This is a continuation of our article series where we deep dive into each visa requirement and try to make them more clear for the visa applicants. This article is about dummy ticket for visa application and the risks involved in using them.

Ofcourse, if you have already booked your flight ticket, absolutely use them for your visa, you already know that !

But what if you have not yet booked a flight ticket? Should you use a dummy ticket for your visa application? Our recommendation is to create a flight itinerary instead and mention the same in your cover letter for visa.

We apply for over 20,000 visas and this post is based on our experience in applying for visa for our customers.

What does a dummy ticket for visa Application mean?

A dummy ticket for a visa is where you submit a flight ticket that is not verifiable or have not completed full payment.It could be anything from a photoshopped flight ticket to a fake flight reservation for visa purposes.

From the point of view of a visa applicant, it is too risky to book a flight ticket before having an approved visa. What if your visa is rejected? You will lose a big portion of your flight ticket cost if you have to cancel it.

Another important factor is called proof of sustenance.

Let us take an example of Schengen visa, you will need to show that you have at least $100 per day of stay so for a 10 days trip you need to show $1000 & this is excluding flight and accommodation costs.

You can prove this using your bank statements, credit card, this is called proof of sustenance.

If you cannot show proof of sustenance then you can make temporary flight and hotel accommodation for visa.

Can you submit it for Schengen visa application?

We do not recommend submitting a dummy ticket for Schengen visa as it puts you under the risk of visa rejection under forged documents category. Here is a sample rejection letter and the first reason for visa rejection is forged documents.

visa refusal for using dummy tickets for visa

Instead, you could use a flight itinerary for your Schengen visa and then mention in your cover letter that you are submitting a flight itinerary and will ticket the same when your visa is approved. The worst that could happen here is the embassy may call you to submit a fully paid ticket, but it is far better than have your Schengen visa rejected outright.

For creating flight Itinerary we recommend you use FlightGen App and make unlimited flight itineraries from $10.

You can also make your cover letter for visa using BlinkDocs Cover Letter App and download a well formatted cover letter for around $5.

Where to get a free dummy ticket for visa?

Earlier it was possible to get a free dummy ticket on FlightGen App, but in recent times they have updated their product lineup which they have changed it to $10.99 plan for an unlimited flight itinerary for 24 hours. Also they do provide an option to generate a dummy ticket with PNR but we do not recommend you use that for visa. The purpose of this type of flight itinerary is to submit for your office or other reasons.

If you still want to book dummy ticket for Schengen visa on the website below :

Where to get dummy flight and hotel booking for visa?

If you want temporary dummy flight and hotel bookings for visa, then you can make temporary flight and hotel accommodation for visa. Once your visa is approved, you can make your actual bookings.

Sample Dummy Ticket

Here is a sample dummy ticket letter which can be used for your visa. This was created using FlightGen .