This is a continuation of our article series where we deep dive into each visa requirement and try to make them more clear for the visa applicants. This article is about dummy ticket for visa application and the risks involved in using them.

You should definitely use the flight ticket which you already have for your visa, you should know that! If you haven’t booked a flight yet, what should you do? For your visa application, should you use a fake ticket? In FlightGen App, we suggest that you make a flight itinerary instead and note it in your cover letter for a visa.

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Where do I get dummy ticket for visa?

If you want temporary / dummy hotel bookings and dummy ticket for visa, then FlightGen app is the best place to get your dummy ticket, It is a one of the high quality Dummy ticket pdf generator which use the flight details to create dummy flight ticket. Once your visa is approved, you can make your actual bookings.

FlightGen app, you will get unlimited dummy ticket just @ 10$/m for unlimited applicants, at this same price along with dummy ticket you will also get unlimited cover letter, invitation letter, leave letter, travel itinerary, hotel booking for visa. This app is budget friendly to create dummy tickets only 10$/m.

Why FlightGen App ?

They have 50,000 satisfied customers. Just you need to download and take subscription in FlightGen App which is available for android, IOS and all other devices. The plus point of FlightGen app is, you can create unlimited dummy tickets for unlimited applicants at Just 10$/m. And not only dummy ticket, in that same price you can get unlimited cover letter, invitation letter, dummy hotel booking for unlimited applicants.

FlightGen features

  • All documents at just $10/m unlimited (cover letter, dummy ticket/itinerary, invitation later, dummy hotel booking)
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What is dummy ticket?

dummy ticket is a flight reservation which allow you to book flight from and back to your native country, but this is not paid as like actual ticket. A dummy ticket for visa is where you submit a flight ticket that is not verifiable or have not completed full payment with valid PNR/ booking code or booking reference number. A flight itinerary or Flight reservation are other names for a dummy ticket. This Dummy ticket contains all required information same as what actual ticket contains.

What Dummy Ticket contains ?

Following details are included in Dummy Ticket

  • Travel Time
  • Passenger Full Name
  • The Name of the Airline
  • Departure Date
  • Arrival Date
  • Flight Details along with the Airline Number
  • Confirmation Number/Booking reference/PNR..

Why to take dummy ticket for visa application ?

From the point of view of a visa applicant, it is too risky to book a actual flight ticket before having an approved visa. What if your visa is rejected? You will lose a big portion of your flight ticket cost if you have to cancel it instead just take dummy ticket to save your money, once you visa gets approved, then you can take actual flight tickets.

Another important factor is called proof of sustenance.

For example, if you want to get a Schengen visa, then you will have to show that you have at least $100 for each day you plan to stay. That’s $1,000 for a 10-day trip, which doesn’t include the cost of your flight and lodging. You can prove this using your bank statements, credit card, this is called proof of sustenance.

It’s possible to get a temporary flight and hotel booking for visa purposes if you can’t show proof of sustenance.

How to create dummy ticket for visa application ?

Follow the simple steps to create dummy ticket at FlightGen app by your own just in 30 sec:

  1. Download the FlightGen App which is available for Android, IOS and all other devices
  2. Select Flight Itinerary option which is nothing but dummy ticket for visa
  3. There you can select Round Trip or One Way option which you need
  4. Fill out the required details like
    • Leaving From,
    • To Destination,
    • Departure Date
    • Return Date,
    • Number of Passengers
    • Class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First)
    • Select your Currency then Search, wait for 30 sec
  5. Select your Flights and Confirm
  6. Provide your contact detail (email and phone number)
  7. Add travelers details (Name and Passport number) and proceed
  8. Add PNR and click on “Create Flight Itinerary
  9. Download Flight Itinerary / Dummy ticket pdf by taking subscription pack.

What is the purpose of a dummy ticket?

The main purpose of the dummy ticket is to apply for visa. Most of the embassies ask for the Flight tickets / flight reservations.

Here are some purposes of Dummy ticket

  • To submit at Company Manager or HR
  • When applying for Visa
  • Immigration clearance
  • Proof of Return
  • Expedite passport renewals in the United States and other countries.
  • To rent a car

Can you submit dummy ticket for Schengen visa application?

Yes, while applying for a Schengen visa, you can use a dummy ticket as proof of further travel.

You can use a flight itinerary for your Schengen visa and then mention in your cover letter that you are submitting a flight itinerary and will ticket the same when your visa is approved. The worst that could happen here is the embassy may call you to submit a fully paid ticket, but it is far better than have your Schengen visa rejected outright.

For creating flight Itinerary we recommend you use FlightGen App and make unlimited flight itineraries from $10.

You can also make your cover letter for visa using BlinkDocs Cover Letter App and download a well formatted cover letter for around $5.

Sample Dummy Ticket / Flight Itinerary

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Taking dummy ticket legal or not?

The answer is YES, dummy tickets are considered as legal document on hold until payment is made and are commonly used to apply for visas. They serve as proof of your travel arrangements, so preventing visa rejection. To prove authenticity, obtain a genuine dummy ticket with a live verifiable PNR.

How long will this take to create the dummy ticket for visa ?

Using FlightGen App, it’s hardly take 30 sec to 1 min to create your dummy ticket. In case if you want to make any changes in the dummy ticket pdf, you can contact them, they will provide unlimited revisions as per your requirement.

What is the cost to get Dummy ticket ?

If you check other sites where you get dummy ticket, they usually charge 5$ to 50$ per person. But in FlightGen app you have lots of benefits. In FlightGen app you can get unlimited dummy tickets for unlimited applicants at just 10$ only if you take monthly subscription.

If you take monthly subscription, you can create unlimited cover letter, dummy ticket, invitation letter, dummy hotel booking for unlimited applicants in a month.

Is a dummy ticket safe to use?

Absolutely safe, If you are generating your dummy ticket from genuine site like FlightGen app then it is safe, because in this app you will get your dummy ticket along with valid PNR / valid booking reference number.

How long is this dummy ticket valid ?

In FlightGen, No validity for dummy tickets on their end since they are not making fake PNR bookings. Your visa can be rejected for providing forged documents. What they recommend is use the flight itinerary and mention in the cover letter you are giving. And will ticket the same once visa is approved.

Do I get a refund for my dummy ticket if my visa is rejected ?

No, you will not get refund if your visa is rejected, since this small fee will be charged as a service charge which can not be refundable. You will get refund only if you are not able to download the dummy ticket / Flight Itinerary from the application.

Can I change the details on a dummy ticket ?

Actually Yes but not in the same document. Since FlightGen app is offering unlimited dummy ticket only if you take subscription, So if you have missed anything or want to change the details, then you can create another dummy ticket for free..