981 (Wcs~ Ben. Act Lor 1981), w.e.f. 7.8.69. Prior to [his substilulion, thcwords “a person or an ins~itution holding”, wcrcsubsliluled Tor~hcwork “apcrson who holds”. by ~-2(iv)ofrhe Wes~BmgdLandRcforms(Amendmcn~) Act. 19720Vest Ben. Acl XI1 01 1971). , ‘For nolificalion relaring lo appoinlmcn~ of all sub-divisional oificcrs as the olficrrs rcfcrredto in section 17( 1)011hc~c1 forthe mas s~cilicd.seenorificarion No. 7BOL. Rcf., dated 17.1.58 published in [hc Cnlcurrn Gazcrrc, Ertruordi~mry of 1958, Pari 1, pgc 167. ‘Clausc (13) WJS added by s. 2 dthc West Btngd hd Rcforms (Second A~ntndmcnt) Acl. 1986 [West Bcn. Acr XIX of 1936). ‘Scction 3 ws suhstiturcd for the origind scction by s. 6 of rhc WCSI Bengd Land Rclorms (Amndmrnt) ACI, 1981 (War Ben. Acr L of 198 I), w.c.L 7.8.69. ‘Secrion 3A wx Iirsl inaencd by s. 7. ibid. Thcn, rhc swne was substitulrd by s. 2 of the Wcsr Bengal Land ReToms (Third Amcndrncnt) Act, 1986 (Wcsr Ben. Act XXXV of 1986). Tile lest Bengal Lo~ld Re Jorr~rs Act, 1955- [West Ben. Act (2) Notwirhslanding anything contained in sub-section (I), a non- ! agricultural tenanl or under-(enant under the West Bengal Non- r:kFxi Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1949, holding in his Allas possession any land 1949. lo which ~hc provisions of sub-secuon (1) apply, shall, subject 10 he other provisions of !his Act. be enritlcd 10 retain as a raiyat he said land which together with othcr lands, if any, held by him shall no1 excecd rhc ceiling area undcr scction 14M. (3) Every inrcrrnediary,- (a) whose land held in his kl~as possession has vestcd in he Slate under sub-section (I), or Ib) whose estates or interests, oher lhan land held in his klrar possession, have vested in thc Stale under sub-sdon (I), shall be entitled LO receive an amount to be dctcrmined in accordance wiih the provisions of scclion 14V. (4) Thc provisions of this section shall no1 apply lo any land to which thc provisions of the Calcutta Tlriko Tenancy (Acquisirion and Rcgulati~n) rsgZvrl Acl, 1981, apply. or 1981. (5) This section shall be deemed to havc comeinlo force on and from thc 91h day of September, 1980. CHAPTER II. Raiyals. Righls of I 4. (1) Subject lo the olher provisions of his Act. a raiyat shalI on miwl in rcspccl of and after the comrnencemcnt of this Acr be he owner of his holding and land. he holding shalI be heritable and manslerable. (2) Nothing in sub-section (I) shall cntille a raiyai to subsoil righrs. l(2A) No roijat shall- ‘ (a) quarry sand, or permil any person to quarry sand, From his holding, or (6) dig or use, or permit any person lo dig or use, earth or clay of his holding Ibr Ihc manufacture of bricks or riles, . for any purpose, othcr than his own use, except wilh rhc previous permission in wriung of the S~ale Government and in accordance wirh such tcms and conditions and on payment of such fees as may be prescribed. ‘Sub-section (2A). originally insened by s. 3(1) of Wcsr Ben. Act XVlll of 1965. was subsutured by s. 3 ollhe West Bengal Land Reforms (Arncndment) Act, 1966 (Wcsl Bcn. Arr Yl -r InLC;> The West Bengal htrd Refanrrs Acr, 1955. ‘(2B) If any raiyar cammiu a brcach orthc provisions of sub-section ‘:: (2A), [he prescribed aulhorjty may, ahcr giving in the prescribed manncr an opportunily to he raiyar to show cause against the action proposed to be taken, impose upon him ‘[a fine no1 exceeding IWO thousmd rupees, and whcre he breach is a continuing one, a funhcr Iine nw exceeding two hundred rupees for each day] during which thc breach con~inues. Such fine, if not duly paid, shall be recoverable as a public demand. ‘(2C) An appeal shall lic from any ordcr made under sub-seclion (2A) in accordance with the provisions of sccuons 54 and 55. (4) Notwilhslanding