Hong Kong is emerging as one of the new favourite abroad travel destinations of young Indians. With every passing year, the number of tourists from India to Hong Kong is increasing with rapid growth. Almost all Indians who visit Hong Kong ask us a common question ‘do I need a visa for Hong Kong?’  Thus, this blog contains the extended answer to this query.

Hong Kong Visa: Here is All you Need to Know

Hong Kong falls under the special administrative region of China. Though Hong Kong is a part of China, one cannot enter Hong Kong with a China visa. Hong Kong has its own entry rules or visa policies. If you intend to visit Hong Kong, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations defined by the Hong Kong government.

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Hong Kong visa-exempt countries

Hong Kong visa policy map

Hong Kong allows nationalities of almost 170 countries including India to enter Hong Kong without a visa. It means Indians can travel visa-free for 14 days.

However, for Indians, though may not need a visa, Indian citizens need to have a PAR (Pre Arrival Registration) before entering Hong Kong.

PAR and Hong Kong visa online

The PAR for Hong Kong is similar to a visa as, without this registration, the immigration officer will not allow you to cross the border at Hong Kong airport or seaport. You can get the PAR online with 100% cashback while applying through us.

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Indian citizens exempt from PAR

If you really need to be assured about if you need a Hong Kong visa, you must know the exemptions as well. The Hong Kong government has exempted the requirement of PAR for Indian citizens in eight different scenarios.

Let’s learn the conditions when you can enter Hong Kong without a PAR.

  • Hong Kong travel pass holders
  • Indian diplomatic passport or official passport holders
  • Those who have a valid entry visa for Hong Kong.  PAR is not required if you have valid permission for employment, study or residence in Hong Kong.
  • Indian nationals with the right of an unconditional stay in Hong Kong.
  • Holders of United Nations Laissez-Passer coming to Hong Kong on official United Nations business
  • Indian citizens who are operating aircrew or operating sea crew.
  • Indian citizens who are enrolled in the e-Channel service as frequent visitors
  • Direct transit where the traveller does not leave the airport premises.

If you fulfil any of the conditions mentioned above, you will become eligible to enter Hong Kong without a PAR. But if not so, you must obtain a PAR before you land in Hong Kong. At immigration, one must display the print out of PAR.

If you need a PAR to Hong Kong then here is a simple guide to get it in the best possible way.

Information on Visa

The Hong Kong government allows Indians to get Hong Kong visa online. One can apply it through the official website or through visa agencies like Blinkvisa.

The Hong Kong tourist visa has 6 months of validity and allows multiple entries into the country. On each entry, you can stay up to 14 days. It takes only 24 hours to get the visa when you apply it through Blinkvisa.

Hong Kong visa

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Requirements for the Visa

The requirements for Hong Kong visa are very simple. You just need to upload the colour scan copy of your passport along with a duly filled questionnaire.

The filling of the questionnaire has to be done with utmost care as any mismatched information in PAR can become a reason for the refusal of your entry permission on arrival.

Along with the documents, you will also have to pay the Hong Kong visa fee. Thus, visa fees is INR 1389 while applying through Blinkvisa.

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Where to apply for your Visa?

As mentioned above, you can apply for your visa through the official website or through Blinkvisa. Applying for your visa through Blinkvisa gives a number of benefits. Here is why applying for your visa through us gives you more benefits.

If you apply for your visa through the official website, you will have to fill the visa questionnaire by yourself.  But if you choose Blinkvisa as your visa expert, we will fill the questionnaire on your behalf making sure that there is no room for mistakes.

We will also assist you to get your travel insurance done at as low as INR 300.

Along with the visa assistance and insurance, we also offer 100% cashback of the visa fee. 

The cashback will be credited to your Blinkwallet which you can use for booking flight tickets and hotel reservations in Hong Kong.  You will also get a FREE Hong Kong travel plan for your Hong Kong trip.

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1. How will I receive my Hong Kong visa?

You will receive your Hong Kong visa in your email inbox. You will have to download the same and take a printout of the slip.

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2. How to take a printout of my Hong Kong visa?

You will have to take the printout on an A4 size blank paper.

3. How does a PAR look like?

PAR Hong Kong

4. Is the approval of PAR grant my entrance into Hong Kong?

The immigration officer in Hong Kong will take the final call on your arrival. Thus, PAR is not the final approval to enter Hong Kong.

5. Can I get a Hong Kong visa on arrival?

Since the 23rd of January 2017, Hong Kong visa on arrival is not applicable. Thus, the countries previously eligible must opt for an online visa.

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6. Is Hong Kong visa fee refundable?

Once you make the payment, you cannot encash the visa fee. However, we provide a 100% cashback in the form as Blinkcash.

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