If you are planning to take a Malaysia trip, you must have to obtain a visa in advance.  A visa for Malaysia is an online visa and can be availed easily while being in the comfort of your home. But a visa for Malaysia is quite expensive. An online visa for Malaysia can cost you up to INR 3780  for each visa.

This blog explains everything you need to know about Malaysia tourist visa fees and how you can get it without any additional cost.

Malaysia Tourist visa: Overview and Kinds

If you are intending to visit Malaysia for tourism purposes or business purposes, four types of tourist visas are available for Indians. Depending on the stay period and the number of entries allowed into the country, the four types of visas are differentiated

The types of Malaysia tourist visas are-

malaysia visa cost

Unlike the other Malaysia visas, the 1-year multiple entry visa is an offline visa and also serves the purpose of tourism and business visits. However, one can stay up to 30 days only for each entry made.

Malaysia tourist visa Fees at a Glance

Let’s take a glance at the Malaysia visa fees

Please note that the fees mentioned above include all the components of the visa. There is no additional fee you are to pay to get your Malaysia visa.

Here is the breakup of the fee you need to pay for each type of Malaysia visa for Indians-

malaysia visa cost breakage

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How to get 100% discount on your Malaysia visa with us?

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Blinkvisa is not only for your Malaysia visa. You can also get a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you have a fantastic trip.

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How to use the BlinkWallet cashback?

You can use the Blinkwallet cashback for different usages for your trip. Using the Blinkwallet while booking flights, hotels or activities will help you to save up to 10% of the booking value. 

For instance, let’s say your Blinkwallet has a balance of 2500 and the total cost of the round tickets to Malaysia is INR 20,000. Now if you book your flight ticket via the Blinkvisa portal, you will have to pay only INR 18,000 as you are eligible for a 10% discount on your booking amount. The INR 2000 will be deducted from your BlinkWallet. You can use the rest of the balance in your Blinkwallet for future international or domestic trips.

The Last Lines

Visiting Malaysia has become more pocket-friendly with the cashback on the Malaysia tourist visa fees. Just make up your mind and leave the rest on us, may it be your Malaysia Tourist visa, flight tickets, hotels or activities in Malaysia or the whole travel plan! We assure you to provide the best trip within your budget.