anything in sub-scctian (I), [he holding of a raiyat, excluding his homestead, ‘[shall vest in thc Slate free from all incumbrances undcr an ordcr of he prescribed aulhorily madc in he prcscribcd manner] afler such enquiry as it thinks fit and alicr giving the r~i)~ut an opponuni~y LO show cause against the action proposcd ro bc rakcn if- (a) he has without any reasonable cause used he land comprised in the holding or a substantial part thcrcof for any purpose olhcr ban >[lhar for which il was hcld by him or settled by rhc Swe or directly incidental [herelo; (b) he has without any reasonable cause ccased lo keep the land or any subslanual part Ihcreof undcr personal culdvalion ‘[or has failed to uhlise he land consislently with Lhc original purpose of he tenancy or for any purpose directly incidental hereto] for a period of three consecurivz years or more exccpt when such Iahd is under a usufructuary mortgage menlioned in section 7; ‘Sub-scc~ions (2A) (which was la~trsubsu~u~cd by s. 3 Wcst Bcn. Act XI 01 1966- vide ~OOI-notc 1 on pagc 6. (2B) and (2C) wcrc inscncd by s. 3(1) of thc Wcsl Bengnl Lmd Rciom (Arncndmenr) Act, 1965 (Wcsr Ben. Act XVIII or 1965). The words wilhin the squm bnckcls wcn: subs~irurcd Ior hc words ‘h Tie not cxceedmg th hundred rupees. and whtrt thc brcach is a continuing one. a lunher Iine nor cxwding hlry rupees for each day” by s. 2 0th~ West Bengal Land Rerom (Second Amendment) Acl, 1969 (Wcst Ben. Aa MI1 of 19691. lSub-section (3) of seclion 4 wns ornined by s. 3 of hc Wcsr Bengal Land Reforms (Amendmea) Act, 1972 (West Ben. Act XU of 1972). ‘Tk words within the square bmckek were substituted for the words “shall h sold by thc prcscribcd aulhorily in hc prcsfrikd manner” by s, g(n)(i) or the Wcst Bcngd Land Rcrom (hndmcnr) Acr, 1981 (Wcst Bcn. Acl L or 198 1 ), w.c.f. 7.8.69. ‘The words wilhin he squm bmckets wcrc subsliiu~cd for the word “agriculrurc” by s. S(a)(ii). ibid. w.c.f. 7.8.69. The words wirhin the square brnckcn were inserted by s. S(n)(iii), ibid. w.c.F. 7.8.69. Cenain mslriclions on ti&h!s or I-O~!(IIJ in S2dw Knlimpong and Kurscong sub-divisions of Uajeeling districl. The West Berlgol hnd Refornu Act, 1955. [West Den. Act (Chaprer [I.-Raiyars.-Srcriot~ 4A.) I. (c) hc has wiihout any reasonable cause failed to bring the land ! comprised in the holding or any subsrantid parl hereof ! under personal cultivalion ‘[or has railed to utilise thc land consis~cnlly with ~hc original purpose of hc rcnancy or for I any purposc directly incidenral \hereto] within three conseculive years of the date on which this Act comes into force or of thc dalc on which hc came into possession of such land, whichever is Ialer: (d) hc has Icl out ~hc wholc or any part of the holding: , . Provided [hat nolhing in chis sub-scclion shall prcvcnt he raiyot from culrivaling any pan or his holding by a bargador. ?(5) On the holding of a raiyaf being vzsred in he Stale under subseclion (4), his ownership rhercin shall ccase and the rights of the lessee, if any, shall tcrrnina~e and [he raiyut sball be entitled to receive an amounr to bc dctermincd undcr secrion 14V. ‘4A. (I) In the Sadar sub-division, Kalimpong sub-division and Kurscong sub-division of the district of Darjeeling, [he Depuly Cornmissioncr or thc dis~icr may, from time to time, give direcuons regarding the Form of cultivarion to bc adopted by a rai~wt in rcspect or his holding or prohibiung a raiyat from cuuing mare han one tree from his holding except hith chc prcvious permission in writing of the Depury C~mmjssioncr or such oher officer as may be authoriscd by the State Government in [his behalf. (2) For contravendon of any of ~hc directions given under subseclion (I), [he Dcpuly Commissioner may, after giving the defaulting raiyut an opportunily 10 show causc againn thc action proposed to be laken, imposc upon him, by order, a fine not cxcccding onc hundred rupccs which, if not duly paid, shall bc rccovcrablc as a public demand. (3) An appeal, iT presenled wilhin lhir~y days from the datc or ihc order appealed against, shall Iic to the Commissioner against any order passcd by ~hc Dcpuly Comrnissioncr undcr sub.section (2) and the dccision of the Commissioner shall be final. ‘Thc words wirhin rhc squaw bmckcrs were inscncd by s, 8(a)(iv) ollhc Wcst Bcngal hd Reforn~s (Amendment) Aa, 1981 (Wea Bcn. ACI L of 1981) w.c.T. 7.8.69. :Sub-sccrion (5)’wx subr;rirured lor rhc original sub-section by s. 8(b). ibid, w.e.l. 7.8.69. ‘Seclion 4A u4x inserted by s. 4 or thc War Bcngal hd Reforms (Amcnd~ncnr) ACI, 1465 (Wcsr Bcn. Act WIIi or 1965). TJie Wrsr Bellgal hrrd Refortrrs Acr, 1955. ,- .l4B. Every raiyat holding any land shall maintain and prCSCNC Maintcnmce , ,.,: such land in such manner [ha[ ie area is not diminished or its characer kdscwnion ….is not changed or he land is not converted For any purpose other rhan ~r~~d. [he purposc for which il was sellled or previously hcld excepl wilh he prcvious order io wiling of the Colleclor undcr scction 4C: Provided that any raiyut may plant and grow rrees on any land hcld by him within Ihc ceiling area applicable lo him and lo his famiIy wilhour any previous ordcr undcr scc~ion 4C, if such Iand is not cultivated by bargudur: ?Provided furlIler thal wilhout prejudice to the provisions of Chapter LIB of the Act the provisions of [his section shall no^ apply to . . [he dirninulion in area or [he changc of character of any land or thc convcrsion of any land for any purpose olhcr rhan the purpose for which it was setlled or previously held, iisuch diminurion or change of chancrer or convcrsion was made in accordance with [he provisions of any law for the timc bcing in force. ‘4C. (1) A raiyar holding any Iand may apply to hc Colleclor for Permission cl~angeofvrevorchwvc~erofsuchlandorlorconvcrsionofrhesame k,hnscor for any purpose oiher lhan he purpose for which it was sclllcd or was ~hanctcror being previously used or for alleralion in the modc of use of such land. Or land. (2) On receipt of such application, the Collector may, akr making such inquiry as may be prescribcd and afier giving thc applicant or the pcrsons inrcrestcd in such land or affecred in any way an opportunily I ! of being heard, by order in writing either reject rhc applica~ion or direcl such change, conversion or alteration, as the cuc may be, on such terms and conditions as may be prescribcd. (3) Every ordcr undcr sub-seclion (2) direcung change, convcrsion or alteralion shall spccily the dale From which such change, conversion or alteration shall lake effecl. (4) A copy of he order passed by [he Collector directing changc, conversion or alteration, if any, under sub-section (2), or in an appeal thcrcirom shall be fonvardcd lo the Revenue Officer referred to in section 50 or secrion 5 1, as the case may be, and such Rcvcnue Officer shall incorporate in thc rccord-of-righu changcs cifcc[cd by such order and rcvisc the rccord-of-righrs in accordance wirh such order. ‘Szcrion 4B wu firs[ inxned by s. 2 or rhc Wesr Bengal hnd Rcrorrns (Amcndment) ACI. 1974 (\Vcsr Bcn. ACI XXXnI of 1974). Then. ~hc same was substiiurcd by s. 9 of the Wcsr Bcngal Lmd RcCorms (Amendment) Acl. 1981 (Wesr Ben. Act L of 1981). w.c.~. 7.8.69. ?The sccond proviso was addcd by s. 3 or the Wcst Bcngd hnd Reforms (Third hnlcndnlcnt) Act, 1986 (WCS~ Ben. Act XXXV of 1986). ‘Scc~ions 4C. 4D and 4E wcrc inscrld by s. 10 of thc Wcsi Bcngd Land Reforms (Amcndmcnt) Acr, 1981 (Wcst Bcn, Act L of 1981), w,c.f, 7.8,69.